Volks Halloween Party!

Mr. Kallisti as Blobpus, Volks Halloween Tea Party

Hermione & Miette won 2nd Place and a big granite trophy in the dolly costume contest for “Bo Peep and Her Sheep.” I didn’t get very good pictures as it was really crowded! So official photoshoot for the archives SOOOOON. Also got interviewed by Mikey for the Japanese Television. That was nerve wracking. I look real purdy in my Laughing Sal outfit with my toof all blacked out. Pretty girl! It was a barrel of excitement, everything happens so quickly it is hard to keep up. Such a whirl!
But here’s the news:
1) Christmas 2006: new doll or re-release of an LE girl
2) June 2007: 2 day NYC Dolpa w/ FCS & Painting Class (and LE doll)
3) October 2007: Japanese Style Dolpa in Los Angeles. They will be hiring a 747 to fly out 500 Dealers & Fans from Japan, and encourage U.S. people to get sewing so they can be dealers too! Location at Hotel and reservations to be announced. Also an LE doll for this event.
My Pix: Volks Halloween 2006 – a photoset on Flickr
And a couple more choice selects from Melissa (swak!): Paul & Heads, and me in really fancy company w/ trophy.
P.S. Special congrats to Aimee for finally winning the baby angel of her heart. And A.J. too! Wow! No postcards!

More Momoko

I Wanna Be a Boy, Toumei na Aoi Shiro

For January release from R & D or HLJ.com!
“I Wanna Be A Boy” is super cute, but I’m not a fan of that hairstyle. I’m still missing “Mama Told Me” like a love sick adolescent. I’ll trade anyone my first Kana set for her??? Otherwise, as soon as everything calms down I’ll bring her home.
RoboChris has the new Close Clipped Sheep collection up:

Gwendolyn, er… Ellowyne Wilde


Another Edit! 2-12-2007: just to add a review of my first Ellowyne “Nevermore”…
Ya know… they’re juuuuuust on the verge of getting me every time. The not-much ballyhoo’d Ellowyne Wilde (originally Gwendolyn) is finally making her debut on October 30th. And she just seems… like Robert Tonner, while jumping on the big-eyed Japanese band wagon, hasn’t been paying enough attention, at least not to the right things. He name drops Sylvia Plath for street cred, but failed to recognize our fear of gigantic collars (unless dressing as Endora or Seymour for Halloween). She’s almost goth (a la Emily the Strange), almost vintagey, almost big-headed, almost Japanese, but lacks the squee-factor to appeal to the aging jaded urban hipster such as myself. Oh wait, that’s not the demographic they were targeting? Oh. Damn.
However, I think the tonners are meant to be blank canvases, the clothing is definately focal, and their quality is usually very good. The outfits are a bit hit or miss. I like Chills. I don’t like the hippy (cute bangs though). But why on earth are the basics in lingerie so boring. You coulda done something super cute, and not white/pink, fer criminy. Meh. I like the pointy eyebrows on the brunette though.

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Volks Halloween Party, woo!

You are cordially invited to our Halloween Tea Party
in Volks Mansion. Please enjoy and make yourself
comfortable at the party, we are looking forward to
seeing you then.

Phew! Invitations sent out and I gots me one! And I’d just made non-refundable hotel reservations thirty minutes ago o_0
We’re staying at the Hilton this time, swank! Or whatever. Heh.
We also got the Celga Box O’ Doom at home. Antsy Pants! Sounds like they didn’t pack my Cyberpink Licca in though, and I was so looking forward…


So ya’ll know I ain’t slackin’…

What does one do when one is not well? One drafts a pattern and sews an 18th century bodice by hand while watching 6 hours of The Duchess of Duke Street. And then one makes a pair of hoops (not sewn by hand, but much engineering ensued).

I like progress pictures, so here’s mine. I’ve been meaning to make a set of hoops for… oh, since before I brought Fifi home :p and here they are, finally. With much help from the images on this site, and the rest of the internet. The ultimate in underpinnings. Mr. Kallisti says: “Oh, what, those go under the clothes?!?!?!”
The bodice is made out of the vintage bo peep fabric I got recently. Adapted from a 1770 polonaise. Mmmm. The stomacher is next!

Retarded Fangirl

Thanks to Rachel ( ♥♥♥ ) the VdR Vol. 3 book is coming home. And thanks to YJP, a Little Princess original:

Squee, verily.
Volks released their Autumn 60cm collection this weekend. And it is so cool it is all sold out already. Mostly from the “La Personal Black Label” line, they are all black and white, super lovely stuff I don’t hate. I failed to report earlier, for that I apologize. Busy week!

Don’t worry, I didn’t get any either :p Will have to wait til the LA release, which is best anyhow.
And how cute, Cecil & Cyndi are getting married! My only complaint about the Another Yourself 2,384,784 yen book was that the whole section on Pirate Cecil had no pictures of Sylvie. WTF? Rawr.
Speaking about Liz (pretty pic above, 2nd from left) Nikki is going to split Spring Stroll with me, and I can bring home the outfit! Whodda thunk it? I’ve gotten so used to being denied access that good fortune regarding Volks is a stranger to me! We both entered for her and she won. Yay.

Odd Dolly Shoe Database

Ksy shoes!
Originally uploaded by blastmilk.

for: Ksy, So-Som, Narsha, & Liebchen!
Ok, now you know just how crazy I am. I’ve started to keep track of my shoe experiments for the odd dollies. Mainly because I’ve ordered 234745 cheap shoes from Audrey’s to at least try and get these girls shod, and I can’t keep track of what I’ve tried or not.
Here we have Ondine in her 100-series french style slippers. They are narrow, so while great for Liebchen at 49mm, they squeeze the toes a bit on Ondine at 87mm. However, they aren’t big man boots, and that goes for sumfin’. Don’t it?
This is an internal document I’m making public, so please excuse the rudimentariness of the presentation.
Click for the Odd Dolly Shoe Database. [2015: added to Google Sheets! Odd Dolly Shoe Database]
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