Io Saturnalia!

Lord Foppington Presides as The Lord of Misrule over the Saturnalia Festivities at the Blastmilk Home for Wayward Girls (and one boy).
Yes, wee Dropsy is hidden in that cage Ondine is dangling menacingly. Notables missing from the festivities are: Demelza & Ermengaarde, who are both in the head cabinet sulking.

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I think…

For Ondine.
And then:
for Christmas? I’m waiting for more peektures. And there’s a whole slew of Dolpa 16 goodies we haven’t seen yet. *smacks head*
But for sure:
Hurrah! & 3-6 months would be good. Some time next year Ginevra & Ermengarde will get their Dollstown body!
And not to mention the eventual release of the Hypermaniac dollies. Ugh!
In the meantime: Reno this weekend with Toddums and Switzerland in June for the 10th Anniversary of at the Boveresse Absinthe Fest.
Seriously. I hate to fly, the only reason why I waffle. I must pray to ye gods of dutch courage and get my ass on that plane. Gar.

Snow Queen Blythe

According to Blythe News, I’m about to sell my soul… Sheesh, what a day!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright collaboration “Snow Queen” Blythe. White skin, new radiance face mold (which I’m really liking, btw), and she comes with a cracked mirror compact. *falls over*
And the petite:
CWC LE, of course.
Neo Blythe Yukinonamidahime
Her dress is adorned with an abundance of lace and ruffle. The romantic tulle layers of the dress have prints of castles and snowflakes. Her coat is also embellished with ruffles and wide sleeves princess sleeves. This detailed set includes: a beautiful tiara made of means, a small compact mirror with little crack and a set of skis for travelling in the snow wonderland. The grips of the ski poles are shaped like crowns, a symbol of the snow princess.
This is a Radience Blythe, she has long wavy blond hair, parted in the center. Her eye shadow is pale blue. Her soft pink cheeks and lips, bringing out her fair white skin.
Enjoy the mysterious world of Yukinonamidahime.
CWC Limited Edition Neo Blythe Yukinonamidahime
Price: 18.900 yen (tax included ) + shipping
Limited edition of 3000 dolls
One doll per person for purchase.

H.Naoto Super Dollfie Collaboration

Um… uh oh! I think this must be the special girl President Shigeta mentioned. Dolpa 16, yo. Dec. 24th.

“h.NAOTO× super dollar fee” collaboration model & dress collection sale decision!“
Super dollar fee” of [bokusu] and the [korabo] limited collection “of h.NAOTO” with “[doruzu] party 16” of December 24th opening preceding sale decision!
[kodeineitokorekushiyon] “of h.ANARCHY” “h.jelly” “h.jelly&Honey” “Rocker’s H Baby” is sold especially as the first limited edition! h.NAOTO in the body the [ma] in the flat tire & the Gothic super dollar fee which are taken 乞 [u] expectation!!

Did you get all that? Dollies AND clothes. She’s like Momoko II. Watch this space.

Creepy Li’l Dead Girls – Autumn Update

And then… while shopping Mr. Kallisti’s winter PS2 collection, I saw this on the shelf.
Ok, I don’t play many video games. Really… I’ve gotten like three in the past couple years. Katamari Damacy, Fatal Frame, Katamari Damacy II, and Fatal Frame II. So that’s four, but you get the point.
This looks a lot like Fatal Frame, except in 1930’s England. With creepy mean girls AND zombies. Awesome. Reviews are full of accolades for atmosphere, music and design, and not so much for killing things and gameplay. Sounds perfect to me. I want to wander around and get creeped out. Oh, and I think you get to touch big creepy spiders.
So, I’m going to try it. At the exhorbitant, just released price too. Because I’m crazy that way, this’ll be my game for the year. If anyone has played, let me know what you thought!
Here’s the Official Site, but the Japanese version has more movie clips.

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