Little Peach Girl

Wooo! A new dollfie! And my third attempt at rooting. I think I finally got it down.
This tiny girl is still nameless. I tried to name her, really did. But nothing happened.
In any case, she’s a Volks Mini B in Beauty White. I love the minis, and the paler the better. Unfortunately I have to root the white heads. I got the root done in two sessions, one short and one long. Probably 6 hours total. That’s a lot of work!
SO. Tiny girl has peach and green NDR hair. Peach & Green!!! It definately looks pinker in person than in these photos. I also went for more of an anime look than I usually do, because mini faces are so hard. When all else fails, go for the big anime eyes! Works every time. The painting is a little heavier than I wanted. I have to come up with softer colors, I usually use gray. But this brown is too burgundy. Bleh. But I’m really happy with her little face though.

These photos have crappy color. Bleh. She’s much cuter in person. So say I.
This also ties in with the new fashion finds theme below, except these aren’t in white. Here she is first off sporting a Bratz prom dress. I’ve been dying for this outfit but was resisting, until I started rooting the peach hair. What could be more perfect than a peach fairy dress? Hrm?
Another Bratz outfit, Jade has all the cool clothes, I don’t think I’ve bought any of the other Bratz girls to steal outfits. Jade’s are usually Asian themed, which is just cool. Everything fits just barely, and the pants were 1/4 inch too long so I just cut them off. Love the bag!

Winter Runway

Made a lot of fashion finds recently, not the least of which being the Azone Athena dress that got lost in the Japan post for three months. Curiously, these are all white. Just in time for winter (which isn’t white where I come from).
Here’s Mieux modeling the white Athena dress & boots.
Also, I’ve had super good luck on two Lollipop Girls outfits I bought off Ebay sans dolls. First in our line-up is Miette wearing Nicole’s frilly frou-frou outfit. I originally wanted this for a volks mini outfit, but the bodice is just too large to look right. On a Volks A figure the fit is absolutely perfect due to the stretchy bodice fabric. The outfit is soooo cute and comes with little panties too. I need to find the right stockings and shoes though.
And then we have Molly all wrapped up in Suzy’s Seattle Winter duds. The quality on this outfit is super nice. The coat and pants are a linen like cotton, and the coat actually has inset pockets. The pants barely fit and are a bit too long, hence the chunky boots that don’t really go this this outfit.

Sailor Pinky, ahoy!

Got the Volks “Who’s That Girl” Juliet Jams punky sailor outfit…

Sailor Pinky - Volks Juliet Jams

Here’s Pinky in her new duds posing with Sailor Gay Billy!

Sailor Pinky & Gay Billy

These outfits are designed specifically for the WTG line, based on the Beauty S Volks body. So the fit is pretty tight. I had to switch Pinky’s body to an EB A from an H and even then the outfit is a little tight. Even these stockings, unlike the other WTG stockings I got, are made for the delicate Beauty Body feet and were kinda tough to get on.
Pinky don’t care, its a fashion statement.

The Goth Loli Halloween Parade

Weee! What better excuse than Halloween than to get aaaaall my dolls dressed up in Lolita outfits.
I ran out of dolls though, I actually have more Gothic Lolita outfits than I do dolls, or space to display and photograph them.

We drove all over California Saturday trying to track down the few remaining tiny light-up pumpkins. It was a quest… I ended up with way more groovy Halloween crap than I needed, oh well!

Big Lots Lolita!

It was unseasonably hot this weekend, in order to escape the heat we dashed off to Big Lots hoping to buy lots of crap. Which we did. I came away with several doll outfits that are all rather silly…
First is the Big Lots Lolita… the oufit is meant for a small sized baby-doll, but the dress, bonnet and even booties fit 1/6th in a wrong yet alluring way. I couldn’t resist, Pinky is so cheeky in the ensemble (azone stockings added). The set came with bottles, rattles and a dish & spoon.

And next, if you didn’t get enough pink, we have Violet in a Nutcracker Suite dress by Barbie. It’s a lovely regency cut dress (in pink) that is actually made in cotton instead of their usual weird acetate, and you can’t see ’em in this pic, but there is a nice pair of long pink bloomers to match. I’m thinking of dying the dress, but might leave it. Fits lovely over the bustier volks figures (Violet is a D).

And lastly… is Molly’s new PVC Catsuit, from a super cheapo line called “Pop Divas”. It is a *perfect* fit on the busty Obitsu, very curvy looking… and the long legs actually look real nice even though I stuffed them into some platforms. Great for that Nouveau Charlie’s Angel’s bimbo look… Molly loves it, her nipples poke through.

Each set was a whopping $1.99