March Madness at Volks!

The VolksUSA site has nice, biiiiig images of the new Juliet Jam outfits. Oh, and they’re also on sale. Run, don’t walk! I’m freaky for the Nursery Chic.
The Baby The Stars Shine Bright sets will be available for lottery on, March 18-21. I’m reeeeally excited about the Alice & The Pirates set… all of the pieces can be found human size on their site as we speak. It really is all about the handbag. Holy moly! There’s also a sneak peak at the series from the Huis Ten Bosch Volks Owners Appreciation Day event in Japan.

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Evangeline Ghastly

Evangeline Ghastly from Wilde Imagination & Tonner. She’s ball-jointed and resin… is this a first for Tonner? Slated for Summer 2007 release.

The weather on the night of Evangeline’s birth was as expected. The wind was howling, the moon was full, and the doctor was unavailable.
And so begins the story of Evangeline Ghastl™. With a mysterious diary entry, a pet skunk named Mouette, and fashions right out of a Victorian novel, Evangeline is definitely…..a whole other story!
Introducing Evangeline Ghastly™ – the new 19″ resin ball jointed doll from Wilde Imagination. Created by Joe Petrollese and sculpted by award-winning artist and designer Robert Tonner, Evangeline is what most people would call unfortunate; she likes to think of it as misunderstood….(click here to go to Evangeline’s website)

And at 19″ Ellowyne Wilde’s new little friend is rather imposing. It is hard to tell if she is as big headed as Ellowyne. Totally different face sculpt esthetic, appears to be a different line entirely. I really like the sculpt, kind of a catty-eyed gene marshall type, though her eyes seem a little wonky in that picture, probably due to the fact they are changeable inset. Her hands look awesome. Again, the story premise supporting her is a little on the “um…” side, and hints at her lack of intelligence (wtf? is that supposed to appeal? to whom?). The tale picks up in 1928 and she’s from Ipswich, England. I see a lovely wardrobe, albeit generi-goff, more victorian inspired than art deco in nature… she must be an old fashioned vamp, er… girl.
I know I’m fussy, but I ♥ spooky dolls. That’s how I found super dollfie, dontcha know! By doing my usual “goth doll” search on ebay. I think they need Elder-goth marketing expertise. There’s a little bit too much, um… Cher Goth meets Vampira, perhaps? I dunno, a lack of subtlety. Hey, maybe they’re going for the classic Hollywood Vampire, the technicolor proto-hystorical wardrobe. That’d be cool.
I’ll probably love her when she’s released though. Vive le Spook!

Aphra & Ondine, sittin’ in a tree…

Spent a superbly wet and stormy Saturday afternoon at Kelly & Robert’s for a Valentines Dolly party. My pictures didn’t come out (wah! dumb old memory card).

But it was lovely! Amazing the group of people crammed into their mini urban victorian apartment. Dollizens are so well behaved though, I don’t think a thing was broken, despite having supplied a nearly full bottle of absinthe for the hosts ~_^ There were heart shaped ginger cookies, a big pink fluffy cake, heart shaped pasta salad and pink champagne! Yay!

I brought Hermione, St. Trinian & Aphra Diver. To make up for my lack of party pictures, I spent Sunday afternoon, finishing up the dolliverse cleanup, and taking pictures. It was a surprisingly bright and tepid day, so the light was none too bad!

St. Trinian & Hermione in their winter woolies
Hermione is wearing the new wooly hoodie. It is very snug, you have to take the head off to get it on, and the hoodie part will probably only fit an 8-9″ head like Ciel’s… Hermione’s F16 noggin is way to big to pull it up. I love it however! And Trinian’s coat perfecly matches.

Just to say: redheads are better.
And an especial thanks to Mssr. Robert for the gifty-poo, hoping to post pictures on that later!

One long hello…

It feels like each post this winter has been an apology for not posting. Well, we gots stuff going on. This last weekend was spent in a strange fever. *gack* I tried to get ready for work this morning, and the outfit I ended up with said it all: STAY IN BED
However, I dream of dollies all the time, dollies and old friends. So we’re still here. I did manage to give St. Trinian the spa treatment a week or so ago! There’s a close-up with pictures of the new old china cabinet below.

Yes, that is Tonner’s Hortencia (Cinderella’s evil stepsister). I totally love her and Euphemia, they are snooty-tastic. I think they are better Ellowynne Wilde-style candidates for the spooky girls. Hortencia here has the plus sized doll body, she’s all big and round. I really like it actually. Her clothes are actually too big on Unoa large milk part body! ‘magine that! Also, I don’t need to rename them.
We also scored an old printers tray to fill with tiny objects. Phew!
I’ve also done some other dolly love sick day projects… cleaned Casa Formica from floor to ceiling, including all the dollies therein. They’ve all been dusted, washed, redressed, combed… and the case of a few Blythe’s, shampoo’d, conditioned and dried. Phew! They needed some lovin’… and to make room for my new girl, Ichigo Heaven, that I’ve been dragging to work with me recently :p

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