Did a little Target today. The shelves were pretty much cleaned out but there were two new Fashion Avenues that were cute enough to pick up, though I’m not really into this J. Lo thang.

And then there was TRU. Grabbed the last of the Bratz egg chairs and this 1/18 Ultimate Soldier “City Fountain Playset” … a little small for true scale, but a nice prop none the less. The angel’s wing is even shot off and she has bullet holes in her. Nice backdrop for Miette to learn the accordian.

And took this nice picture of Kisara, just cuz.

Bonnet Pattern

Several people have asked for the bonnet pattern I used. Since it is way vintage, I can print it here!
Warning, I enlarged it (rather sloppily so I can’t scan and print that here) but it wasn’t by much. Just make sure the crescent fits over dollies head (after the tabs are cut!), from ear to ear, and you should be all good.
Being old, the instructions aren’t all that great, but they are better than none, so happy brazening it through!
Print at 72 dpi (otherwise it will print out totally tiny!).

She’s gonna kill me!

I think Fifi is either gonna love this outfit, or she’s gonna kill me for dressin’ her like bo-peep on crack.

I don’t see many people dressin’ their SD13’s quite so frilly. I wish there was something I could do to make it just a little bit evil. Please comment if you have any hot tips!
In any case, this is the Dolly Dolly Alice dress pattern, altered a bit. Thank you to Helene for traveling this road before us!
I empire’d the waist by shortening it 1/2″ and scooped the neck out a bit, I thought that might give it *just* the decollete the outfit needed to age it a little (snicker). It is fully lined, and I hid most of my grevious mistakes pretty well. The one thing is the fabric is way too heavy. But who could resist this Baskin Robbins pattern!?!?! But it made the sleeves hard to gather, so they might not be tight enough.
The bonnet I got from an old victorian dolly pattern and enlarged it.

Circus! Circus! Lolita! SD Couture!

Two things.
1) Drove by a pet store and noticed hot pink velvet & zebra striped chez lounges for dogs in the window. Went back the next day to check the price as the ones online we’d been looking at were in the $300-$400 range. The lounges were only (!) $99, but they did have this darling purple sofa for considerably less. I died. Died so much I went back the *next* day and bought it. I have another leopard print chair on the way too. Sigh.
2) Spent the weekend sewing. Came up with a nice mix-and-match set (there will be more) of two bloomers and a bonnet in Super Dollfie size. The bloomer pattern I drafted myself, the bonnet pattern I adapted from reprinted antique doll patterns. Very tricky! I used Pullip as a model, her head should be a similar size. It is much more pink than in these pictures. The ruffley pantaloons are magenta, and the Baskin Robbins ones are magenta and pink. I love this combo! I think I’ll call it the “Circus Circus Lolita” set. For obvious reasons.


I just went on a fabric spree. It has been sew long since I’ve sewn anything I really needed to start from scratch. Got all the basics, the extra bobbins, elastics, new scissors (been using mine in the kitchen. Ew.) and all that.
In any case, went and cleaned out the remnant bins at Joann’s & Discount Fabrics in Berkeley.

My splurge item was the frilly stuff you see in the foreground. It is a bit pinker than in the picture (and the mini polka dot in back is a bit redder) but you get the idea. Most of the scraps were between .49 cents and $1.89 for a half a yard or so. And that black clump in the back is 1.5 yards of black cotton velvet. And I love the Baskin Robins polka dot.
I had made a list of what I wanted and pretty much fulfilled it my first shopping trip. Polka dots, checks and stripes in reds, pinks and blacks. Weee!
I see about 2347384 Super Dollfie bloomers and bunny hats w/ matching pinafores in that stack of fabrics. I can’t sew too much before Fifi’s arrival. But I think a few bloomers would be ok as long as I use lots of elastic!

Jingle Belle!

Who’s busy? Second project for the day… make Jing’s stockings! “Jingle Belle” is an awesome comic by Paul Dini. All about the rascally adventures of Santa’s delinquent daughter. More cute than criminal, it is very spunky, and very well illustrated. Superb bathtime reading.

Yesterday, when we picked up the sewing machine, we also stopped by (eek!) the Disney Store to see what Tinker Bells they had on the shelves. Well, they are pretty gawd awful. BUT, but they were having a sale. One snowy princess outfit set FREE with any princess doll, which was also 20% off.
I’d been planning to do Jingle Belle doll almost from the beginning of the Volks obsession. And since Tinker Bell’s face is so very close to Jing’s it was a short leap to figuring out how to use it.
Well, it seems it works perfectly on, of all things, the Neo Teen body. Which is normally the more husky of the Volks figures. But with the giant Tink head (barbie size) it actually makes the doll body seem more petite. The green outfit and sweater, and the leather boots are by Azone. I bought a pair of stockings at the Pirate Store in San Francisco and cut them up, using a pair of Volks stockings to make a pattern.
What is left to do? I could make proper coverall shorts, but I think the mini dress is a fine facsimile. She needs a hat, either green peter pan style or santa style.

Peppermint Princess Pinky

I got a sewing machine for christmas. Wowie zowie. It has been years since I’ve had one, and consequently haven’t sewn anything (hardly) since.
I was so excited I sat down and made a wee dress. Things always turn out more complicated than one plans, but in this case it was all for the best! Much better than I had originally planned.
This is out of recent scraps I’ve bought for something to do SOMEDAY. Well, that someday still hasn’t come, but the wonderful thing about 1/6th is it takes very little of your precious stash.
So, here she is, my Peppermint Princess:

I made a quickie pattern out of muslin for the bodice, and then used it for the bodice lining. The rest of it was improvised. She really needs some spaghetti straps as the bodice does NOT want to stay up on Pinky’s new petite bosom (I didn’t want too much of a challenge on the bodice fitting). Any sudden movement and she’s shamelessly exposing herself. Va-va-va-voom!

Dollfie Day

I finally got my extended Thanksgiving Holiday dollfie day. Got up this morning, pulled out the supplies and started painting in my pajamas.
I had finally found a 18/0 gauge brush at Amsterdam and hadn’t had the opportunity to use it.
Lavinia is a doll I conceived of doing soon after I got my first Volks body and realized how easily the hands are removed.
For those not familiar, Lavinia is one of Shakespeare’s most abused characters from his most infamous & violent play “Titus Andronicus.”
“By S. Clarke Hulse’s count, Titus Andronicus is a play with ’14 killings, 9 of them on stage, 6 severed members, 1 rape (or 2 or 3, depending on how you count), 1 live burial, 1 case of insanity and 1 of cannibalism–an average of 5.2 atrocities per act, or one for every 97 lines.'”
In Shakespeare’s own scene notes it reads “Enter DEMETRIUS and CHIRON with LAVINIA, ravished; her hands cut off, and her tongue cut out”
And that brings us to… Lavinia

Next we have a repaint, re-style. This was one of my earlier dolls. But not early enough to excuse the original horrible paint job. And especially since it was supposed to be me, in a highly idealized, fantasy sort of way. Well, the original boil crimp had long fallen out, and since been squashed in my recent move. She was a perfect candidate for an overhaul! She has and NDR Ellie-ish head. And she got the same do as above, but it was combed out just a bit and re-gel’d and sprayed.Kallisti is wearing a Bratz Boys outfit. I liked the roughed up vintage leather and the orange retro shirt. This is what redheds are supposed to wear, I never manage too.
Like the accordian.
The painting on both of these is much finer, if still a little clumsy. But LO! The difference between these and any of my other customizations. I, too, can make a fine line.

Lavinia definately needed some texture to her hair, and since I planned on restyling the doll below as well, I used a similar technique of twisting the hair, then wrapping it around a pipe cleaner. This gives what in essence is the opposite of a sausage curl. For Lavinia I sprayed them heavily and endeavored to keep the spirals all intact. She needed to have angry snakes for hair.
Oh, and I made the dress too. A simple sack made out of cheese-cloth, then wetted, starched and ironed. It is a terrible piece of workmanship, but that is what I wanted, so lucky me!

Can’t resist Santa Girls…

or posting Azone’s updated deluxe size pictures of the new Seasons outfits.

I wish’d they’d done it in classic red and white too though. I like Santa.
Looks like Azone is using the Obitsu body more and more. Better body, bad hands though. Hate the Obitsu hand sculpt.
“Can’t resist Santa Girls”… oh yes I can, when you have to buy the doll to get the outfit. Piffle! They’re doing a Christmas Lycee.
But I don’t like the doll and she couldn’t sell for enough to make it worth while to buy it just for the outfit.