Velvet Night Fairies





I finally broke down and bought the Azone Velvet Night Fairies outfit for 60cm dolls. I have the 1/6th version and I love it SO MUCH! It is a wee bit small, there is a 1/4″ gap where the dress/apron zips in the back. Bah! I don’t care, though it might matter for other outfits!

But it is exactly like the wee version, made out of the same fabrics. It comes with blouse & pantaloons, all gloriously detailed and pintucked, satiny black dress w/ heart shaped bib and lots of lace, a simple white tulle petticoat and velvet jester hat with tinkly bells.
I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of her with a 1/6th doll in the same outfit. Doh!

K, added Fifi & Molly to the gallery. Squee!

And here’s a couple more pix of Calliope, *eeeeeeeeeeeeee!* She makes me squeal.

calliopewagon 020



I just won my first two auctions in a year off of YJP. I’ve bid on a bunch of stuff since I got Fifi and lost ~*everything*~ until now, when I won two in a row!
I got one uber gothy Volks pvc gown, aaaaand a mixed wine wig, oh boy! The gown I bid on, for one reason, because no one else was and the price was still so good! And it turns out I had a picture of it on an F04 I had saved off of YJP a few months ago…



The doll is NOT MINE, though I love her soft eyebrows, she looks very aristocratic. She was a model for an auction. But the last image is the dress in package from the auction I won. Oh boy. The wig I sent Celga the request with just SIX HOURS left. And they bid at three, totally awesome.
And I was browsing my F04 folder on my hard drive becaaaaause… I did indeed get an F-04 head! It came today, a beauty white head from Masamichi, his new system is splendid. My enthusiasm for receiving my lovely, lovely head was sorely damaged by the fact that I am feeling like absolute maniacal crap. Poo.
Contemplating happy gifties winging their way to me from around the world helps though!
And I can’t wait to see Anika’s Sasha. And Butter’s Cyndi. Those two make me very happy.


I finally finished a proper tricorn for Fifi. My first try was dismal. But thanks to some helpful hints from my friend and boss Tamera who suggested real wool felt (you can steam shape the crown) and stumbling across this site, 1928 The New-way Course in Millinery & Hat Design, I slogged it through. It just needs some detail and embellishment and I will be happy.
Here’s Fifi showing off her new hat & stockings.

poofy skirts & pointy hats

fifi-corset-019 fifi-corset-013

fifi-corset-007I finished the skirt to go with Fifi’s corset. And the tricorn hat is a miserable failure, I have to try that one again, but it works ok for most of the pictures.

It’s just a poofy skirt that tapers toward the front. I added a ruffle and lace. It also has a bum roll, to help it pouf.
The skirt, bloomers etc are interchangeable with other outfits. Which was kind of my aim, to make a buncha seperates she can cobble together like a thrift store queen for different outfits. I’m going to make her a closet and call it Buffalo Exchange (a popular Cali thrift store chain).

Piratey Goodness!

I’ve just had the *best* luck. A lovely lady on DOA listed her Pirate Sylvie outfit for sale. Even though I didn’t see the message for 2 hours, I was the first to email and found out this morning I’d got it!
You see, Pirate Sylvie was *supposed* to be my first SD. Mimi has long been my favorite, but then the LE Sylvie came along. But a third party deal fell through and I never got my Sylvie. That is when I broke down and ordered my FCS dream girl.
But now I will have Pirate Fifi, can it get any better than that!?!?!

Pirate Licca

I’ve had a pirate Licca in my brain for awhile. The same day this naked Princess Licca arrived at the post office, I picked up a copy of Dolly Dolly 3. Welp. Wouldn’t ya know it. A lovely Momolita Pirate Licca is near the front of the book, with the easiest pirate hat pattern ever. I trimmed her bangs and painted her lips read. I whipped up the stockings (made from stockings from a real Pirate store in SF!) and cobbled together the rest of the outfit out of Blythe clothes. I wanted to make the whole thing, but this was perfect, why duplicate when you don’t have to? Oh, and my scrumMr. Kallisti made the jolly roger on her hat out of sculpey. *squeak!*

In the Navy!

I finally got the Calendar Marine in her navy outfit during the end of year clearance. Half price!
I took the outfit off of Marine and put it on… Marine! I’ve had the Takara Bako Orange Marine forever (also from!). She’s been waiting for her little sailor pin-up outfit for a long time.

And check out those legs. Betty Grable would be proud.
And don’t feel bad for poor brunette Marine, she’s got a new aviator style.