Thank you, Andrea!

There is nothing like unexpected prezzies from a stranger (!) to make a bad day better. Fifi recieved the most beeyootiful gift in the mail today from Andrea, a gorgeous long coat!


Must be seen to be believed, I’m totally flubbergusted! It is great almost peacock feather pattern fabric with purple velveteen cuffs and collar and is lined in pink satin and has real pockets! Aieeeeeee! And the fit is beautiful. Thanks again, Andrea!
More pix below, please clicky:

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That is more like it.

Azone has been *zzzzzzzzz* boring lately (aside from a couple pieces) but September’s offering has Fairies of Darkness for 60cm!!! Just a few pieces, but what a blast. I would imagine these would at least fit sd13 as well. The shirt is knit and the skirt might be a little tight but… Calamity needs a new outfit. And how.


And please do not forgot the Battle Nun. Yay!!!


I am so in love with quality dolly shoes. I think I’ve begun collecting them in their own right.

Left to right: My newest pair by Soul-doll, pink suede fringe platforms (eeeee!), Azone black patent boots, Volks black victorian “Sylvie” boots, Azone red patent mary janes, Volks black patent gothic creepers, Ajumapama black patent platform mary janes and black platform boots with detail stitching. Lastly, above Demelza is wearing Volks victorian ankle boots in white. Mmmmm!!!

I need to display these. Too pretty to keep tucked in boxes.
Also, I got my walking papers from work yesterday, my last day will be October 31st. Sigh.

Finally, Azone boys

Looks like the August line-up has a large addition to their men’s collection, go azone! Looks like it is designed to coordinate with a slender male Obitsu, so I imagine they’d fit Takara boys and Volks Goh…?
*need to paint goh guy*
*need to paint goh guy*
*need to paint goh guy*
Plus cute China Garden outfits for 1/6th:

The 60cm collections have been a little lackluster, but they have a morning glory yukata that would prolly look loverly on Calamity in an orange wig. Mmmmm.

bonnets and me

Need bonnet patterns. I can adapt the pattern that I already have, but it was a little funky, so I thought I’d put a call out for bonnet patterns, scans and book titles welcome. Must be in in this vein:

(pulled from YJapan auction, may god forgive me)

I have a hard drive full of silly pictures of myself. And since I’m a leo I don’t have much problem sharing them from time to time. Woo.


I hereby swear that I will keep my dolly porn pix behind lj cuts and mt-extended entries. I do not want anyone to get fired from their job for becoming publicly aroused by my dollies.

Movies and stuff

Went and saw Harry Potter yesterday. I saw the other two on video but this one I was really interested in seeing the theater, as it was directed by Alfonso Cuarón of “Y tu Mama” fame. I thought maybe a shot of Harry & Ron ejaculating into some gothic fountain would have been a nice touch, but I wasn’t that lucky.
Oh, but I loved it, I really really loved it. The art direction was fantash and actually had me gasping and squirming with delight at many parts. Gorgeous and spooky and crusty and so many gothic arches and screwlies and dusty tomes, and naturalistic light instead of the well-lit, freshly scrubbed, pseudo disneyesque gothique of the other two films. The storyline was a bit more adult as well which leant itself very well to the starkness of the the plot.
Oh, um, and the best thing? The cast. It is, of course, what saved the other two pictures, but I was squealing in my seat when I realized Michael Gambon had taken over for poor Richard Harris. Absolutely FAB. Not to mention Emma Thompson, Gary Oldman and David Thewlis. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! I almost bought a Lupin figure last night because it was a teensy tiny David Thewlis. Woot.
Um, and this week on Video…
Watched “Girl with a Pearl Earring” last week and was SO surprised. I was expecting it to be disappointing but I was heart poundingly thrilled with it. It is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. Again, art direction and costume are the winners here. You will die. If you care at all about the Northern Renaissance go. see. now. Scrum! I thought I’d be super annoyed by Scarlett Johansen (although I like her in other stuff) but since she hardly says a word and just has to look demure, surprised and frightened through most of it, and she does these painfully well with big moist cherry red lips, she was very appealing. I say fuck the critics (again).
It is slowly and delicately paced, and doesn’t have an ending a hollywood audience would have voted for. But I like that. I really do.
I will own this movie. Yup. I want to lick the screen.
Saturday I got my latest Volks order. And DAMMINT. I ordered a tan a head to go with my tan excellent body and it is a very strong shade lighter than the body! I’m going to try and just dust it up with high coloring and seal it, but I can’t believe how much off they are, and I bought them within a month of eachother. But I also got lots of other stuff, black bra & panty set FINALLY. Yay. And eyelashes and wigs and stuff.
Um, also, will be doing more ebay because I had to order some of the Ajumapama boots from Karin. So cool. Retail. Regular US shipping.

But I have to cover my expenditure with ebay. Yay.

Doll & Hobby Preorder REDUX

Sweet Lord, this just in from Frank:

OK, here’s another Preorder from Volks. Basically just the limited dolls
from Hometown Tokyo 2, but the Dollfie Dream Basic Body is included finally!
Hopefully you find something you like! See it at:
Please note that preorder terms are basically the same as always. Prices listed are in Yen, Dollar price will depend on the exchange rate when we receive the order, plus 15% for shipping and miscellaneous costs to us. I CANNOT give shipping dates or Dollar prices until anything is invoiced to me or in stock. Please don’t waste both of our time by calling or e-mailing to ask about this. I will e-mail when I know anything. Thanks again, Frank.

Also, am I nuts or has Volks dropped the prices on it’s finished 1/6th dolls?

What I’m talkin’ ’bout.

Warning, liquitex prism violet & naphtol crimson stains the soft dollfie dream vinyl used for the bust and the hands. Mr. Kallisti removed his first try on painting the nipples, as they were too purpley-pink and they stained them a pale orange! S’ok cuz we’ll just paint them in the same spot. So ya know.
Also saw the new TLC “What Not To Wear” which featured the cutest wee fruits/cosplay twins from San Francisco, Valerie & Veronica. Veronica even did a cameo in her Gatchaman outfit. Wooo! Personally, I liked most of the stuff they were wearing before they threw it all out. Except the poor sasquatch boots. Eeeeeeeeee! They didn’t make them look hideous or anything, just gave them some outfits to wear to work instead of looking like anime characters.

more pictures! oh boy!

Tomorrow we’re going to a Blythe gathering, but I’m also bringing Fifi along as she needs to get out more! This will be her first trip abroad. We’ve been fussing about how to transport her all week. She’s too folded up in our big picnic basket and the same would be for the small rolly suitcases we looked at. So rather than folding her up in the basket, Mr. Kallisti came up with this:

When he called me into the room to ask me a question I almost pee’d I was laughing so hard. He took a 2×4 cut to length, and wrapped that in batting. He’s encased her feet in a sock and yes, that is half a plastic cup wrapped around her face. She’s then tied to the board with rope. Through my giggles I asked him if he was going to lay her on the railroad tracks. He shrugged “you paid a lot of money for her, I don’t want anything to happen.”
We’re then going to wrap her in a towel. In any case, we’re in the market for a violin case she’ll fit into.

And I apologize for more Polly pix, she’s quite the camera whore. And these are a bit similar to yesterdays, but look how awesome she looks in Calliope’s original outfit!?!? Much better, bunny girl.

Last but not least, here’s Totoco Kisara in the new leather girl outfit by Takara, and grown up Mazzy in Azone’s prefab punky girl oufit. Swoony!