Unoa XXX

That means STOP LOOKING if you are wee.
Yuzuko posted about a mook on Japanese love dolls, “I-doloid” which I had to run out and order and have EMS shipped for Mr. Kallisti’s christmas stockin’. = yay.
Both copies I got have Gentaro Araki Unoa spreads. One introduces the new boys and their, um… equipment. The other looks like an intro for Unoa Quluts the 2nd, I’d need some translation help if someone is bored enough.

Milk & Choco are 43cm… so same height as the current Unoas. Are these future releases or WOT!?!?! More va-va-voom pix below the cut!

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Saint Trinian, like Venus on the halfshell…

Warning! This doll has huge knockers! Click at your own peril!

She really is well endowed for such a petite little thing. She’s a bit floppy through the waist joint, but other than that, she’s a dream! We’re going to go play dress up now. Oh boy.
She’s named after one of my favorite series of books by Ronald Searle “The Belles of St. Trinians.”


I’ve got a nasty cold. I’d so far avoided getting sick this season, aside from sniffles on New Years. But this one hurts. Throat: ow. Head: ow. OW. And I have zero sick time accrued at the new job. Lets hope it doesn’t progress, I could still work as it is.
On another note, SHE’S almost done. Just waiting to be strung. Eeeeeeeeeeeee! You have no idea. Need to go get some five minute epoxy to glue her hip joints and we’re done! But Mr. Kallisti is in the middle of a very long email. Squirm.
Tease, the Blastmilk Lab:

Unoa definately get the vote for dolls with the cutest knees. Also, the most fun to paint. Their little features, though petite, are a dream. I should have done mauvy-rose lips but I cannot resist the red. I’m addicted. So. Luscious.
*pokes Mr. Kallisti* C’mon!


I don’t think I can sell her. Not after staring at this picture.


I even got Visine some pink eyes recently that I haven’t put in yet. But there’s another doll I want and I can’t really justify it unless I sell someone.
Aaaagh. Her little face is looking at me though.
On another note… I actually saw this in the theater in the eighties before the Carpenter estate had the film pulled from circulation. I’m SO glad it is available to all now. It’s a bit dark and hard to see, but is simply oozing with pathos.
Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story
by Todd Haynes
The story is acted out using Barbie dolls and miniature sets. Just as awesome as I remembered it.