Birthday loot!

Came home Tuesday to find the biggest box in the world, all wrapped in minty green paper that perfectly matched our decor. Tearing it open revealed a dream come true! The full set of Camille Rose Garcia vinyls. They’re so much bigger than I thought! 12″ or more? Only one girl has come out so far. Don’t actually have room for them right now :/ but expect more peektures of them coming soon. And then the girl vinyls will fight the boy vinyls TO THE DEATH!

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Oh! Sweet Xmassy Blastmilky Goodness!

It is all Mythosidhe’s fault. But holy cow! Tonner is determined to win me over to the dark side. First with their Alice line which I am still resisting reluctantly… but this… THIS! I don’t think I can resist.
Mrs. Claus & The Elves.

Mrs. Claus Basic and one of her outfits. Squee, veritably. I love her face actually. Which is a first for me and Tonner. Aieeee! I just noticed she’s on the Emme “plus sized” body! Hardly pudgy, just more girl-sized really. I love it. Emme has a fugly face, which makes me sad. Cuz it is a great idea. *bounce*
Which brings us to… their Cinderella series! Hortencia is also using the plus sized body. She’s lovely, but the series doesn’t impress me as a whole like I feel it should.

Kaiju BBQ

(pic stolen from nadja)
Paul came up this last week for his show of custom painted vinyl at Super 7 (please to buy). Went to the opening friday and had a blastorama! Lots of friends, beer & plastic monsters. I fell in love with a red glitter godzilla and Mr. Kallisti promptly smacked it on the counter and brought him home for me, along with 2347834 beasties. Yay beasties! I could decorate an entire room w/ this godzilla as the centerpiece. He’s just that fabulous.
Yes, that is Paul in the monkey suit, and Mr. Kallisti making sweet, sweet love to him.

And the Robots. Always a nice excuse to see them! Kelly & Robert were also there ♥… and an old friend Valerie (not pictured) who knows Nadja that I probably hadn’t seen since 1995 or something. We used to work together when we were babies on Haight Street in 1989 or so. She’s gorgeous as she ever was. Meh. We’re all grow’d up now.
And then we went to a noodle house around the corner. YUM! I had Imogen on the table, and the waitress was so tickled and said she was cute.

Saturday morning Paul & Melissa made it to Casa de Blastmilk, it was “fuck it all BBQ” day! The Robots, Nadja & Will, were here too. Paul had promised to cook ribs & potato salad. And boy were they good. Beer boiled compton ribs and nummy, num potato salad. He whipped it all up effortlessly.
I made the onion dip.
I, of course, neglected to take pictures this day. Meh. So I’ve stolen these from my friends. Thanks!

Butter was definately the attention whore of the day. This was her first party! She’s a bit nervous when meeting new people, so we greeted everyone at the door and stuffed their pockets full of biscuits. She really loves men, and Paul & Will got a lot of her attention and tarty antics. She was super good. Very well behaved aaaall day long.

Who’s lucky?
Please go see their flickr accounts for more:
Nadja Robot, Paul Kaiju, and Melissa.
And then check out Melissa’s travel tales. They’re good.


or Christinadoll??? Looks like Oriettacat/Christina is having a reeeeally good month. revealed Gina’s new doll that she recently hinted at. And 10 to 1 Christina is the collaborative effort behind it. Squeeeeeeee!
Quote from Gina on TIB:

the cat is finally out of the bag! this is the gorgeous new girl that i`m introducing this week. she is indeed a collaboration with christina/jam fancy. i`m previewing the prototypes at an event in tokyo tomorrow and will be able to offer the first girl for sale in *hopefully* a few months. thanks for looking!!

I’m serious. Just sign me up. I’m such the huge JamFancy fangirl. And no one deserves it more than Christina. I’d buy everything she sells except half the time I don’t get there in time to put my dibs in!

My bad fairy. Rawr.
Also, we’ll be at the Super7 show for Paul Kaiju tonight in the city. BE THERE OR BE… not there.

Fairy Tale Rune Girls

Finally! I knew that if I just waited long enough that would get in the Alice & Heidi Rune Dolls. They started showing up on YJP so I’ve been antsy to bring them home.

So my 1/6th doll collecting has split along two very distinct lines: Gothic & Lolita, and Fairy Tale. I love it. Someday I will have a way of displaying them all attractively in a dust free environment :p for now they rotate in and out of a tiny glass cabinet and la Casa Formica.
On the puppy front: omg I love my dog! Butter seems to be coming along really nicely. We had a really big weekend. Lots of long neighborhood walks. Laura came over with the lovely Gus (a gigantic brindle/akita/whatever mix) last weekend and this to take us to Pt. Isobel, a huge and gorgeous off leash dog park that is just down the road from us. Laura knows dogs and can navigate the crazy dog people, so she is Butter’s godmother. Last weekend Butter was all growly at everyone. This weekend she was awesome. She played good curious doggy and didn’t growl at anyone. I’m not letting her off leash yet as “come” doesn’t come naturally. But I was so proud. And Gus is a really good role model as he’s the perfect dog. We also met another Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix. We saw him from across the park, he looked just like butter except w/ a bright ginger coat, a bit larger, and the tips of his ears flopped. We chatted with the owners and marvelled at our dog’s similarities.
I still think dog people are crazy, so much noise and fuss! I get overwhelmed a bit by it all, the anxiety doesn’t help. But this is fun and I’m getting out and about more, which is awesome.