Blastmilk Independence Day

I was in the garden this morning pruning flowers and snipped off a few flowers and realized they happened to be blue and red in a white pitcher. Cute! I put them on the mantel above the fireplace and realized that half my dolls/ornaments were red and blue.
So here it is, a collection of my red, white and blue toys from around the house. Mew!!!
Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day

Agnes Dreary

Perfect example of bad marketing ruining a perfectly good product. Makes me totally want to cry.

Agnes Dreary. Despite her total cuteness, and her nifty wardrobe, I was totally thrown once again by the tagline:

Agnes Dreary™: Tonner Doll Company gravely introduces Agnes Dreary™ in all her woeful ineptness

What the hell? I’m I just being too sensitive and emo about this? “Hi, here’s your stupid doll, stupid spooky people.”
Look, I know all the spooky book reading is an affectation (not me though, I really do read books! Wow!) but why romantisize being “inept” or “not the smartest“? Grrr. Just makes me mad. If Barbie can be an archeologist, I think Agnes Dreary™ can certainly manage to tie her shoes. :p

Evangeline Ghastly

Evangeline Ghastly from Wilde Imagination & Tonner. She’s ball-jointed and resin… is this a first for Tonner? Slated for Summer 2007 release.

The weather on the night of Evangeline’s birth was as expected. The wind was howling, the moon was full, and the doctor was unavailable.
And so begins the story of Evangeline Ghastl™. With a mysterious diary entry, a pet skunk named Mouette, and fashions right out of a Victorian novel, Evangeline is definitely…..a whole other story!
Introducing Evangeline Ghastly™ – the new 19″ resin ball jointed doll from Wilde Imagination. Created by Joe Petrollese and sculpted by award-winning artist and designer Robert Tonner, Evangeline is what most people would call unfortunate; she likes to think of it as misunderstood….(click here to go to Evangeline’s website)

And at 19″ Ellowyne Wilde’s new little friend is rather imposing. It is hard to tell if she is as big headed as Ellowyne. Totally different face sculpt esthetic, appears to be a different line entirely. I really like the sculpt, kind of a catty-eyed gene marshall type, though her eyes seem a little wonky in that picture, probably due to the fact they are changeable inset. Her hands look awesome. Again, the story premise supporting her is a little on the “um…” side, and hints at her lack of intelligence (wtf? is that supposed to appeal? to whom?). The tale picks up in 1928 and she’s from Ipswich, England. I see a lovely wardrobe, albeit generi-goff, more victorian inspired than art deco in nature… she must be an old fashioned vamp, er… girl.
I know I’m fussy, but I ♥ spooky dolls. That’s how I found super dollfie, dontcha know! By doing my usual “goth doll” search on ebay. I think they need Elder-goth marketing expertise. There’s a little bit too much, um… Cher Goth meets Vampira, perhaps? I dunno, a lack of subtlety. Hey, maybe they’re going for the classic Hollywood Vampire, the technicolor proto-hystorical wardrobe. That’d be cool.
I’ll probably love her when she’s released though. Vive le Spook!

Ellowyne Wilde “Nevermore”

Ellowyne Wilde & Hortencia

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I received my Ellowyne Wilde Nevermore last week. And despite my original snotty review/impression she’s really lovely. My criticisms still stand, however Nevermore is really a compelling production. When I opened the box I was really surprised by her big head. I like it. And firey redheads always sell me, and I giggled when I put Hortencia & Ellowyne on the stage together and noted they are using the same batch of fire red saran. Nevermore’s outfit has lovely attention to detail, excellent scale, and is lined in pink ^_^ She comes with a stunning little capelet, but I like the slenderness without it. Her hair is really lovely, and a nice compromise from some of the other Ellowyne up-dos that I thought were a bit too formal or blah.

However, I still think her face is a bit on the dewy-eyed bland side, and prefer the arch snottiness of Hortencia & Euphemia. I’m contemplating a repaint. Though my hand isn’t nearly as fine, I might be able to squeeze a pout out of her!