Super Dollfie Display Cabinet (of epic proportions)

Super Dollfie Display Cabinet
Super Dollfie Display Cabinet

Glass Display Cabinet

It wouldn’t be holiday without a Craigslist run.

@Organtitus is disassembling it to get through the kitchen doorway. Or we would have to bring it up the big front stairs. It is a big baby! 48″ wide x 32″ tall x 30″ deep. Luckily he didn’t know it wouldn’t fit through the kitchen door before we brought it home. But it is through now and he is reassembling it. It is big enough to fit a super dollfie sized room! Something had to go though. Bye bye antique trunk, I traded you for something see-thru.

Glass Display Cabinet - with legs

Happy Decoration Day
Happy Decoration Day!

Re-ment Hinamatsuri set!

I’ve been pining vaguely for a hinamatsuri doll set of my own for awhile now… the size of the collection and display however is quite a commitment. So imagine my delight when I noticed “Re-ment Sample Series Hinamatsuri” on the PREORDER list at Hobby Link Japan! A little sleuthing and I scared up the supporting images and the set is as I hoped: a highly detailed miniature 1/6th (probably) complete Hinamatsuri, each set contains part of the display stand and a traditional box.
Available for preorder from several dealers including Hobby Search &!
For more info: Hinamatsuri
The Japanese Doll Festival (雛祭り, Hina-matsuri?), or Girls’ Day.
P.S. I was a very lucky girl and got everything I ordered from the Volks FCS Owners Event thingie! Girls Sailor Dress, white tabi feet, 2 FCS only wigs, one in the new peachy gold color! Now, I just need to wait two months until they show up. Maybe by Christmas, eh?

Blastmilk is DYNO-MITE!!!

What better reason to end the silence of than…

Boasting a bust that exceeds even the L bust in size, and a completely new sculpt for the hip and thigh area, it is overflowing with charm and filled to bursting!

Currently only available on complete dolls, not separate. Vive le Blast Milk!

I’m excited.

sd-10.jpgAll ya’ll probably have seen this, but it is so exciting. Rawr!
Volks has posted a sentimental history of super dollfie, contests and games, and a nearly complete sketch of their events for the year! This includes TWO US Dolpas for June and November. View: Super Dollfie 10th Anniversary Events Schedule
Dolpa3 in NYC.
June 7th – 8th 2008
Fashion Institute of Technology NYC, NY
In conjunction with FDQ. Registration will be through the Volks site, when they post it. It looks like Volks is beta-testing a new store interface on the Japanese side. Neat!
Also: greatest thing about the writer’s strike? It sent us scurrying for downloadable content on the internet. Yay for BBC programming! Mr. Kallisti has been on a quest to get me mostly Eastenders (I died a little when they cancelled the series on BBC America), every available costume drama and mystery thriller airing. We just transfer it over via wifi on the TiVo and blammo! Plays like TEEVEE.
New favorite show EVAR: Phoo Action
From the genius who brought you Tank Girl and Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett. Whitey with the red hair back there is wearing Buddha’s magic underpants!
(gosh it is hard to get around to posting even when I’m in the moooooood! bizzy, bizzy!)

Volks’ Original Fashion Dollfie

Wowie, something new-NEW out of the Volks arsenal. Original Fashion Dollfie, Masami (light skinned) & Tomoko (dark, and darker than their normal “tan”!). New dollfie based on the EB Slim bodies, same as Who’s That Girl. So they’ll have the fashion line-up of the WTG behind them to boot.
I love them! The face-mold looks similar to the romantic Century Models, sweet yet still sassy. Perhaps their trying a different tactic from their fashion Century Models? I don’t think they ever appealed much this side of the pond.
Edit: It appears that this is a collaboration with a TV show or… ? If anyone can translate the page above better than I, please inform!
On a side note, I have been slowly working on fixing the glitches with my blog, and have been doing some housecleaning with the categories. Trying to trim them down a bit,and replace too specific categories with tags. You can use the search function or the “tag cloud” list to find specific things like “dollfie” or “unoa” and I’ve tried to add my doll names in a consistent manner, so you can search on “St. Trinian” and come up with all the posts I’ve ever made about her. Neat!
I don’t usually work piecemeal with the site, but with current time constraints I update a style tag here, some brokey js there. Bleh. I’m still getting settled into the new house. But I’ve managed to have some quality dolly hobby time, just not documented. Yet. Bwahahaha!

Gin Lane: A Hogarth Inspired Doll’s House

This is yet a work in progress. Begun in 2000, the house itself is nearly finished, but we ran out of room to keep it out long ago and we are currently lacking recent/completed pictures. For that I apologize. So, for now, you’ll have to make due with the early stages building the doll’s house.
I had originally started with the idea of an apothecary, since I’d begun to collect apothecary jars and a sundry of medical items. But when looking through Hogarth’s prints in search of inspiration, and he had a fairly detailed apothecary scene in "The Rakes Progress,"
the project swiftly shifted to incorporate the quack & his famous harlots, Hogarth’s humor & attention to detail. I selected a two room, two story house that would be easy-ish to fit out. The bottom floor will be the Quack Apothecary from "Rake’s Progress" with the upper floor being a combo of "Before & After" & "The Harlot’s Progress" but mainly drawing on the former. This is not an exact replica, as I’m doing this for fun, and have taken a rather interpretive approach. The first thing I did after gluing the house together was to make my Harlot’s corset (on chair), seen on the Progress page.
I hope to have updated pictures soon. For now, forgive me, and continue
on The Doll’s House Pogress

The Doll’s House Progress

Sid CookeThe Unfinished House "The Bow St. Corner Shop" is by SID COOKE in the U.K. Please visit their site to see more of their lovely houses. Shipping & Service was superb!

The Brick effect was done using a printable from Jim’s Printables, fixing it with Krylon fixitive spray and gluing it to desired spots prior to plastering. I then masked off bits with torn masking tape (the kind that doesn’t stick too much) and plastered around it. When the plaster had set just a little, but wasn’t hard, I then removed the masking, which gave me nice jaggy edges.

A slightly better view of the upper floor panelling & the fire breast. The panelling was done with balsa strip wood glued to bristol art board. The fire breast was also done with 1/2″ thick balsa. I have no power tools, so everything has to be hacked at by hand. I’ve placed the chimney breast flush to the back on the left side to offset the slightly awkward 12″ square room and give it a little visual interest.

Close-up of fireplace & chimney breast. The firegrate will light once I get electrical in.

The inside of the fireplace is done using the same brick pattern I did on the outside, I then dry poked it with black acrylic to simulate soot. Lots of soot. Eventually we will soot up the fire surround as well.

Top Floor: The panelling, floor, trim & baseboards are in! Used wallpaper glue to adhere panelling boards, which allowed me to smooth some of the warping caused by the paint.

Ground Floor: The bottom Apothecary finally is painted, tiled & the trim is installed! The wall color is a stoney greenish-grey, brushed over with a watery tan acrylic, that gives it a sort of nicotine stained look. I needed a color that contrasted well with the muted georgian rose of the above stairs.

The floor tile are real slate, normally meant to be used for roofing. I was inspired by the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans and its lovely slate floor, I tiled and grouted a sheet of bristol board and then set it in.

Woo! Let there be light! Somewhat… After trial & tribulation, I got my first electrical appliance in: the firegrate. And the upper floor sconce is in, I may put another one to the right of the bed, but I’d like to get the place decorated before I do that.

Details, Details, Details

For the second story I layed a wooden floor. Using 1" mahogany
vaneer roll from the hardware store, I cut some strips, splitting some narrower. This is not a period detail, however, the vaneer strips did not really have clean edges, and I thought it would look nice and rustic. The veneer comes with gum on the back that sticks when heat is applied. So I just cut my strips then ironed them to a bristol board I had painted black. I then sanded, oil stained & polished with tung oil.

The Apothecary Jars! Click here for details (they’re exquisite).

Using very fine muslin, I adhered two 7″ square pieces together with stitch-witchery, which not only gives the corset its stiffness, it makes it so you don’t have to hem edges, just a tab underneath arms was necessary to connect the front to back sides. Though I did whipstitch a border in pale green around the arm & neck openings. Boning lines are picked out with a running stitch in thread only slightly darker than the muslin. I haven’t embroidered for a very long time, so I was a little rusty, but this project only took me a few hours. The entire corset is just over 1 inch.

And here’s a cute wee box that reads:

James Dalton, Esq.
Wigg box

It is featured on top of the tester bed in the Harlot’s Progress. I used regular weight parchment paper, sealed with krylon (to keep writing from smearing) and then added two coats of shellac.

The furniture is starting to arrive, and I can’t help putting it in as I begin the panelling on the 2nd floor. I’ve created several furniture pieces from kits; the bed and candlestand seen here. I love the kits, but wish they had more variety! They are sanded, oilstained with walnut, and then sealed with several coats of tung oil. This avoids the hard candy coating of a shellac, but still gives it a lovely gloss.

For a pattern of the Tester Canopy, click here.

Ok, so I got another bed, a sweet li’l 18th century French style. It is a bit more accurate to the painting, as the Hogarth tester is free standing, and the bed had no posts. It opens the room up quite a bit. The tester isn’t properly secured here so is a little skewed til I decide which bed to use.

Dollhouse Apothecary Jars

CUSTOM Apothecary Jars and Porcelain by Marsha at Porcelain Fantasies

various Ginger jars repainted as 18th century apothecary jars.

barber or bleeding bowl. The notch in the bowl would support the patient’s arm for bleeding, or held under the chin when shaving.

on the leech jar at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. My purposeful anachronism. I just couldn’t resist having this reproduced!

Papaver (Opium),
& Hydragarum (Mercury)

POT:BROMID: potassium bromide: for headaches and sleeplessness
TR:DIGITALIS: tincture of digitalis/foxglove: poisonous, heart medicine, used for cleaning wounds
TINCT:GENTIANA: tincture of gentiane: digestif & used to make bitters for general reviving tonic
OPIAT:FEBRIF: more opium, heh.

EXT:PAPAVER: extract of papaver somniferum, ie poppy or opium
UNG:HYDRARGYR: unguent of hydrargyrum or Mercury: used for treating syphillis
ABSYNTHE absinthe or wormwood: digestif & vermifuge

TINCT:ACONITI: tincture of aconite, deadly poison if taken too much. diuretic
LAUDANUM tincture of opium. most popular medicinal. reduces fevers, stops vomiting, calms coughs.  extremely addictiv
LEECH JAR: Complete with air holes for the wee leeches to breathe. Leeches were a very common form of treatment, it was thought that they drew out the impurities of disease as they sucked the patients blood.

BARBER/BLEEDING BOWL: The Piece de Resistance! These were used to catch the blood from the arm during bleeding, the most common form of medical procedure. Or held under the chin while shaving or cutting the hair. Look, Jas-Townsend is selling a nice reproduction!