July 16th, 2004

“It’s funny, since I got Demezla my fidgety desire for another Super Dollfie has greatly diminished. Demelza and Fifi are my troo loves.” —Me

I mean, Demelza and Fifi are still my troo loves, but I’ve been rather a slut lately. Mee-ow. Viva la Polydorry!
However, in my defense, it wasn’t until Ondine’s head arrived in December that the sacred twosome was violated.


Piratica, n. Young adult novel by Tanith Lee.

Leopoldina stole Demelza’s outfit! Something I have fantasized about since she was first coveted. She’s also wearing an Acquire wig I have cut within an half inch of its life. Worked out well, I think… and Mr. Kallisti made Miette’s Golliwog. o_0
And a few vanity head shots, because Lulu so freaky amazing! Agh!

It’s a girl!

At Aug 5, 2005, 2:40 P.M. a Bavarian princess was born. Oh my gawd, she’s a Leo! No wonder with that mane of hair and that little cat face. Mew!

I haven’t named her yet. Originally she was going to be Parisian, as her bio from Volks states. But she looks so like a 19th century German postcard that I had to throw out my potential name list and start a-fresh.

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Been so busy, with projects, work and family. But caught Demelza looking serene this morning. For kicks I finally tried her on the SD13 body and she looks fantastic! Ondine, however, is not enjoying being stubby. Looks surprisingly ok though.

Never would have thought she’d look so fetching as a blonde. She’s also wearing a pair of lovely mauvy purply brown glass eyes I picked up from Gloria on DOA. They’re reeeeeally nice!
Also, FINALLY got the volks msd outfit from Kyoto 3. I hadn’t seen it anywhere! St. Trinian neeeeds it. Now, I need those creepers.

And yes, that is the only non-Liz thing I’ve bought since my vow! Go me.
And then there’s Biscuit. Just for hoots we put him in the doll carriage the other night, and he sat there for about 10 minutes! His butt just fit in there. Amazing. He was quite happy.


cutest. picture. ever. the end.

Oh, alright. There’s more.

Another Global “Bleuette” outfit! I really like this one too, and I think it is even a better fit. The wig, a wee Global mohair wig is too small! *cry* It is being held on by just the cap. Still so cute. Will see if there is some way to mangle it so it fits.
Props by American Girl. They are rad! The detail is super fab. However, with moving parts and so much detail, things like the camera will break easily so be careful. Also got the night stand and wash set! A little short for SD, still makes a good prop.
Demelza had to try her hand with the stereoscope…

The detail, again, is gorgeous. Brown velvet rim around the mask, punched designs in metal mask casing, all wood parts. The metal is soft, so you have to be careful not to snap off the moving handle. It comes with stereoview cards of national monuments!

le Diable au Corps

Ondine Alice is a hybrid. She’s a Hypermaniac Ksy head on a Volks SD13 Jun body. The original hyperdolly Ksy is a bit taller and stronger build than Volks SD13’s. So I think the general consensus was that her head would be giant in comparison to Volks. Which isn’t the case at all! At 9″ she’s actually smaller than Volks’ classic SD like Mimi (my Fifi). Fifi’s wigs swim on Ondine’s head! She looks much younger on the more petite sd13 (compared to the Ksy body), but not out of proportion at all. Hyperdolly’s coloring is a bit pinker than Volks’ pale peach. But the hue is similar so a little bit of blushing about the neck and fingers will render it more or less irrelevent.
I just got the SD13 body today! First time for me to play with the new body and it is FAB. Everything locks into place and she poses fantistically, unlike Demelza.
I had a real hard time dressing her. She’s wearing Cyndy’s dress and a pair of bloomers I made. I absolutely love Volks’ new shaggy cut wigs. The texture is amazing and suits her so well. She’s wearing a pair of my 20mm AR eyes, which are a bit big for her and make her all dewy-eyed. I’m eagerly awaiting some 18mm eyes that should suit her better.
Thanks again SO much to Mia for the opportunity to own this head, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible as she’s been discontinued. Mwah!!!
Oh! I almost forgot! The tiny doll in the case was my grandmother’s. It was one of the items I got right after she passed away. Just about 3″ tall, she’s got the eggshell complexion and real hair and silk costume. It is a bit mussed because I remember filching it when I was five and taking it out and playing with it. Oops! It is such a treasure to me… I just recently uncovered it in some of my things and brought it out to play. Mr. Kallisti fixed the case with my grandmother had glued together with masking tape on all the edges. Eeeep! My father brought this and other dolls from Asia home for my grandmother when he was in the Korean war in the 50’s. Treasures all of them.
And the miniature antique coffee grinder was also my grandmothers. I used to play with it when I was little and grind crackers in it. All day. Grinding crackers. There are still crumbs in the little drawer. The plastic baby my uncle found in one of my grandmother’s little wall pockets. He says it has been in there for thirty years since I dropped it in there last.
Ondine is grinding my baby.
p.s. I’m going out of town for a mini vacation. Weeeeeeee! Suite at the Peppermill. I’m going to spend the next two days bathing and eating crab.