Io Saturnalia!

Lord Foppington Presides as The Lord of Misrule over the Saturnalia Festivities at the Blastmilk Home for Wayward Girls (and one boy).
Yes, wee Dropsy is hidden in that cage Ondine is dangling menacingly. Notables missing from the festivities are: Demelza & Ermengaarde, who are both in the head cabinet sulking.

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Note: this is not Demelza… this is Mercy’s Eve.

We’ve taken a completely stock Lady Sylvie and given her a new lease on life. Including face-up, sanding, sueding (Sylvie’s body was the first pure-skin body and did not sit or pose well in the hips and knees), and blushing! The news? She’s my first dolly body blushed via airbrush. Face-up done traditionally with pastels, but Mr. Kallisti had his mother ship out his gigantic airbrush compressor from her attic in Michigan, been up there since art school, apparently. Since they are very expensive all this trouble was definately worth it.
Um, airbrushing is hard. That is all. But I totally love it and can’t wait to do more! And there’s more for Mercy coming soon. The only thing is that it has to be done in the garage. Meh. Taking commissions during the rainy season is probably not so much a good idea. I can only really work on weekends, and most of ours have been rainy the past few months. Still… I think we got poor Eve turned around in a relatively timely manner.
And I just want everyone to know that Mr. Kallisti and I work as a team, I couldn’t do this stuff without him! I’m good (or getting better) at color and painting, but he’s the strong arm doing the tough stuff like sanding and stringing. I’m totally lame at sanding. Probably not helped that I have slight nerve damage in one hand. He’s so meticulous! It takes him a week at the sink, sanding every night, to do one doll. But they come out beautiful.
Enough about me, here’s all about Eve! (clicky for dolly nudity)

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The Big Time

Demelza’s on her way! She’s so winsome.

And ready for her close-up!

What’s this? A visitor?

Right in the middle of the photoshoot. Instead of screaming hysterically I just kept snapping pictures. He usually doesn’t do this right in front of me. Normally I just find hairdos rearranged, or missing altogether, props and wigs will sometimes end up in his lair under the bed. But the cheek!
Isn’t he handsome though? Oh, Biscuit.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Saturnalia! from the Angels of Blastmilk!

This was my official christmas holiday card this year! So fun to print something custom, but I wish I’d been able to print more and send them to more people. Poo! But in any case, Happy Solstice et al to all!
And my Christmas has been fab and bursting with love and loot. I’m not used to being spoiled, but it is all the love I couldn’t live without. Sigh…
We made a wee trip to Reno to junk shop but ended up getting comped a suite at the Peppermill o_0 so stayed the night. They haven’t figured out we don’t spend any money yet, yay! Ha! Came back with tbe best loot ever from the Reno antique shops. Dolly clothes haul GALORE, I’ve never been so lucky. Not to mention picking up a smoking boudoir doll for cheap. When we got home I had the largest box in the world waiting for me Friday… the FCS body for Demelza & Angelica the First from NotDoll from Celga… and it had been opened by customs! All was lovely though, celga had to custom build a box to ship them both. The FCS body came in what I assume is a Sato FCS box? It is white with “angels nest” tissue inside, very pretty. And the body is LOVELY. In perfect shape, with apple perky boobies et al. Angelica is a dream, her skin is palest pink. Her face is so delicate and the coloring so rosey yet soft at the same time. She came with her original outfit and one of the Glory Angel AR boy outfits… neither of which she is wearing right now. The christmas pix below are all the vintagey clothes from Friday’s Reno haul (and there’s so much more!). And my mother in law sent a LOAD of hand knitted caps, scarves and ponchos for the girls. Never seen anything so cute! Lulu is sporting the baby blue set.
An extra Happy Christmas from Demelza, Leopoldina and the new little Lizzie Lou Oiseaux!

P.S. I keep looking at this picture… it is so lovely I want to cry. Happy.

My doot-di-doo dolly waiting list

I don’t usually post wish lists… but I’ve currently got SO MUCH up in the air, and I keep obsessing so hard about what I’m waiting for that I thought I’d let you all know what I’m up to [queue doom music].
Fancyboots Liebchen: Don’t know when to expect her but I’ve already named her Merry Wink! First release by doll artist Fancyboots at about 16″.
Hypermaniac So-som: due sometime in December, unpainted and ready for customization. My first tiny bjd at 13cm.
Angelregion/Notdoll “Only For You” Cossette: They’ve hinted she may ship in time for Christmas, but I’ll believe that when I see it! I’ve pined for Cossette since I missed her original release. It has always needed to be a snow white girl so I didn’t order the basic of UFK kit. And just now they are offering custom girls in any skin tone for a discounted holiday price. I ordered Cossette girl in milky white resin, with silver bob, light blue eyes, extra fisty hands and sad eyebrows. I was going to add an extra Angelica head and sell my current UFK kit to fund this whole project until I saw the following entry on YJP.
White Angelica #1: bought for a pittance on YJP, just barely over what I would have paid for just the head at angelregion. I am so freaky excited to have her. She’s also coming with an extra outfit that belonged to the Glory Angel boys. So this is why I’m selling my Angelica. (new) Lizzie & Cossette will be creole sisters, and will be continually taunted by their snooty french cousin Miette. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Demelza’s new body: also from YJP auction, a new FCS body with medium sized boobs. So I’m sellling Demelza’s old body that has been cleaned, restrung and sueded for happy posing abilities.
FCS F16 in snow: Due by January 19th. Order placed at the LA Volks store opening with Mikey supervising ^_^ I’m so excited, this experience was beyond belief. I didn’t order a Sasha clone, as I don’t think she would look enough like Sasha anyways… she’s more like a big sister. I attempted to give her some dramatic coloring and brows, very curious to see what volks does with my sketches/instructions. But there is always a chance that I’ll wipe it clean and do something totally different. I’m still not entirely clear on her name or personality, I think she’ll have to tell me in person. We’ll be making a kamikaze trip down to LA as soon as I get notice that she’s ready. They would have shipped, but I so want to pick her up in person. What’s a seven hour drive for true love, anyways?
So that is it. I am completely inundated with WAITING. Believe it or not, most everything has been paid for by extra work and selling/trading (even if the auctions are still in progress). I’ve been working extra hard on commissions and extra work to make all this happen and have had very little time to actually PLAY with my dollies. Poor Medora is waiting for a faceup, she’s got one eyelash hanging off and can’t find a THING to wear with all that makeup on. I’ve got a commission in to work on so I’ll probably do her then.
The amazing thing is I still see new dollies that I covet. I want to stab myself in the eye each time! Shinku and Latidoll (grown up) Lea. OMG.
And then there’s a boy… I need a boy. We shall see. Sometime this year I hope to find someone for my girls to pick on. My Artful Dodger… my pale english school boy. My Mr. Cranky Pants.
And don’t even mention the outfits I’m trying not to preorder/buy. Ajumapama and Dollheart be damned!

M is for Mmmmmmedium boobies!

Now, I *thought* the sample SD10 body at the LA FCS boutique had bigger boobs. And this proves it! You can now get the SD10 body w/ small, medium or large boobs. This pic brought to you buy YJP auction I just bin’d! This will be Demelza’s new body. So sweet! Can you stand it? Wee apple shaped botticelli’s! They actually look like pubescent budding boobage, as opposed to the sweet wee slopers of the SD13. SO CUTE. I ♥ Volks SO MUCH!!! Now to prepare Demelza’s Sylvie body for the auction block. Woot! After getting Liz and SD Nana I’ve been more desperate than ever to update Demelza’s older pure skin body, but it wasn’t until I saw the different boobtasticness (and bonus FCS hands!) that I freaked and bin’d.

Anyone have pix of the large? Hmmm?

Cinderella returns from the ball (cont.)

Everytime I sit down to write about it my head is so swirly with all the joy and magic of the weekend that I get all spacey and can’t make decent prose to save my life. So forgive me if I go a little purple! I really do feel like Cinderella.
Or, skip right to the pictures… and the important bits! Sweet Dream Nana
I won the one-off I entered for, and a long time coveted dream girl: sweet dream nana! in pure skin snow! OMG! I have actually made several failed attempts to get her previously and it never worked out. You have no idea… she’s brilliant. They’ve updated the sd10 girl body since Sylvie’s, two years old now, and it is perfect! Knees and legs click into place and are really lovely… she’s in the special limited snow, so she’s a bit different than Miette. She GLOWS. I can’t even stand it. Her face-up is brilliant! Will have to take better pix later, a bunch included in the gallery linked above though. But her eyes are all pink and smokey with dark dark lashes. I will probably replace the lashes with the new fancy volks lashes and paint her teeth so they show. I love dolls with teeth! Her dress and wig are to die for… the wig is custom cut floor length in a light brown. So lovely.
I don’t know her name yet.
I dare you to read the long froofy love fest below.

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Dear Universe,

I’m tired! Lookit what I did today!!! Amazingly it is only 11pm.
I retardedly have to go into work tomorrow to push some flash files to the homepage :p dammint. Hopefully they will be there early early so I can leave. Or I will be severely out of sorts. I so want to get to Torrance before 5pm.
I am very excited about the weekend. Please forgive me if I haven’t signed onto many of the extra curricular activities. Despite my demeanor of bubbles, I actually suffer from Mrs. Bennet syndrome and have terrible NERVES that frequently send me scurrying for the chaise and scrabbling for various drowsy potions. I need downtime between all the exciting bits. Heh. Oh yeah, and I also probably have a broken foot bone. SO YEAH. It hurts. Yay me.
I am, however, very excited to put faces to people I already feel close to. And sad for those who aren’t gonna be there. Meh.
In other news, lookie! So much happier. I loved this dress but just couldn’t do it justice. It looks so HAPPY here. Teehee.
So this is over and out until Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who has bought my crap ^_^ it was so appreciated!!! I got everything shipped except the Rosalia dress, whose kind recipient is being most patient by waiting for tuesday shipping.
By the way, I am bringing all four of my Volks girls. Whether or not all them will ever leave the hotel room at one time is another story, but I couldn’t leave any behind! So Fifi & Demelza are snuggled in the CH carrier, Lulu is in the violin case, and wee Miette is curled up in a cute handbag in delicate shades of shell pink fake leather. Mew!