I just spent $60 on pastel chalks. Daaaaamn. I needed some new colors, my palette has become too predictable. But… daaaaaaaaaamn. They just opened a Blick in our neighborhood. And while tidy and well stocked, they don’t carry Winsor Newton Brush Cleaner™ that we use for face-up removal by the gallon, and they are more expensive than the good ole Utrecht up on University Ave. So while they had these really cool shiney glittery pearly pastels, it ain’t worth the extra expense for all the other stuff.
I was looking around for a cool box to hold all my loose pastels and was surprised when I didn’t find one. Mr. Kallisti glibly informed me that artists do not accessorize their chalks and just re-use the boxes the sets come in. o_o
Well, I never! I told him I’m an artist and I always accessorize!
Speaking of which, I leave you with the best accessory: Butter… modeling an outfit her gramma sent from Michigan as an anniversary present! A bit too small, Gramma!

Naughty Boy!

Poor thing…. Saint Trinian has been chasing him all over the house since I began working on him. It’s not that my girls don’t like boys, they’ve just never seen one before! Thanks be to commissions from Mercy I get to play with the awesomest of dollies w/ the natty naughty optional parts.

Click below for NON-WORKSAFE grabby hands piccies.

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5 day forecast

Sigh. It has been like this ALL month, the rainiest March in San Francisco since 1904. Not very conducive to happy dolly spraying. Praise be to Mercy for being an understanding sweetie.
On another note:

Deadline was the 26th. I saw them on the 27th but Helina let me squeak by for the fairy tale set (cuz I’m a suckah!). Jenny-land.com, as always.
And did you see? They finally posted the full Momoko Snow White set, so gorgeous! Should be expecting her in April, along with the Jenny’s Club White Rabbit Marine and Kitty Nanako. It was the dead mouse that super sold me on that one.


Note: this is not Demelza… this is Mercy’s Eve.

We’ve taken a completely stock Lady Sylvie and given her a new lease on life. Including face-up, sanding, sueding (Sylvie’s body was the first pure-skin body and did not sit or pose well in the hips and knees), and blushing! The news? She’s my first dolly body blushed via airbrush. Face-up done traditionally with pastels, but Mr. Kallisti had his mother ship out his gigantic airbrush compressor from her attic in Michigan, been up there since art school, apparently. Since they are very expensive all this trouble was definately worth it.
Um, airbrushing is hard. That is all. But I totally love it and can’t wait to do more! And there’s more for Mercy coming soon. The only thing is that it has to be done in the garage. Meh. Taking commissions during the rainy season is probably not so much a good idea. I can only really work on weekends, and most of ours have been rainy the past few months. Still… I think we got poor Eve turned around in a relatively timely manner.
And I just want everyone to know that Mr. Kallisti and I work as a team, I couldn’t do this stuff without him! I’m good (or getting better) at color and painting, but he’s the strong arm doing the tough stuff like sanding and stringing. I’m totally lame at sanding. Probably not helped that I have slight nerve damage in one hand. He’s so meticulous! It takes him a week at the sink, sanding every night, to do one doll. But they come out beautiful.
Enough about me, here’s all about Eve! (clicky for dolly nudity)

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Rhiannon’s Soah… definately wins for the most beautiful lip sculpt ever. The gloss on her lips is still wet hear so it appears a tad milky, but will dry clear. Oh! And I’m going to try to pick her up some fancy new Volks lashes this weekend, hence the lashlessness…. weeeeeeeeeee!


Just finished an enhancement job on Melissa’s Griffi. Souldoll did a really cute face-up, Melissa just wanted smokier eyes and pinky lips. We left souldoll’s freckles of course! And I painted the hands and feet. Mew. Biscuit has made off with Griffi’s wig, so Trinian donated hers until I can find it :/
Don’t worry Melissa, he doesn’t mangle them, he just likes to carry them off to his secret lair.

Doesn’t she look cute with my other girls? Phhhbbbbt!
And, in case you missed it, I just listed a load of stuff for sale!


All done, Dollstown Estella commission! I don’t take them very often, but estella was fun. Her strong features totally suited the directions given by her owner which was a gorgeous pic of Keira Knightly with smokey shadow and nude lips. It works really well! And I love the look…
Estella’s waist joint poses a problem for blushing as it rubs. Meh.
Click below for nudie shots!

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