I love her.

Biscuit & Zman, December 2004

Both kitties went to the vet today. Biscuit because we’ve caught him winded and wheezing, probably due, says the vet, to the fact he may be allergic to the xmas tree pine needles he’s been chewing on.
Zman, my cantankerous and sweet seventeen year old cat, probably has cancer. I knew this was coming, but have been putting it off because I know some very hard decisions are in the future. She’s had a small growth on her breast all year, and it’s finally gotten rather large. The vet says he can’t imagine the biopsy will come back benign, which breaks my heart. She’s been slowing down in so many ways, and she’s started losing weight, I just don’t know if you should operate on a kitty this old. She’s nearly eighteen. Today she got xrays, and he didn’t see any other tumerous masses, and she’s got general bloodwork coming in on Monday, at which time he’ll know what to recommend.
I’ve been with Zman my whole adult life, I got her a few months after I moved out of the house when I was eighteen. She’s my angel and has been through so much with me.
My heart is breaking.

Biscuit sez “I like to help.”

Mr. Kallisti is home waiting for my packages today. Both the Celga box AND Doll & Hobby are due to arrive. Yow!
This just rolled into my mailbox from the mister:

Just like poppa, Biscuit says “I like to help”.

Look how little he still is. He’s six months exactly, you can’t really tell from this picture, but he’s still about half of Pekoe’s size (Pekoe is very large). And no gangly teenage cat-ness. He’s fierce though, and totally badass. Ow.
Yay. UPS later and it is play, play, play all night!

Action Cat

For once, I actually had the camera ready for when the cat does something incredibly stupid, like crawling up the window screen.


All the pokes in the screen are from a previous tenant. Biscuit is just now starting his freehand window climbing career.

Biscuit & Zman! Woo!

Together at last! The fact that Biscuit was a Blue Lynx Point like Zman was one of the reasons I fell in love with him. But she’s a cranky ole lady who just likes to sleep a lot and can’t see very well anymore.
Well, the two actually managed to spend a few minutes on the couch together tonight, so we got some up close pix so ya’ll can see them together. Pretty cool.

Also, Biscuit plays fetch. SO CUTE.

Vintage dolls

I also love 20’s-40’s dolls, and have collected just a few. Here are some of my other darlings lying around the house. I may be off on the date allocations. Some of them I’m sure on, some of them I guess.

click for giant pic!

40’s Composition Nun doll, Carnival prize dolls in chalkware (20’s) and celluloid (30’s-40’s), 1930’s Old Rubber Donald Duck (belonged to my Dad), 40’s French Can Can Dancer, 30’s Celluloid & Velveteen Monkey & a mini Celluloid Black Carnival Doll, and a couple baby rolly pollies (30’s and modern repro).

70’s Hawaiian Kissy Face Girl, 40’s Sr. Suavé, and a Photo of the Del Rio Midget Singing Group. Then there is Living Dead Girls Siamese Twins, 50’s Japanese Kimono Girl, and another 40’s French Can Can girl.
And Biscuit insisted on horning in on the photo op. Li’l slut.

Painterly paws

Woke up this morning and wandered into my work room in which I was painting Blythes last night.
And there were little pinky-purple paw prints ALL OVER my work table and chair.
I guess I left some wet paint on my palette when I went to bed last night and Biscuit (alias Li’l Fucker) decided to channel Pollock. Luckily the chair is vinyl and the table enamel. But it was hilarious. I looked and there was no evidence on his little cranberry paws. I so wanted to see them encrusted with paint.
On a side note, the face hugger CPAP machine is on its third night of use. I detect maybe a 20% increase in refreshment. The mask will take some getting used to. My face feels bruised from having to strap it on tight enough to hold a seal. Blah blah.

Muahahaha! New Kitten!

The latest up for adoption, and I can’t have this one!!!

If you’re in the bay area, this little gremlin monkey boy needs a loving home! His japanese name is “Masao” which means “little gremlin monkey boy” …or, er “holy” because he was found alone in an attic meditating. He is the baby brother of Biscuit Lafitte, who has tested negative for all kinds diseases.
Please to love.


it’s my birthday. more on that later.
Best birthday present so far is that kitty Biscuit went for his leukemia/aids test this morning and passed! Yay! Now he’s running around like nuts terrorizing the older cats as he’s been locked in our bedroom for two weeks. They are unhappy. He also went from 2.2 lbs to 3.4 in two weeks! He’s a biggun.
Look, we caught him in a moment of non-movement yesterday:

Too many pix to post, so here’s a dir! This one is especially evil. It is going to give me nightmares.