Peekture Projekt, Part I

This is going to be the longest post in the world. And it is only the first half!
Spent yesterday running around with a camera. Sorry these are not quite in order. I’m too disorganized for that :/ Please click on thumbnails for nice big peektures.

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Biscuit of the Week

Not one, but two unbearably adorable kitten peektures.

Biscuit has taken to cramming himself onto my little doll couch. I think I’ll have to buy him one of these. Meh.

I finally found a real nice vintage Japanese doll case for Gram’s ichimatsu doll on eBay. It is tagged “occupied japan” in the back so is the same vintage as the doll even! Biscuit is funny. Just like the carriage, we put him in there and he seemed happy as a clam to stay.


Been so busy, with projects, work and family. But caught Demelza looking serene this morning. For kicks I finally tried her on the SD13 body and she looks fantastic! Ondine, however, is not enjoying being stubby. Looks surprisingly ok though.

Never would have thought she’d look so fetching as a blonde. She’s also wearing a pair of lovely mauvy purply brown glass eyes I picked up from Gloria on DOA. They’re reeeeeally nice!
Also, FINALLY got the volks msd outfit from Kyoto 3. I hadn’t seen it anywhere! St. Trinian neeeeds it. Now, I need those creepers.

And yes, that is the only non-Liz thing I’ve bought since my vow! Go me.
And then there’s Biscuit. Just for hoots we put him in the doll carriage the other night, and he sat there for about 10 minutes! His butt just fit in there. Amazing. He was quite happy.


I love saturdays where I have nothing better to do than post to the internet.

we’re cleaning. this is our garbage bag. full of garbage. please note kitten asleep in bag. eeek!

Biscuit and TiB.

Biscuit has turned into a bratty teenager. The only special time we have anymore is when he sleeps on me at night, and strangely, when I’m at the computer. He loves sitting on my keyboard drawer. He loves the computer. He stares at the screen and pokes at it, or just flops down (see below) on top of my mouse hand, pushing the keyboard away (or laying right on top of it). He has a funny little chirpy purr and this is when he purrs the loudest. In front of the computer.

Please forgive the artsy blur, I was firing at lap close range in order to get these action shots. Because, of course, he only does this when I’m sitting at the keyboard.

Other than that he’s a total beast. He’s a biter, and very hyper. He likes to gnaw one’s arm like it is a pork chop. Yay! He’ll walk right up and chomp your ankle and then start licking it. Li’l freak.
Oh, and that is the new blythe “Margaret Meets Ladybug” on the This is Blythe forum. Um, my work/doll room curtains are red gingham with daisies on them. I might have to get her to make a lamp out of her or something for the work room. Eeeeeeeeee!

Cranky Cat

All hail! Zman is alive! She’s alive!
We picked her up from surgery. She had a tumor removed from one of her nipples. She’s in good shape, and we are much relieved. She’s very brave and ornery for a cat who is nearly eighteen!

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and wishes. We are happy. Now we must spoil her and let her get better.

Revenge of the Kitten

So I’m sick. I came home from work a bit early yesterday and Mr. Kallisti said he was startin’ to feel a bit woogly too, so we both took some night time alkaseltzer and hit the sheets around 5pm.
I just woke up and my voice is totally gone! Croak! Ribbit!
And Biscuit must have been totally frustrated because he has wrecked the house. Both bathmats have been dragged under the bed along with god knows what. Pens and socks are everywhere. Strange items are in the sink and one of Trinian’s faceplates was on the floor (eeek!). And that is just what I’ve noticed.
He’s been licking our faces all morning and I thought he was being sweet. In the meantime he’s wrecked the house!
I’ve called off work, fed the cats, I’m going back to bed. Owie.


I just got off the phone with the vet!
Her bloodwork was clear. She has a UTI and asthma, both of which we’re treating her for and she’s perking up a little bit. Like, actually getting up and saying hi and being cranky!
I’m feeling better about the surgery if her health is good. I found this great page on feline mammary cancer. I think since the cancer doesn’t appear to have spread, surgery is a good option for her. Since it is right under the skin, it is not as invasive as it could be. I worry more about the anesthesia than the surgery really.
Poor kitty! I had a total meltdown over the weekend, I love her so. But she’s a fighter, Mr. Kallisti says she reminds him of his ole cantankerous late grandpa. I would have to agree.