I love my kitty

No, not Biscuit. I don’t love him any more :p
My Zman, my little ole lady. She’s been so brave since her last surgery, but has gotten progressively more feeble. Her bones are old and she’s lost a ton of weight and she was already wee!
This morning when I was bathing her (she don’t do it herself no more) I was cutting off a knot in her fur and found what I thought to be a small tumor on another nipple. I took her right to the vet and yes, it had to come right out. It was much smaller than the previous tumor, but she also had some ingrown toe nails (bad mommy!) which had to be operated on. It is really hard to do this to her, she’s over eighteen and very frail and asthmatic and blind with three teeth left. But she carries on! She eats and drinks and sleeps and purrs. So brave.
Surgery is over and she’s home with me now on lots of drugs on a heating pad. I’m bathing her leetle paws.
She’s been with me my whole adult life. She is everything. I love her.
(Zman at bath time two years ago)

(Zman and Biscuit when he was a baby)


Ever hear a Kallisti’s blood curdling scream? Well, Mr. Kallisti did when I got this in the mail today…
There’s a reason they don’t actually put “20 Year High School Reunion”… so they are not liable for my coronary. Someone, fan me!
And then there’s this:

Mr. Kallisti: “Kallisti, a porn room and “Slerpis at home”.
Now I really do have everything I need.”
Everyone say Happy Birthday! He’s 37 on Saturday… now we’re off to Tahoe in the morning. I want mountains, a pedicure and thou. Oh, and maybe all you can eat crab at the buffet. Mmmmmm!!!

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I love a Saturday

OMG. Weekends are so awesome. I’ve been singing happy saturday songs all morning (very off key, of course).
We went and saw Oliver Twist last night. And it was brilliant. BRILLIANT, I say…
The murder of Nancy is a pivotal moment in English literature. Gah, Dickens is a god. And Polanski surely does him justice.
And on that note, something I’ve been meaning to share: Mr. Kallisti loves me so much he mounted this old magazine cross-promotional bit on hotdogs and the Broadway production of Oliver! a few months ago. Two great tastes that taste great together!

Note the red & yellow thumbtacks. Aw!
And Biscuit caught sleeping in my MSD clothing box. My bad for leaving the lid off, I guess! But you get the picture about what a small kitty he is.

We’re cleaning the house, getting ready for the Halloween decorations that will be going up tomorrow. The nephews are coming over to help, fun will be had by all! Oh boy.
Also, I’ve pre-ordered Liebchen. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Diep, I can’t wait to see her.

Back to School

Heading to the dolly meet on the Berkeley campus. I couldn’t decide whom to bring so it is just going to be Lulu & Miette. I was in one of those moods that if I couldn’t bring them all I was going to give up going altogether. Crazy lady, me. So I got a grip and am going to make it easier on myself and bring what I can carry. Mr. Kallisti can get the picnic basket. The theme is “back to school,” what with the time of year and location and all… but I don’t really have that theme down. So we’re going somewhat Fragonard today… teehee!
In the mean time, I leave you with the Badly-Photographed-Kitten-O’-the-Week™ picture!

“I hate it when people shoot me from this angle, it makes me look fat. I’m not fat!” says Biscuit.

It’s a girl!

At Aug 5, 2005, 2:40 P.M. a Bavarian princess was born. Oh my gawd, she’s a Leo! No wonder with that mane of hair and that little cat face. Mew!

I haven’t named her yet. Originally she was going to be Parisian, as her bio from Volks states. But she looks so like a 19th century German postcard that I had to throw out my potential name list and start a-fresh.

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Who me?

If you think living with Biscuit is all peaches and cream. Well, you’d be wrong.
Woke up to this, this morning:

Come, look closer. Reeeeal close:

Sigh. Spent an hour organizing my cd’s. Neither of these pictures are posed. He’s 13 months. When will it end?

Biscuit box

Biscuit has a penchant for sitting in boxes. Caught him twice w/ the camera this week. The hlj.com is ridiculously small but he got right in it and sat there for a good five minutes.

Biscuit is such a camera whore.

Big kitty

We weighed Pekoe yesterday. TWENTY-TWO POUNDS OF KITTY. He is one big cat. So fluffy though.
I wanted to finish the peekture projekt this weekend, but had the pms weekend of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. I couldn’t get anything done. However, I did have a few left over that I hadn’t posted from last weekend.
Babyjane had requested a close-up of my face-up supplies, and someone else of my work area. Lucky them it was all out as I was redoing Ondine all week.

So. A close-up of the work area mid-face-up. The only thing missing is the piece of paper I scribble chalks on to dab my brushes in for blushing. Here’s what it looks like tidy. And then just for kicks a close-up of Oriettacat’s Bad Fairy doll in her fairy cage. And a little miracle. My uncle got all excited recently when he was rummaging around in one of his kitchen drawer. He has my grandmother’s house, and traditionally the bottom drawer closest to the floor was my toy drawer. Well, he found that little dirty 2″ doll way in the back. Still in one of the earliest examples of Kallisti Kouture. Ah, treasures.
And Lyssa wanted to see my ginormous dvd collection. Here’s the large chunk of it that is not in storage:

And, as always, there were a few requests of Biscuit. Just to put it in perspective, Biscuit (who is one year old now!) is about 7.5lbs. Pekoe is 22lbs. And Biscuit kicks his ass!

That last one with my favoritest thing in the planet, Mr. Kallisti in a rare appearance. Biscuit is quite the Papa’s boy, they love eachother.
So. I’m probably down to dolly pix. A couple people asked for bedtime pix and the girls don’t have a bed, and don’t really have proper nighties. But I’ll come up with something!