The Big Time

Demelza’s on her way! She’s so winsome.

And ready for her close-up!

What’s this? A visitor?

Right in the middle of the photoshoot. Instead of screaming hysterically I just kept snapping pictures. He usually doesn’t do this right in front of me. Normally I just find hairdos rearranged, or missing altogether, props and wigs will sometimes end up in his lair under the bed. But the cheek!
Isn’t he handsome though? Oh, Biscuit.

Biscuit’s couch

This *used* to be Fifi’s couch. And then Biscuit moved in…
For awhile, I didn’t mind if he slept in it while he was a kitten. Pretty as a picture, he was. I would just vacuum it before I gave it back to the girls. Then, every once in awhile I would find it in the middle of the living room. I figured Mr. Kallisti had been vacuuming and moved it, or had needed to get into the media case it stands in front of. And then one day I noticed all these little holes up the side of the right arm. Look closely at the pictures below. You’ll see them.
They’re teeth marks. Where Biscuit had tried to drag the small couch to his secret hidey place under the bed in the bedroom. Where he drags the rest of HIS stuff! Except he never made it farther than about four feet.

Still. It is his couch now. And look how he crams into it, the little bruiser. See how his butt hangs off it. Caught him with his face pressed into the corner. Our tv program was too loud, he says. He couldn’t sleep, he says.
Oh yeah… HAPPY NEW YEAR! To the East Coast anyway.

Dear Internet,

Thank you! I received so many wonderful wee wishes and condolences, Here and Here, I couldn’t possibly answer them all, but they were all very much appreciated, every leetle wish.
But just to clarify: Yes, Zman was named after Ronnie ‘Z-Man’ Barzell from Russ Meyer’s “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”… and while that movie remains one of my all time favorite films ever, the name has been a bit of an injustice to my precious feline. She was always such a wee fastidious princess and not the big draq queen kitty I originally imagined her to be. But I was eighteen when I got her, and we’d spent the whole summer watching that movie over and over, knew every line by heart so, alas… such was her name.

The last picture

November, 2005
She was my true love, for so many years.

Circa 1989
When she was about a year old, she got out of the house for a night and I couldn’t find her. Late in the evening I heard the howls of love and when she came back in the morning I was sure she was pregnant. She got kinda fat, but not super bloated and then, one day, she had a kitten. One. We kept waiting for more but that is all she had in her. I gave him to my roommates at the time and they named him something I can’t spell. The vet said he had never heard of such a thing. One kitten. She didn’t care much for mothering. Her brother Flea, a big black gentle dumb kitty, did all the nurturing. Zman would climb in the basket to feed and then Flea would climb in and do all the cleaning and loving. Sweet Uncle Flea. He disappeared in ’98 and I still miss him desperately. They were very close, he was the only other cat she could ever tolerate. They would curl up together, yin and yang.

Circa 1993
2-D kitty! Soon after this she got an infected uterus and we had to have her entire womb removed, poor thing, I should have had her fixed, but I used to love watching her go into heat. After the surgery she then got fat. A tiny leetle butter ball. But before that we always called her the 2-D cat, famous for her little sticky-out chin, you can really see here. We called her Pete Puma.
She was so perky after the surgery. But has gotten more and more finicky this past week. We haven’t been able to get her to eat the past two days and she’d become a bit incontinent and had more difficulty than usual walking.
My kitty has gone to heaven. We’ve been together my whole life and I’m saying goodbye.

Circa 2002, butterball style, with her fancy blue rhinestone collar that matches her eyes. I’ll keep it forever.

Seeing double

We’ve had both kitty ovals back by Zman so she can choose to have one with a heating pad underneath and one without. Tonight we found Biscuit curled up in one.

Zman is doing really well. The IV sessions need more practice though o_0 gads! Poor kitty.

Cool November Light

Got Zman’s stitches out today! She’s doing well but she lost some weight :/ a 4lb kitty is scary, when at her pudgiest she was 8lbs! So I’ve got special food and I have to give her intravenous saline treatments. Scary! But it looked simple enough. My vet is so amazed by her little body. She’s alive!
I got home a bit early from the vet. So many dollies, I’m going to spoil you with their loveliness. I need to do another family portrait soon!

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Show off…

Working on a rare commission this weekend. I loves how she came out.

She’s a Dollstown Estella, she still needs eyelashes. Fun! If it doesn’t rain tonight I can do the body blushing tomorrow.

Thanks so much to everyone for kitty wishes! Zman is doing really well. She’s more sprightly than she’s been a long while. I think the pain reliever is helping with her arthritic hips and she’s been dashing about in small spurts. Amazing!
Went to see Kamikaze Girls at the Lumiere this afternoon. BEST GIRL MOVIE EVER. Totally loved it. For real. Rawr.
Also ran into fellow LJ buddy Pekochan in the lobby! We’d never met but she recognized me and said “hi” and we all had really nice chats in the lobby. But our meter ran out so we had to go… went to Japan Town for miso ramen and sashimi and spicy tuna handrolls, omg. YUM. Bought more dolly books, duh.
SAVE MONEY, dammint.