Happy Sixth Birthday Biscuit!

Biscuit turned 6 this week! He was mine & Mr. Kallisti’s first baby together. He broke my heart the first time he gave me a bloody nose. Mr. K says its cuz he ain’t got no religion.
Best of Biscuit, the first six years!
Biscuit was an orphan rescued by Shannon (my best bud, champion rescuer of kittens!) in West Oakland. We still tell him the story of how he arrived to us all covered in poo! He’d huddled in fear in his litter box in his crate, and had a little accident. The above picture was taken after we bathed him. He was so shivery.
Here’s a Best of Biscuit Retrospective. Warning: Lots of Kitten Pictures not seen in six years!!!
He still wakes me up every morning by licking my eyes with his horribly rough sandpaper tongue. And last night he left one of my doll wigs and his favorite toy (a wire) in his food bowl.
He’s our Baby Biscuit and we love him!
Kitten hanging from window screen
Flickr Gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/blastmilk/tags/bestofbiscuit/
Yay month of cat posts!
Best of Biscuit, the first six years!

My Little King: Pekoe steals a chair

Lordy knows how hard it is to shoot a portrait of a black cat! Our Pekoe is so lovely I’ve often tried, and failed to do so. After I brought home this little craigslist find the other day (gothic revival child-sized chair), and Pekoe adopted it immediately as his own, I was determined to position him to advantage to get a portrait.
And here he is, my Little King. Now with throne…
My Little King: Pekoe steals a chair
My Little King: Pekoe steals a chair My Little King: Pekoe steals a chair My Little King: Pekoe steals a chair Biscuit interrupts photoshoot for a little head cleaning! My Little King: Pekoe steals a chair My Little King: Pekoe steals a chair

Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes

ode-to-a-dead-cat.jpgCaveat! My cat(s) is not dead! I just love this poem, the author, and the inspiration for the ditty, Horace Walpole’s notorious Gothi inclinations (he invented the genre, dontchaknow). He even coined a word for spooky atmosphere: gloomth!

Apparently this is a popular poem in countries and cultures that care about such frivolities of literature… but I had never heard of it until a recent obsession with Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill sent me scurrying to the stacks to read everything I could get my little paws on.

Written by Thomas Gray (1716-1771), ye olde BFF of Walpole, after Walpole’s cat actually did drown in one of his giant chinese fishbowls, to spoof his friend’s obsession with gothick romanticism.

Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes

‘TWAS on a lofty vase’s side,
Where China’s gayest art had dy’d
   The azure flowers that blow;
Demurest of the tabby kind,
The pensive Selima reclin’d,
   Gaz’d on the lake below.

Her conscious tail her joy declar’d;
The fair round face, the snowy beard,
   The velvet of her paws,
Her coat, that with the tortoise vies,
Her ears of jet, and emerald eyes,
   She saw, and purr’d applause.

Still had she gaz’d; but midst the tide
Two beauteous forms were seen to glide,
   The Genii of the stream;
Their scaly armour’s Tyrian hue,
Through richest purple, to the view,
   Betray’d a golden gleam.

The hapless Nymph with wonder saw:
A whisker first, and then a claw,
   With many an ardent wish,
She stretch’d, in vain, to reach the prize.
What female heart can gold despise?
   What cat’s averse to fish?

Presumptuous Maid! with looks intent
Again she stretch’d, again she bent,
   Nor knew the gulph between;
(Malignant Fate sat by, and smil’d.)
The slippery verge her feet beguil’d;
   She tumbled headlong in.

Eight times emerging from the flood,
She mew’d to every watery God,
   Some speedy aid to send.
No Dolphin came, no Nereid stir’d:
Nor cruel Tom, nor Susan heard.
   A favourite has no friend.

From hence, ye beauties, undeceiv’d,
Know, one false step is ne’er retriev’d,
   And be with caution bold.
Not all that tempts your wandering eyes
And heedless hearts, is lawful prize;
   Nor all, that glisters, gold.

More Info on Horace Walpole:

I Cari Estinti

Picked this up last night: Marion Peck’s I Cari Estinti (The Dearly Departed). Sentimental portraits of small children and pets.
You can picture how fast my little legs took me to the check out counter at the downtown Berkeley comic shop. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! The little girl above is how I picture Imogen. Just perfectly. I even have a wig similar. Sigh. I lurves her so much!
Marion Peck favorites: Hair, Divine Swine, and The Happy Captain!

Strange Bedfellows

We’ve got the Christmas spirit here at the House O’ Blastmilk! I can’t believe I snuck back and got the camera without this little love fest breaking up. Mr. Kallisti started singing “Ebony and Ivory.”

Butter didn’t like so much the vintage doll bed Mr. put together for me last night. The spring mattress support acts just like a real one and her legs went all super wobbly. We caught Biscuit on it though. He’ll sleep on anything.
(Note: Bed was super bargain, but it is huge at 28 inches long o_0 who has space issues!?!?! But I couldn’t resist, I don’t have a bed for the big girls! They needed one. For real.)

Hot Cat

You may not know this, but we have TWO cats. This is why we never post pix of Pekoe, the 22 lb colossus: he’s a big black blob! And it is very hard to capture his true beauty.

But here he is, cooling himself on one of our very rare 90 degree days here. If I had that much fur on a hot day I’d be licking the porcelain too. Oh yeah, that is not fat, all muscle and fur. Pekoe is a hotty. Mrowr. He sleeps on my pillow at night and Mr. Kallisti says I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and hug and kiss him and tell him I love him. I deny it everytime! Don’t remember a thing…

Sorry for all the pet pictures, but when you’re my age w/o children you have lots of animals and creepy hobbies to occupy you :p

Happy Birthday Biscuit!

Biscuit is two years old today! Woo! Or tomorrow perhaps… we estimated his birthday as he was a feral and we don’t know exactly when he was born. I’m so proud, he’s grown into such a zen kitty. Still a bastard cat, but so wise.
Sunning himself on our back porch. Nothing finer. Except a moobie of him not moving and Butter being giddy.
For a Biscuit retrospective, please visit my Cat Category!
And the obligatory Buttery Nipple shots.

This is my life.

“Web 2.0 is a fresh-faced starlet on the intertwingled longtail to the disruptive experience of tomorrow. Web 3.0 thinks you are so 2005.” – Zeldman, as per usual

Save me from the buzzkill.
I apologize for the lack of DOLLIES AND PUPPIES, KITTENS AND BUNNIES!!! Honest. We’ll be back.
I just got a new momoko today. rawr. OMG, I love her *falls over*
I’m thinking of adding a category of chamber pots in art & literature to the blog. I’ve been meaning to do a perma-gallery forever but just don’t have the time to even update my old hobbies. So I thought maybe a random collection of images and book references posted to the blog might spice things up a little. Not scatalogical at all. Just intimate and old timey. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

Introducing Miss Butter Head

Or, Butter Bat… or, Molly McButter… or, Miss Lulubelle the Circus Freak… weeeeeeeeee!
Dude, not only do I have some really bad pictures, but I have some reeeally bad video on youtube! Our camera is not the vid-master. So the night shots were awful. But cute enough to inflict on the internet.

If anyone can tell what kind of mix she is I’d appreciate the input. She’s about 7-8 lbs, so on the large size of Chihuahua. And has a hilarious snaggletooth smile. Poor li’l gargoyle. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Click below for too many peektures of Butter. It is hard to capture the wiggle-butt!

Note how Biscuit is stealing the swanky Mizrahi doggie bed right off.
So far she’s been really great. A little crying but she responds good to correction. She’s coming to “butter” already and she knows the command “sit.” Walking on the leash on the otherhand… we’re going to have to read her instruction manual on that! She’s housetrained (kinda) and loves the squeaky li’l flamingo we got her. The only thing is she seems to be a bit possessive over the lap and growls at the cats when they approach when she’s settled in. Though she gets along with them so well otherwise I think this can be corrected. Pekoe is pouting but Biscuit is a very good boy and is treating her really well, and playing with her a bit. See video. I’ll upload more retarded pet videos later. I bet you can’t wait :p
She’s curled up at my feet as I type. I’m so happy. Thank you for indulging me ♥
Edit: To add a note my husband sent to Paul last night:
“Butter the dog is here and at home. Becky is a very happy momma and we
gave Butter her first bath together. Biscuit has his nose planted
firmly up her butt and Pekoe is vomiting and pooing on the mat outside
the box. Butter also made her first attempt at eating said “protest”.
I saw her dragging a nice fresh piece out of the litter. YUM! Stop licking me!!!”