Dawn in the Park

Today is Butter’s day! Her two week adoption trial is over, no returns after this point. To celebrate I will inflict you with way too many pictures of our early morning walk. Also, I finally measured her skinny li’l neck this morning: 8″!

At the end of my block is Creekside Park. My cottage doesn’t have a fenced yard, so this is where we get all our excersize. I love it! They recently renovated this park, laid that beautiful path that is all tiny pieces of colored broken glass, but left the old stuff that I found so charming, like the dried up pond and the lichen covered fence that once enclosed it. I wish this pond was functioning, it is so cute! I have no idea when it was built, but it runs right along Cerrito Creek that is the border between El Cerrito and Albany, and this park is right at the foot of Albany Hill. The trees are blossoming, and it is all dewy and cool in the morning. Butter doesn’t mind it one bit.

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Introducing Miss Butter Head

Or, Butter Bat… or, Molly McButter… or, Miss Lulubelle the Circus Freak… weeeeeeeeee!
Dude, not only do I have some really bad pictures, but I have some reeeally bad video on youtube! Our camera is not the vid-master. So the night shots were awful. But cute enough to inflict on the internet.

If anyone can tell what kind of mix she is I’d appreciate the input. She’s about 7-8 lbs, so on the large size of Chihuahua. And has a hilarious snaggletooth smile. Poor li’l gargoyle. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Click below for too many peektures of Butter. It is hard to capture the wiggle-butt!

Note how Biscuit is stealing the swanky Mizrahi doggie bed right off.
So far she’s been really great. A little crying but she responds good to correction. She’s coming to “butter” already and she knows the command “sit.” Walking on the leash on the otherhand… we’re going to have to read her instruction manual on that! She’s housetrained (kinda) and loves the squeaky li’l flamingo we got her. The only thing is she seems to be a bit possessive over the lap and growls at the cats when they approach when she’s settled in. Though she gets along with them so well otherwise I think this can be corrected. Pekoe is pouting but Biscuit is a very good boy and is treating her really well, and playing with her a bit. See video. I’ll upload more retarded pet videos later. I bet you can’t wait :p
She’s curled up at my feet as I type. I’m so happy. Thank you for indulging me ♥
Edit: To add a note my husband sent to Paul last night:
“Butter the dog is here and at home. Becky is a very happy momma and we
gave Butter her first bath together. Biscuit has his nose planted
firmly up her butt and Pekoe is vomiting and pooing on the mat outside
the box. Butter also made her first attempt at eating said “protest”.
I saw her dragging a nice fresh piece out of the litter. YUM! Stop licking me!!!”

Imogen is a star!

Angelregion has added UFK kits for tan & milky white. And the sample doll for milky white is my Imogen! I’ve been trying to find the perfect wigs for her. And each time I order from Audreys or Kemper hers are out of stock. Meh.
I miss my dollies, been so busy. And we’re picking up my chihuahua tomorrow! So more busy. I’m wondering out loud if I should resign my modship on DoA. Work is so demanding which renders me totally useless and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I can’t mod from work hardly except to poke in and then I work more when I get home. I don’t feel that I’m giving back and am starting to feel guilty, its not fair to the other mods who work so hard!
Melissa (kitten princess) took me shopping at her pet store yesterday. I got this:
Puppies legs are so long though, I’m wondering if it will be too short for her. Got most of the doggie basics. Woo!
EDIT: yes, puppy legs were too long and we had to return it :p

Name meh puppy

This is my 1000th post! So I thought I’d celebrate by enthusing precipitously about my puppy-to-be.
(since I’m too busy to post dolly peektures. we’ve been preparing for the imminent arrival of mama-in-law!)
Here’s my list so far. Please feel free to vote, comment and suggest! You can kind of see where I’m going… all the little monster names I could come up with were too masculine, so if any of my fantastic friends can suggest girly ghoulie names, please do!

*fingers crossed* for my li’l gargoyle, er… chihuahua

We put a poochie “on hold”… she needs to heal from an incision to check if she was fixed (she was) and my mother in law is coming out next weekend, otherwise I think I would have brought her home right away!
Um, not sure if she’s going to be photogenic. But she is the sweetest thing ever in person, and yes… very cute, if a bit gargoylish. Like that is an issue with me :p

Her name is currently Kanga, and she has the longest li’l chopstick legs evah! She’s about 3 years old and weighs out at about 7lbs. When she was brought to the shelter a month ago in the south bay she was way under 6lbs and had been seriously neglected. Tthe edges of her ears are all pinked. Given that, you’d never know it by her shining personality! We visited for about an hour with her and her foster mom (who is very cool). Never a peep out of her except when her stitches pinched she yipped a bit. She was super friendly, cuddly and kissy, but not freakily so. No shakes and she plays well with others. She totally made herself at home on my lap and gnawed on me a bit with soft bites.
Speaking of her teeth… I don’t think you can really see it in the pictures we took, but she has an underbite (just like Zman!) and so has the crookedest little smile. It makes me so happy! She’s got big eyes and a white, white belly. The foster says we’ll have to be careful about sunburns. Since me and the Mr. are both pale pink people I think we can relate.
Jabber-jabber. In any case, she’s ours if we want her, I just have to be patient for two weeks :p Mr. Kallisti is “a bit more than indifferent” which apparently a good thing.
Oh, and omg… I don’t know if this has anything to do with her stitches or what, but she was doing the funniest walk, like a bat, almost walking on her knees. Like an obeisance walk with a “I’m scratching my belly stictches” belly drag walk. She looks like a little creamy bat. She has the prettiest coat, white and butter.
She’s the cutest! Really!

Now I get to spend the next couple weeks doggie stuff shopping. Weee!

The last picture

November, 2005
She was my true love, for so many years.

Circa 1989
When she was about a year old, she got out of the house for a night and I couldn’t find her. Late in the evening I heard the howls of love and when she came back in the morning I was sure she was pregnant. She got kinda fat, but not super bloated and then, one day, she had a kitten. One. We kept waiting for more but that is all she had in her. I gave him to my roommates at the time and they named him something I can’t spell. The vet said he had never heard of such a thing. One kitten. She didn’t care much for mothering. Her brother Flea, a big black gentle dumb kitty, did all the nurturing. Zman would climb in the basket to feed and then Flea would climb in and do all the cleaning and loving. Sweet Uncle Flea. He disappeared in ’98 and I still miss him desperately. They were very close, he was the only other cat she could ever tolerate. They would curl up together, yin and yang.

Circa 1993
2-D kitty! Soon after this she got an infected uterus and we had to have her entire womb removed, poor thing, I should have had her fixed, but I used to love watching her go into heat. After the surgery she then got fat. A tiny leetle butter ball. But before that we always called her the 2-D cat, famous for her little sticky-out chin, you can really see here. We called her Pete Puma.
She was so perky after the surgery. But has gotten more and more finicky this past week. We haven’t been able to get her to eat the past two days and she’d become a bit incontinent and had more difficulty than usual walking.
My kitty has gone to heaven. We’ve been together my whole life and I’m saying goodbye.

Circa 2002, butterball style, with her fancy blue rhinestone collar that matches her eyes. I’ll keep it forever.