Boudoir Girl

We spent a few days before Christmas junk shopping in Reno (and playing penny slots at the Peppermill Hotel). It was a disheartening trip shopping wise. We were on a tight budget and so we shopped very carefully. When I finally found what I wanted, I did the sensible thing and put down this beautiful but broken boudoir doll head after planning how I would restore her til we were done shopping the big store next door (just to be sure). The price was excellent and she was even discounted on top of that.
I returned two hours later to find that the booth owner had taken her home “to restore her” ten minutes after I had put her down. I assume she heard my plans to restore her. Grrrrr!!! And you should have seen how she “restored” the other once lovely girl in her booth. It was grotesque, down to Michaels curly doll hair and fake Laura Ashley doll dress. Bleh!!!
I was so angry.
WELL. We went to Martinez today to salve our wounded shopping wounds. And in the very last shop, five minutes til closing, what do I spy but a very unique boudoir doll, and this one even had a body!!!

Her face is painted silk, I don’t believe the hair is original because there appears to be spit curl glue marks on the side of her face. But her big smokey blue eyes are lovely. She’s about 28″ tall.
I grabbed her and ran to the counter, got a good price for her too. So now I have a vintage project doll to redress. Yum!