Picked up this amazing book at the flea market a few weeks ago. Paid too much for it (for a flea market) and the cover is almost completely off, and there are loose leaves. But the prose is so lively, and the pictures so fabulous. The author took many of the photos himself, and there are numerous illustrations done just for this volume, several in color.
I wanted to scan more but ran out of time this morning. I loves me some old books. And how.

Oh, and here is a quote for Miss Cadaver, who posted about Mucha and Paris and bicycles yesterday:

“Here at the aperéritif hour the crowd comes en bicyclette and automobile, and at night the hurrying waiters serve parties dining cozily in the glow of shaded candles. The Chalet du Cycle is a charming place in which to breakfast some sunny morning with the Seine gliding close by under the trees.”

Old rag

So. I weeded out five crates of books last night to sell or take to the free book exchange at the El Cerrito recycle center. It got rid of all the books stuffed into crevasses and left a few nice wholes for expansion.
If we can swing it we might box up a bunch and put them in storage in the garage. If I can bear it.
But I found something Mr. Kallisti brought back for me from one of his many trips to the free book exchange! It is an early 70’s crochet magazine, I’m assuming it is Japanese. But he brought it home because of the doll on the back cover:

And one of the fab pix inside:

Now, where are my Oshare dolls? They were supposed to be released in November. *sniff*


I have to do it. It is driving me nuts. My books are caving in on me.

This is looms right over my side of the bed, there is about 8″ seperating the two. Please excuse the clean laundry basket overflowing at the foot of the bed here.
I love our cottage, but the bedroom is so small and narrow, and it is the only space with room for my giant bookcase (5′ x 6′!) and all our books. They’re stacked and stuffed in crevasses, spilling onto the floor, and there are numerous crates already in the garage of old paperbacks. I pulled a box of unwanted books a few weeks ago but it didn’t even make a dent!
I’m going to be getting rid of some books. Oh, my beloved books. It is going to be hard. And then, from what is left over, we will store some in the garage, so we can get this monstrosity of a bookcase (that I LOVE) out of our bedroom.
Oh, and *snoopy dance* I won the winky Lusis face last night off of YJP. And for a lot cheaper than I got the orgasmic face. D’oh!