“The small soldier which appears deeply from the darkness of the newt…”
She’s cute but… spooky deer?
o_0 she’s a petite.

More Alicey!

Finally! Some new Blythes! But um… why is she so weird?
Cute & Curious
From the babelfish translation, she might be limited, she might be pale skin, and she might have the oddest color combination ever. Not that I don’t like it. I could get my chou-chou mullet in neon yellow! But the pink apron. Hrm. Candy Carnival was INSPIRED! But they finally do an Alice and she’s… just. weird. How cumma they couldn’t do something as cute as Marmalade Heart? Hrm?
I do like me the Blackberry Bush girl though! Wee wolfie girl.
From Blythe News!

Um, December Azone love!

This just in! PureNeemo from Azone. 25cm and very cute. Look at her thick leetle thighs. Looks like she’ll come as a dressed doll for 9,500 yen. And lots of Santa girls below *swoon*!

bn_pureneemo.gif bn_excute.gif
1/6th 23cm & 27cm:


Cinderella print! Eeep. I wish I could squash these on Aschen. Maybe one of the SD13’s could though…

Available for preorder from HLJ.com!

Ah, the soothing balm of Azone

It is that time again. Azone October collection. Sigh…

Unfortunately, their Halloween outfits always come out IN October, so you’ll be lucky to get them on your dolly for the holiday. But this is a particularly cute witchypoo ensemble for 1/6th, Jenny & Momoko sized! I wish’d they do 60cm Halloween outfits. Meh.
But wait! It doesn’t stop there…
Cutie dolls, Black Rabbit & Festa Cuore (whatever that means):

That also comes in 60cm! Not to mention some cutie patootie ballet & 23cm (blythe & licca sized) outfits!