Blastmilk Independence Day

I was in the garden this morning pruning flowers and snipped off a few flowers and realized they happened to be blue and red in a white pitcher. Cute! I put them on the mantel above the fireplace and realized that half my dolls/ornaments were red and blue.
So here it is, a collection of my red, white and blue toys from around the house. Mew!!!
Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day Blastmilk Independence Day

To Dolly or Not to Dolly…

080728_MSR_fis1.jpgHello Boys & Girls!
So I don’t have to talk about Real Life™ (yet) let’s talk about DOLLS! *falls over*
A year of not shopping has sent me scurrying to the internet for sporadic and vicarious dolly fixes. And I’ve recently caved and made a couple wee purchases. This year’s CWC Blythe releases have left me breathless and gnawing my knuckles off (attractive, no?)… for all the girls I’ve had to pass up, I’ve just committed sweet revenge by pre-ordering Swiss Cousin Olivia and Miss Sally Rice!
080805_CO_aid.jpgI’ve been a bit disappointed that many of the new releases are using the Superior face mold (as opposed to the new Radiance mold), but Cousin Olivia is my perfect blondie with rosie cheeks. Mew! Having missed out on Miss Retro Mama, I won’t make the same mistake on Miss Sally, her little showa friend.
And another recent obsession is Kimono edition Licca, Jenny, Momoko etc. fashion dolls. There are so many that I’m trying to be choosey, but I have grabby hands. I haven’t seen any recent Annz editions… wah!?!?
These two sold out so quickly (when I couldn’t buy them any way) that I had to stalk YJP… well, like a stalker!

I’ve been so busy with Real Life™ that I just don’t have the time to spend 1:37 hours posting randomly on the internet (the time it took to post this bit o’ fluff) and it is making me very sad. And the only reason I’m doing so now is that I happen to be on vacation! Work, for a change, has been very rewarding, and ironically a hell of a lot more demanding. I’m struggling to keep the Blastmilk dream alive but obviously it has been a challenge, and it hasn’t seen the love from me that I still want to give. But this past year was full of enormous changes, struggles, and sacrifice. There have been some happy sunshine days, I’ve got the sunburn to prove it, so I’m not in perma-doom mode. But yeah, the past twelve months have kicked my ASS.
One good thing is that the House O’ Blastmilk has seen massive technology upgrades this year. Our six year old PC died (or rather, was so broken that we could no longer turn it off for fear of it not rebooting at all), and the television blew up which all meant that we got to go SHOPPING. We’re a bit poorer, but everything is so happy, fast, and shiney that I could just about pee. Have I mentioned recently that TiVo is the most amazing toy in the whole world!?!?!
All that and not to mention work promotions came with bonuses of cash and equipment and I am one hooked up pro-style webmaster on the GO.
Now if I could just figure out how to hook this blackberry up to my brain and blog by thought alone, I’d be all set! Rawr!
See, I knew I shouldn’t have talked about real life. WHERE ARE MY BLYTHES!?!?!

Anyone in Asia/Australia want to help a girl out?

A plea… I was wondering if there is anyone in Asia or Australia that would be willing to enter a Blythe lottery for me? Assuming we can figure it out (anyone with experience, I’d love the hot tips!)… otherwise it is off to YJP for me! Various convoluted details in japanese about ordering here.
Momolita Blythe is here! And I’m a hopeless fangirl.

She’s got pigtails! Bangs! Bats in her hair and bat wings tattooed on her back. Pink and black froofy outfits with skulls and bats and sailor collars. And hotpants! Goth hotpants. Wow.

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One long hello…

It feels like each post this winter has been an apology for not posting. Well, we gots stuff going on. This last weekend was spent in a strange fever. *gack* I tried to get ready for work this morning, and the outfit I ended up with said it all: STAY IN BED
However, I dream of dollies all the time, dollies and old friends. So we’re still here. I did manage to give St. Trinian the spa treatment a week or so ago! There’s a close-up with pictures of the new old china cabinet below.

Yes, that is Tonner’s Hortencia (Cinderella’s evil stepsister). I totally love her and Euphemia, they are snooty-tastic. I think they are better Ellowynne Wilde-style candidates for the spooky girls. Hortencia here has the plus sized doll body, she’s all big and round. I really like it actually. Her clothes are actually too big on Unoa large milk part body! ‘magine that! Also, I don’t need to rename them.
We also scored an old printers tray to fill with tiny objects. Phew!
I’ve also done some other dolly love sick day projects… cleaned Casa Formica from floor to ceiling, including all the dollies therein. They’ve all been dusted, washed, redressed, combed… and the case of a few Blythe’s, shampoo’d, conditioned and dried. Phew! They needed some lovin’… and to make room for my new girl, Ichigo Heaven, that I’ve been dragging to work with me recently :p

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Ha-ha! Oops!

Magic happens. Pink + Cake + Kittens + Bonnets + Strawberries + New Radiance Mold = ICHIGO HEAVEN!

There’s a little dolly-in/dolly-out magic going on that made this possible. Ichigo Heaven will be delightful salve for all the Blythes I haven’t bought the last two years. Like, well… tons. I’m so excited!

Snow Queen Blythe

According to Blythe News, I’m about to sell my soul… Sheesh, what a day!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright collaboration “Snow Queen” Blythe. White skin, new radiance face mold (which I’m really liking, btw), and she comes with a cracked mirror compact. *falls over*
And the petite:
CWC LE, of course.
Neo Blythe Yukinonamidahime
Her dress is adorned with an abundance of lace and ruffle. The romantic tulle layers of the dress have prints of castles and snowflakes. Her coat is also embellished with ruffles and wide sleeves princess sleeves. This detailed set includes: a beautiful tiara made of means, a small compact mirror with little crack and a set of skis for travelling in the snow wonderland. The grips of the ski poles are shaped like crowns, a symbol of the snow princess.
This is a Radience Blythe, she has long wavy blond hair, parted in the center. Her eye shadow is pale blue. Her soft pink cheeks and lips, bringing out her fair white skin.
Enjoy the mysterious world of Yukinonamidahime.
CWC Limited Edition Neo Blythe Yukinonamidahime
Price: 18.900 yen (tax included ) + shipping
Limited edition of 3000 dolls
One doll per person for purchase.


or Christinadoll??? Looks like Oriettacat/Christina is having a reeeeally good month. revealed Gina’s new doll that she recently hinted at. And 10 to 1 Christina is the collaborative effort behind it. Squeeeeeeee!
Quote from Gina on TIB:

the cat is finally out of the bag! this is the gorgeous new girl that i`m introducing this week. she is indeed a collaboration with christina/jam fancy. i`m previewing the prototypes at an event in tokyo tomorrow and will be able to offer the first girl for sale in *hopefully* a few months. thanks for looking!!

I’m serious. Just sign me up. I’m such the huge JamFancy fangirl. And no one deserves it more than Christina. I’d buy everything she sells except half the time I don’t get there in time to put my dibs in!

My bad fairy. Rawr.
Also, we’ll be at the Super7 show for Paul Kaiju tonight in the city. BE THERE OR BE… not there.