Volks Halloween Party!

Mr. Kallisti as Blobpus, Volks Halloween Tea Party

Hermione & Miette won 2nd Place and a big granite trophy in the dolly costume contest for “Bo Peep and Her Sheep.” I didn’t get very good pictures as it was really crowded! So official photoshoot for the archives SOOOOON. Also got interviewed by Mikey for the Japanese Television. That was nerve wracking. I look real purdy in my Laughing Sal outfit with my toof all blacked out. Pretty girl! It was a barrel of excitement, everything happens so quickly it is hard to keep up. Such a whirl!
But here’s the news:
1) Christmas 2006: new doll or re-release of an LE girl
2) June 2007: 2 day NYC Dolpa w/ FCS & Painting Class (and LE doll)
3) October 2007: Japanese Style Dolpa in Los Angeles. They will be hiring a 747 to fly out 500 Dealers & Fans from Japan, and encourage U.S. people to get sewing so they can be dealers too! Location at Hotel and reservations to be announced. Also an LE doll for this event.
My Pix: Volks Halloween 2006 – a photoset on Flickr
And a couple more choice selects from Melissa (swak!): Paul & Heads, and me in really fancy company w/ trophy.
P.S. Special congrats to Aimee for finally winning the baby angel of her heart. And A.J. too! Wow! No postcards!