What to do on a Sunday

As a money saving scheme we’ve decided to not buy any dolls unless their skin is bloo or they have nipples.
So Sunday we went on The Quest for the Bloo Fairy (Fairytopia Barbie). We already knew that the Targets near us only had the pink and the purple fairies so we decided to hit every store within a 40 mile radius. Including a TRU and a KB Toys.
We hit FOUR FREAKIN’ TARGET STORES. And no Bloo Fairy.
So we got these instead (note: my loverly husband did all the following photoshop magic):

My Scene “Quava Gulch Tiki Lounge”
Cheap plastic toys just don’t get much better than this. Ok, so we love tiki stuff. The Bay Area has always been a polynesian mecca of the tacky 60’s drunk old man kind. I don’t mind so much when this kind of thing goes mainstream, because I don’t give a toss about mainstream culture. And I can get cool crap like this for my girls to hang out in.
Billy is servin’ the cocktails. Ain’t that sweet! Oh, and the volcano is actually a souvenir mug we got from the Peppermill Casino & Hotel in Reno this last Christmas. Sweet, eh?

Living Dead Dolls Fashion Victims: Kitty
An Official Review
I hadn’t seen these in person yet. There were two in beat up boxes left on some mall shop shelf. At first I was surprised by how big they were. A real meaty 13″. The first thing I thought was “how R. Crumb!”… both dolls were bursting out of their tops, and clearly they had nipples! That, for us, is nearly an immediate sell. The faces seem like angry squashed melons. But honest, the more I look at her, the more the angry melon face fits with the artistic integrity of the doll. Whatever. What struck me next is that clearly the quality of their outfits was much superior to most dolls of the price range ($30-$40). Kitty was wearing her red and black pvc cheerleader outfit, and it was very well made, fit snugly, and was also really cool. She comes with a pleather catsuit as well. Oh, and please note the surprise “Deadmate of the Month” poster that was included. We didn’t take that picture, we scanned it. We ripped the box open when we went for snacks and felt up her boobs. The whole body is kind of a hard bendy rubber, like gumby, but better. Her hands, feet and legs are jointed, but the elbows must rely on wire. In any case, pretty cool, despite the unfortunate features.
And no, neither her clothes nor her shoes will fit on any 1/6th dolls, not even a Barbie. She’s just too big!