Special LE Alice bonanza

Several new Alice (of Wonderfland fame) coming down the pipes… the catch is that they are LE or very hard to get. Sad meh!
Classic Alice – Koron: from Azone, LE edition for Amazon.co.jp ONLY
Black Alice – Lien: from Azone, LE edition for Amazon.co.jp ONLY
And then there is Volks’ Owners Appreciation Event in Kyoto for March 2010… which is rumored to be Alice themed. Lots of pix on DoA!
NOTE: If anyone is going and willing to give a try for the Alice YO for me, please contact me by commenting here. I’m in love with her bushy eyebrows ^_^
Lets hope we can look forward to more easily available Alices and Friends next year with Tim Burton’s release “Alice in Wonderland.” Both Tonner and Medicom are slated to collections related to the film!

Can’t resist Santa Girls…

or posting Azone’s updated deluxe size pictures of the new Seasons outfits.

I wish’d they’d done it in classic red and white too though. I like Santa.
Looks like Azone is using the Obitsu body more and more. Better body, bad hands though. Hate the Obitsu hand sculpt.
“Can’t resist Santa Girls”… oh yes I can, when you have to buy the doll to get the outfit. Piffle! They’re doing a Christmas Lycee.
But I don’t like the doll and she couldn’t sell for enough to make it worth while to buy it just for the outfit.