Astræa Menace

Baby Menace (Miss Astræa) is home at last! Hermione & Lysander’s youngest sibling arrived at the Blastmilk Orphanage on August 6th. We’ve been so busy with moving preparations and surprise visits from abroad (Micha from New Orleans! Liz in SF who I still don’t manage to see enough!) that I barely had time to marvel.
But marvel I did.
Hermione & Astræa
“There is no sinner like a young saint.” —Aphra Behn
She’s amazing. I really love her default face-up. It is very evocative of Sasha, without being a clone. My only kvetch is that the beautiful strawberry blonde eyebrows are too high. But they’re so lovely! So I’ll keep them for a bit… at some angles she’s very, very sasha-like, though she is a bit different. I’m waiting for the detailed comparison photos from those who can compare them. Her head is tiny, regular SD (9-10) size wigs swallow her head, so definately a DD (8-9) wig girl. “Sasya” is scratched on the inside of the headcap. Which makes me think (duh) that they resculpted right off of a Sasya head. Awesome. The 18mm melon eyes I got from Gina are gorgeous but too large I think. Time to order 16mm!
Hermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & AstræaHermione & Astræa

More pix on Flickr!
I know ya’ll know what this girl means to me. The fact that she was made at all is such a stunner that I’m completely gobsmacked and have been since I found out about the release.
First, I’d like to thank Lyssa, who encouraged me to put up the petition and is one of Sasya’s biggest fans. And the 111 people who signed it! Then I’d like to thank Elizabeth D. for putting in for her on my behalf at the NY Dolpa 2. Anika for taunting me with beautiful pictures of Roselynde for the past three or more years. And of course Volks: Kyon for designing Sasha, and Valico for reinterpreting her exquistely as Masha; Kaori Saito (Left Thimble) for her heartbreakingly wistful dress design, and Mr. Shigeta for smiling and accepting my petition even though he didn’t know a word I was burbling to him. And last, but not least…
Oops, looks like I ran out of time to thank Mr. Kallisti… bah! I love him so much, and he lets me. That is all.