Gin Lane: A Hogarth Inspired Doll’s House

This is yet a work in progress. Begun in 2000, the house itself is nearly finished, but we ran out of room to keep it out long ago and we are currently lacking recent/completed pictures. For that I apologize. So, for now, you’ll have to make due with the early stages building the doll’s house.
I had originally started with the idea of an apothecary, since I’d begun to collect apothecary jars and a sundry of medical items. But when looking through Hogarth’s prints in search of inspiration, and he had a fairly detailed apothecary scene in "The Rakes Progress,"
the project swiftly shifted to incorporate the quack & his famous harlots, Hogarth’s humor & attention to detail. I selected a two room, two story house that would be easy-ish to fit out. The bottom floor will be the Quack Apothecary from "Rake’s Progress" with the upper floor being a combo of "Before & After" & "The Harlot’s Progress" but mainly drawing on the former. This is not an exact replica, as I’m doing this for fun, and have taken a rather interpretive approach. The first thing I did after gluing the house together was to make my Harlot’s corset (on chair), seen on the Progress page.
I hope to have updated pictures soon. For now, forgive me, and continue
on The Doll’s House Pogress

Dollhouse Apothecary Jars

CUSTOM Apothecary Jars and Porcelain by Marsha at Porcelain Fantasies

various Ginger jars repainted as 18th century apothecary jars.

barber or bleeding bowl. The notch in the bowl would support the patient’s arm for bleeding, or held under the chin when shaving.

on the leech jar at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. My purposeful anachronism. I just couldn’t resist having this reproduced!

Papaver (Opium),
& Hydragarum (Mercury)

POT:BROMID: potassium bromide: for headaches and sleeplessness
TR:DIGITALIS: tincture of digitalis/foxglove: poisonous, heart medicine, used for cleaning wounds
TINCT:GENTIANA: tincture of gentiane: digestif & used to make bitters for general reviving tonic
OPIAT:FEBRIF: more opium, heh.

EXT:PAPAVER: extract of papaver somniferum, ie poppy or opium
UNG:HYDRARGYR: unguent of hydrargyrum or Mercury: used for treating syphillis
ABSYNTHE absinthe or wormwood: digestif & vermifuge

TINCT:ACONITI: tincture of aconite, deadly poison if taken too much. diuretic
LAUDANUM tincture of opium. most popular medicinal. reduces fevers, stops vomiting, calms coughs.  extremely addictiv
LEECH JAR: Complete with air holes for the wee leeches to breathe. Leeches were a very common form of treatment, it was thought that they drew out the impurities of disease as they sucked the patients blood.

BARBER/BLEEDING BOWL: The Piece de Resistance! These were used to catch the blood from the arm during bleeding, the most common form of medical procedure. Or held under the chin while shaving or cutting the hair. Look, Jas-Townsend is selling a nice reproduction!