Azone’s new new webpage

Azone has another new web page! The Azone Collector & Toy Division.
And their Alice doll is now nearly two months behind schedule. WTF is up with that? I know I cancelled my preorder, but I’m still desperate to see her.
I turned down a Unoa Boy bday present. Can you believe that!?!? I thought about it and realized I would be buying him only for his poseable winky. Sigh. So I thought Alice might make a good stand-in for my birthday.
Oh! I found a news page on the new site and it says she is arriving tomorrow and they are very sorry for the delay! How cute is that? But she arrived in very small quanity. Gah! And the flight caps and gear have finally arrived as well for everyone who has ordered them. I, ironically, cancelled my preorders and am very sad. UGH.

The Gin Drinker

This is Ginevra and she drinks too much gin. Her sleepy eyes are a sure sign of an incurable drunk!
She’s my long lost beauty white, old skin modified F05 that we picked up over the holidays. Much love and gratitude to Mr. Kallisti for the modifications on the eyelids. He did an amazing job, and it was a lot of work. This is what she originally looked like.
I ordered a truck load of blonde and white wigs for her, BUT THEY ARE NOT HERE YET. So she’ll be premiering this dress again when her wigs arrive, dammint. This is the famed Alice dress by Mijutanyu. I love it too much. I’d been waiting to try it on until Gin was finished, but she still needs the right wig.
I love her. I had to paint her twice, the first time she came out lookin’ like a drag queen. And a week and a half went by before I had the time to do her again. Meh.
On another note. I want to purge. I want to go through my house from one end to the other AND THROW EVERYTHING AWAY. Keep the real treasures and get rid of the crap.
I think mass purging and a garage sale are in order. Stay tuned for more selling, but probably of the non-sd nature. Quality instead of quantity. That should be my mantra.


I actually made an entry the other day that I didn’t post complaining about various different doll companies, and one of them was Azone not releasing anything I liked for the past YEAR.
Speak of the devil, they just previewed their new Fairies of Darkness line! Woo! It has been exactly a year since the last series came out, and these are cute!

And much, much morepre-order available at (view previous link and match up the descriptions as Hobby Link don’t have no pix). Just so ya know, these will more or less fit Blythe, just a weeeeeeeee touch on the larger side.
Oh and um. I think we will have to get this.

I don’t have an Azone doll! She will be my first… Sahra in Wonderland. Available in April.
Too bad there is no good 60cm stuff. *sniff*
My other complaints? I don’t like the last 23847374 new Volks SD releases. Not a fan. I want to live in a Kyon sculpted world.
I don’t have a Kyon doll. Hrm. FIX THAT.


You see, there was this dress on YJP that I bid on and lost a couple weeks ago. I was pretty heartbroken. So much so that I went and bid on one of the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright outfits I’d been coveting since last summer.
Then late last night I was clicking and Lo! The same person who had outbid me on the auction was reselling the same dress. With a “buy it now” of exactly what they had paid for it. I got all wiggly as I hastily emailed celga to buy it for me and went to bed. Woke up to find I’d won it and am ecstatic!
Click below to see…

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Alice in the Twins World

Went to Japantown last weekend and picked up a buncha books. Among the Dolly Dolly & the Ayumi Uyama “Vintage Pose Doll” books (eeeeeeeee!) Mr. Kallisti found “Alice in the Twins World.” A slender volume attractively covered in black paper with a cut-out revealing the twins beneath. Just pictures of romantically, fantastically clad art ball-joint dolls. Gorgeous.

Local Dungeness Crab season opened this week, so I think we’re gonna go try and find us someone to cook us whole crab tonight. YUM.
And then Godzilla Fest tomorrow night at the Castro for Mothra, and flea market on sunday! Um, I thought I was supposed to be resting. D’oh.

You don’t get much cuter than that. Taken in September when my Mother-in-law was visiting. Happy.

Poor Biscuit. He got his

Poor Biscuit. He got his nips tucked yesterday. Both Mr. Kallisti and I were feelin’ terrible yesterday about it. He’s a brave little man and was feelin’ a bit perkier this morning.
Also, “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders” is my new favorite movie EVER.


Hrm. It is like a Svenkmeier’s Alice meets Hammer Horror meets Bergman. LOVE.
Melissa brought over her white skinned Dark Elf Soo yesterday for blushing and coating. She’s on the white mature Lishe body. This was our first time seeing one in person and Oh! So beautiful. I’m not a fan of the Lutz face sculpts (as beautiful as they are) but that lovely white skinned body. And boobs. Very nice. I wonder if Volks is going to bring back optional parts in pure skin and how well would a lutz white fit with pure skin snow? She’s definately whiter than Fifi, but that was to be expected.
And on other doll wishes. It occured to me that since Volks recently released Anais II maybe someday they’ll release a Sasha II.
We can dream, can’t we. JUST DON’T THEY DARE DO IT THIS WINTER. That is all I’m sayin’. Also, my Anais II dress should be here Monday/Tuesday. *holds breath*
Um, what else. Oh here, have a Cruikshank:


Ohmigosh. Requested additional photos for an auction, and the seller sent me 10 2mb photos. Eeeek!
Oh! Ah! They will be mine (I’m jinxing it I know, but I’m bored and must share).