Mad Hatters BJD Tea & Picnic

Firstly, I am sunburned! Pastey pinky people like me are usually very well prepared for outings. However, I was fussing with packing and dressing til the last minute and completely forgot my sunscreen. At least it was overcast all day so I didn’t feel it :p
The Tea was awesome! I forgot to take pictures of the food (and half of my own dolls, d’oh!) but everyone really went all out with the lovely snackies. And boy was it appreciated! There were like 6 fruit salads and I ate each one. Yarm! Liz even brought hot Mock Turtle Soup! Woot! We brought the cute picnic ware, drinks and absinthe was served. Nouvelle Orleans for the curious ^_^ tell them Kallisti sent ya!
Linky to full gallery!
85 or so dolls at last count! I love our dolly people. They rock, veritably.
Since I neglected to get pictures of Ondine & Lulu & Aurelie at the tea I should prolly take more pix while they look so cute. Tomorrow is PUT THE HOUSE BACK TOGETHER DAY AFTER RIPPING IT APART AND DRESSING DOLLIES. Woot. Maybe that and a leetle bbq. Love life.

Fairy Tale Rune Girls

Finally! I knew that if I just waited long enough that would get in the Alice & Heidi Rune Dolls. They started showing up on YJP so I’ve been antsy to bring them home.

So my 1/6th doll collecting has split along two very distinct lines: Gothic & Lolita, and Fairy Tale. I love it. Someday I will have a way of displaying them all attractively in a dust free environment :p for now they rotate in and out of a tiny glass cabinet and la Casa Formica.
On the puppy front: omg I love my dog! Butter seems to be coming along really nicely. We had a really big weekend. Lots of long neighborhood walks. Laura came over with the lovely Gus (a gigantic brindle/akita/whatever mix) last weekend and this to take us to Pt. Isobel, a huge and gorgeous off leash dog park that is just down the road from us. Laura knows dogs and can navigate the crazy dog people, so she is Butter’s godmother. Last weekend Butter was all growly at everyone. This weekend she was awesome. She played good curious doggy and didn’t growl at anyone. I’m not letting her off leash yet as “come” doesn’t come naturally. But I was so proud. And Gus is a really good role model as he’s the perfect dog. We also met another Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix. We saw him from across the park, he looked just like butter except w/ a bright ginger coat, a bit larger, and the tips of his ears flopped. We chatted with the owners and marvelled at our dog’s similarities.
I still think dog people are crazy, so much noise and fuss! I get overwhelmed a bit by it all, the anxiety doesn’t help. But this is fun and I’m getting out and about more, which is awesome.

Dear Universe,

You know I love the rain, but if you ruin my satellite connection for the Bleak House series finale I’ll just perish! (yeah yeah, it plays on 3 other channels all week. but I want it NOW!) Also, I can’t spray Mr. Super Clear in the rain (sorry Mercy, but the Eyebrows Mach II look FAB!!!), so I’m making a fairy ball gown for Aschenputtel. It might suck. But it might not. I hate when you can’t tell till you’ve spent two days on a project whether it will suck or not.
Speaking of Gilly (Anderson), we saw Tristram Shandy on Friday night and it was fantastic! Had serious gut splitting moments where I thought my eyeballs were going to explode. But best part??? LIBERTINE PREVIEW. Dude, I think I have a bodice ripper boner. March 10th.
P.S. I’m sorry I caused all that cancer.

Little Princess Alice themed Doujinshi

More Alicey!

Finally! Some new Blythes! But um… why is she so weird?
Cute & Curious
From the babelfish translation, she might be limited, she might be pale skin, and she might have the oddest color combination ever. Not that I don’t like it. I could get my chou-chou mullet in neon yellow! But the pink apron. Hrm. Candy Carnival was INSPIRED! But they finally do an Alice and she’s… just. weird. How cumma they couldn’t do something as cute as Marmalade Heart? Hrm?
I do like me the Blackberry Bush girl though! Wee wolfie girl.
From Blythe News!

Vroooooooooom! *making plane arms*

Giant box of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM winging its way from Japan from Celga!
Two large packages have left the Blastmilk premises to their new owners. Buh-bye!
Box of Liebchen LOVE winging its way from Fancyboots this week!
♠ Everything else M.I.A. Teehee.
Started thinking of names for F16 girl. OMG.
♠ Have had PMS of doom making this week very hard to enjoy despite my true happiness. WTF!?!?
♠ Work moved to new offices which isn’t helping.
OMG, Liebchen! Can’t wait. She’ll be my Christmas Fairy… and with a name like Merry Wink who would have expected less?
Expecting phat raise in the new year. Woo!
♠ Snow White & Pink Poodle Momokos have been delayed til March/April. Boo.
So I ordered Wonderland Annz.

Have I found my Annz?

Well… it would be Annz in Wonderland, wouldn’t it? They’ve lowered their price a bit, but I’ve been holding off since the Annz dolls got mixed reviews from friends I trust. The face sculpt and paint just weren’t quite up to par, although the kimonos were delightful and well executed.
But Annz in Wonderland… ah!

I also ran across new Rune dolls for preorder on (who is shipping dollies now, zoink!). So much love for all the fairy tale inspired dolls that have been released lately. My collection of Alices has doubled, tripled, quadrupled! I think I need a display just for Alice dolls to live in. IN MY DREAMS! Like I have room… gah. I live in the tiniest wee cottage ever. If you only knew. I sell stuff because it won’t FIT!

I’m still waffling over

As I wait for my