Licca Love – Happipinkudoresusetto & Mosubagashoppu!

Two super-cute Licca-chan sets coming down the pipes!  Links below to the offical releases.  I’m hoping to get at least the Happy Pink Bunny set below, but they also have Hamster & Cat outfit sets, not to mention FOUR pink haired dollies.  YEAH!

ハムスターとおそろい – Happipinkudoresusetto (Happy Pink Doll Set)



Happy Pink Series

モスバーガーショップ – Mosubagashoppu (Moe’s Burger Shop)


 Moe’s Burger Shop:

Plea to the Dolly Interweb: Volks NY Dolpa Alice

UPDATE:  I have the best friends evar!  Dolly Gods willing, it will all work out and li’l Alice will come join the Blastmilk Circus!

Volks Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto Owners Appreciation: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland series 

Is anyone planning on going to the NYC Volks Dolpa in June who would be interested in ordering me an Alice and perhaps an outfit?  She’s extra special awesome, is beauty white, and frothy.


alice04.jpg alice_option01.jpg alice_option04.jpg

Shopping for Aging Schlubby Goth Girls

For my as yet confirmed spring vacation to an undisclosed location (yes, including new collar for the Butter girl). Shopping spree at Women’s Plus. Neutrals for this season are still greys and navys. Yeah!!!! Jersey dresses with schlubby sneakers are perfect vacation/weekend wear.
And finally found a shower curtain I love at And a couple gothic cottage bathroom accessories.
Gothic Cottage Style: something I made up to describe stuff I like. Rustic vintagey apothecary with Gothic Revival elements. Gothic Revival sans the Vampire Chic of modern gothic decor. Neutrals are off-white and soft greys with slashes of dark grey and black and bright colors.
And for Valentines Day I got the Red Queen “Alice in Wonderland” hoodie from Torrid store. I think they’ve sold out from the websites. So, go me! Ima goob.

Super Dollfie Goodies just in time for XMAS, argh! Home Town Dolpa Nagoya 4 Regular Items. November 21st at 11:00am PST.
My Yo need more chibi duds!

Love the Dollfie Dream lingerie!

Dolpa 22, see DoA: And word is coming down the pipes about Dolpa 22! I think SD16 Kira looks like SD13 Yori, whom I always took for a variation on the 4 sisters theme… can’t wait for official non-blurry pix!
Official pix are in on the Volks’ Owners Appreciation Event in Kyoto for March 2010… which is Alice in Wonderland themed.
See Little Alice & The White Rabbit
Did I mention I got all my FCS extras ordered? Doh! Sailor Dress, white tabi feet, wigzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Special LE Alice bonanza

Several new Alice (of Wonderfland fame) coming down the pipes… the catch is that they are LE or very hard to get. Sad meh!
Classic Alice – Koron: from Azone, LE edition for ONLY
Black Alice – Lien: from Azone, LE edition for ONLY
And then there is Volks’ Owners Appreciation Event in Kyoto for March 2010… which is rumored to be Alice themed. Lots of pix on DoA!
NOTE: If anyone is going and willing to give a try for the Alice YO for me, please contact me by commenting here. I’m in love with her bushy eyebrows ^_^
Lets hope we can look forward to more easily available Alices and Friends next year with Tim Burton’s release “Alice in Wonderland.” Both Tonner and Medicom are slated to collections related to the film!

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Though it seems like an age away, I’m giddy with excitement over the recent dribs and drabs of information on Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” coming out next year. Aside from the principals of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway et al, we have Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat, Matt Lucas as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar, Sir Christopher Lee as the Jabberwock, OH EM GEE!!! And Mia Wasikowska as Alice is gorgeous and ethereal. I love her character design, organdy dress, everything.
Release Date: March 2010
Official Site: Disney’s Alice in Wonderland
IMDB: Alice in Wonderland
Best Source: articles tagged “Alice in Wonderland
Other Best Source: Tim Burton Collective tagged “Alice in Wonderland
My favorite piece of concept art is the Tweedledee and Tweedledum pic, so haunting!

One long hello…

It feels like each post this winter has been an apology for not posting. Well, we gots stuff going on. This last weekend was spent in a strange fever. *gack* I tried to get ready for work this morning, and the outfit I ended up with said it all: STAY IN BED
However, I dream of dollies all the time, dollies and old friends. So we’re still here. I did manage to give St. Trinian the spa treatment a week or so ago! There’s a close-up with pictures of the new old china cabinet below.

Yes, that is Tonner’s Hortencia (Cinderella’s evil stepsister). I totally love her and Euphemia, they are snooty-tastic. I think they are better Ellowynne Wilde-style candidates for the spooky girls. Hortencia here has the plus sized doll body, she’s all big and round. I really like it actually. Her clothes are actually too big on Unoa large milk part body! ‘magine that! Also, I don’t need to rename them.
We also scored an old printers tray to fill with tiny objects. Phew!
I’ve also done some other dolly love sick day projects… cleaned Casa Formica from floor to ceiling, including all the dollies therein. They’ve all been dusted, washed, redressed, combed… and the case of a few Blythe’s, shampoo’d, conditioned and dried. Phew! They needed some lovin’… and to make room for my new girl, Ichigo Heaven, that I’ve been dragging to work with me recently :p

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Oh! Sweet Xmassy Blastmilky Goodness!

It is all Mythosidhe’s fault. But holy cow! Tonner is determined to win me over to the dark side. First with their Alice line which I am still resisting reluctantly… but this… THIS! I don’t think I can resist.
Mrs. Claus & The Elves.

Mrs. Claus Basic and one of her outfits. Squee, veritably. I love her face actually. Which is a first for me and Tonner. Aieeee! I just noticed she’s on the Emme “plus sized” body! Hardly pudgy, just more girl-sized really. I love it. Emme has a fugly face, which makes me sad. Cuz it is a great idea. *bounce*
Which brings us to… their Cinderella series! Hortencia is also using the plus sized body. She’s lovely, but the series doesn’t impress me as a whole like I feel it should.

Fifi’s Flamingo

First day of summer and the jasmine is blooming fiercely right outside our windows. It is a whopping 87 degrees in El Cerrito, so the scent is heavy and gorgeous.

There’s been quite a few worried inquiries as to where Fifi had gotten to. Well. We’d sent her off to finishing school for young ladies for the acquisition of a few ladylike airs. She’s back, and though she suffered through the brief delusion that she wanted to become a nun, she’s much improved. She and Aurelie get along famously, thick as thieves they are. Phew!
But Aurelie wanted to show off her new bonnet. She was more than miffed that I so neglected her at the Wonderland Tea. Here it is finally. The pattern and instructions will be available in The BJD Orbyrarium from Haute Doll done by the fantabulous Judy, who was kind enough to have a dolly bonnet day long tutorial a while back. I totally loved making it. It is like a sculpture. All hand sewn. And each piece of fabric is sewn onto the bonnet frame and then blind stitched, or what have you, to the next piece. My instructor’s voice still rings in my ears: “NO VISIBLE STITCHES!” Quite a feat, I tell you. Now, to make a dress to go with. *falls over*