also… squeal!

Sometime this weekend. I’m working all weekend *sadface* but hope to gooooooo!
Chronicle gave it and Salon doesn’t hate it (“‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is absinthe in movie form.” teehee!). Though I can totally understand why some people wouldn’t want to see it, as Willy Wonka remains a classic that will always stand on its own. Aside from that, we worshipped the thing as kids. omg.

— Advisory: Bratty child behavior and mild mayhem.

Me wantssssssssss.

Happy Bastille Day *cough*

(k, so I’m workin’ late and didn’t get these posted yesterday. meh.)

And this, my friends, is why we love glass eyes:

Just look at ’em glow.
So I’ve missed out holding my Bastille Day Picnic for a couple years. Poop! I’ll post the pix from um… 2001? Eep! Long time ago. Before the Big Dark fell.

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40 Facts About Moi

as per request by le Marquis.
1) Mosquitos love me.
2) Since my mother is from Kansas I pronounce it “muskeetahs”… which sometimes makes my friends laugh.
3) My second to last toe on each foot is double jointed. They twist like twizzlers.
4) My first french kiss was with a girl.
5) I am allergic to grape leaves. That is all.
6) I think I am turning into The Crazy Halloween Lady ™, and I kinda like it.
7) I don’t go out much anymore. And kind of resent it when I do.
8) I wouldn’t mind nesting forever.
9) I lived in New Orleans for two years and it changed my life utterly.
10) I miss it. I hope to retire there someday.
11) Self confidence is hard for me, but getting easier as I grow more and more wizened.
12) I am a food snob, but relish eating crap on occasions as long as it is reminiscent or kitschy or both.
13) I want a li’l Chinook camper.
14) Literature is like a soothing balm. I love 18th & 19th century authors.
15) Literary Criticism is like crack. I get all jittery and exited reading titles such as “The Female Thermometer: Eighteenth-Century Culture and the Invention of the Uncanny” & “The Whore’s Story: Women, Pornography, and the British Novel, 1684-1830.”
16) I am absolutely petrified of flying. And going to Europe is on my list of “better do before you die or you’ll be sorry” list.
17) I only learned how to drive 2.5 years ago. I grew up in Berkeley and SF, who needed a car!?!?
18) Seafood made me hurl most of my life. But I’m getting over it and am actually learning to enjoy feasting on our friend’s from the sea!
19) I hate, HATE, the sound of people eating crunchy food.
20) A guy who had a crush on me stuck a pen up my nose. I think it was because he was nervous talking to me.
21) The last guy to ask me out was retarded.
22) I met my husband on the internet. Woo.
23) I told my husband before we met that he wasn’t allowed to pee on me in the shower. In his defense he as mortified that I felt I had to bring it up.
24) I’ve been thanked in the notes of several books for putting up a website when I was drunk and underemployed in New Orleans.
25) I don’t actually drink absinthe anymore. Well, not much anyways.
26) The freckles on my husband’s eyelids make me happy.
27) I was hit by a car when I was two.
28) I didn’t learn to read til I was seven. Blame the damn hippy schools.
29) I was in a Rocky Horror cast from age 13 to 15. Prancing about in your skivvies seemed very natural to me at the time. I marvel.
30) I used to dye my hair pink.
31) I dress too young for my age. They didn’t have cool or even descent clothes for pudgy girls when I was growing up, so my wardrobe was always very limited. So now I find myself shopping very young. And I love it. Weeee!
32) I did too much speed in the mid 90’s.
33) But I was a teetotaler from the age of 17 to 25. Go figure.
34) I’m 36 and happy for the first time ever.
35) I have two incurable diseases.
36) I gush too much early on in a relationship. It scares away the squeamish which is perhaps a good thing.
37) I’m not good at being a slut.
38) A trollop maybe, but that is a more image and attitude than putting out.
39) I can’t believe marriage is so perfect for me. I used to be so cynical.
40) I’m a very heavy sleeper and talk in my sleep. Things like “Cat! Cat!” and “*giggle* I’m going to KILL YOU! *giggle*”

Glücklicher Jahrestag zu mir!

Warning! This post is guaranteed to make your teeth rot!
♥ August 4th, 2003 ♥

Our first anniversary is today. We’re celebrating by taking the day off and having Pajama Day™! And then we’re going out to “House of Prime Rib” for dinner tonight. Oh boy. Meat Kitsch extravaganza!
This is been the happiest year of my life. Despite other issues, I am so eternally grateful to be where I am now that other problems shrink in comparison. And this is coming from someone who didn’t believe in true love, fidelity and happily forever after. For real. It can happen for the freakiest of us. Indeed.
For a brief history of our unlikely relationship and lots of pictures, please click below!

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I don’t talk about my absinthe connection here much. I live and breath the stuff, I don’t really *think* about it anymore the way I do the dollies.
But two things happened this month that have me as giddy as a school girl.
Jade Absinthes have finally seen the light of day. Long story short, a number of years ago (let us say five) Ted Breaux, a friend who is a bio chemist and absinthe historian, began the long and arduous process of reproducing turn of the century absinthe. Three years ago he held an invite only tasting in New Orleans of his products, but due to several business related snafus it is only now that the products have seen the light of day. There has been much speculation and a whole lot more doubt that he has had to face because of the delays. So I am particularly elated that as of last week, two products have been released. Nouvelle Orléans, which is not a replica, but a product inspired by products of old, and Suisse Verte 65, which is a replica of Berger Absinthe, of which I have a vintage sample, and it is absolutely divine.
We are due to receive our first two bottles any day. Very exciting!!! Ted has produced these absinthes in an old absinthe distillery in France, using original Pernod stills. It is fucking exciting. I canna tell you how cool this is. And what is almost as cool as that? Is that Ted has hooked up with my other friends Liqueurs de France for distribution. Rawr! It will be more widely available soon. Right now it is just available to those on the mailing list.
And let me tell ya’ll about fine absinthe made in a traditional matter. It is like liquid perfume. Like a spring garden. Bitter? No… only in the mildest sense. When wormwood is distilled, the bitter absinthins are left behind in the dregs, and what comes over is the most amazing perfume. Distillation, it really does make a difference.

This is Morrigan and I at the Nola Gathering, 2001. We are very drunk. Also, I am very sick. But I drank and smoked a lot anyway, it was a special occasion. Pic courtesy of Emiliano! Who has a whole page of pix from the absinthe gathering in 2001.

And on a similar note, Frenchman Phil has reproduced an absolutely stunning repro belle epoch absinthe fountain. It is only $235 and I covet so much it hurts. No mullah, however. Fire sale! I don’t even have a nice place to put it. Dammint.


Fuille Morte



Fifi is sampling some Berger 1905 vintage absinthe a friend sent over from Paris with her new absinthe spoon and glass made by another artisan friend in the States. I explained to her that vintage absinthe takes on a “dead leaf or fuille morte” color when the chlorophyl in the absinthe turns brown over time.

She’s also wearing dress by Lady Rosalia that mumma bought from Miss May! There was much rejoicing.

And this is for Miss May. Thank you!!!



decisions, decisions.

They just released pix of the new Over The Stripes limited Blythe today. She has a red bob w/ bangs! Aaaaaaaaaah! Among many other special limited thingie-poos, not least of which is a little dog in matching sweater.
But then I’m thinking… is now carrying Volks Dollfie Dream! That means she’s at retail, baby, retail! No shoppin’ fees or nuttin’. For those who don’t know Dollfie Dream is Volk’s giant dollfie, she’s as tall as a Super Dollfie but has the body of the 1/6th girls and is made of vinyl and is MUCH CHEAPER than a SD.

So I am torn. I didn’t want to buy 3 Blythes, but I know how fast these girls go and who wants to regret a super cool limited girl that comes with 10 tees and a beauty mark and hair (sans curl) like mine?

And of course I shouldn’t be getting either if I want to save enough money to fix my car AND be ready for summer dolpa. AAAAAaagh. I hate being a materialistic bitch.

I should just go drink carrot juice and take a walk down to the Ferry Bldg and drink another DECAF LOWFAT ICED LATTE from Peet’s. Yes, I’ve had to kick caffeine AGAIN. Apparently it makes me want to have a heart attack and die and hyperventilate and all that. Which is unpleasant.
Other great news is I’ve reduced my Blastmilk bandwidth between 5-15% by hiding and reducing my px. So that is good. I still don’t like it. I like things to big and bold and graphic ALL THE TIME. I’ve also reduced the absinthe pages bandwidth by 14%.

Even with all that it is still not enough and I’m exceeding my bandwidth, just not as much. *sigh*

When the cat is away

Mr. Kallisti will play…


We went to the Castro last weekend and found one of the naughty boy shops (187334 kinds of loob! who knew!?!?) had the Tom of Finland figure on sale! $20 cheaper than ebay even! And I get to support my local homo loob shop.
This guy rocks, btw, and it’s not even just about the 3 detachable peniseseses. He’s got an awesome face sculpt, *very* Tom! And he comes with a condom for you AND him!
In any case, I’ve been dying for him for months, we couldn’t resist the bargain. So home he came. And he’s been mounting every girl on my desk ever since. I came home to find the above posted to the absinthe forum this evening.
Bloo Barbie looks an awful lot like Paris Hilton, no?