Aphra & Ondine, sittin’ in a tree…

Spent a superbly wet and stormy Saturday afternoon at Kelly & Robert’s for a Valentines Dolly party. My pictures didn’t come out (wah! dumb old memory card).

But it was lovely! Amazing the group of people crammed into their mini urban victorian apartment. Dollizens are so well behaved though, I don’t think a thing was broken, despite having supplied a nearly full bottle of absinthe for the hosts ~_^ There were heart shaped ginger cookies, a big pink fluffy cake, heart shaped pasta salad and pink champagne! Yay!

I brought Hermione, St. Trinian & Aphra Diver. To make up for my lack of party pictures, I spent Sunday afternoon, finishing up the dolliverse cleanup, and taking pictures. It was a surprisingly bright and tepid day, so the light was none too bad!

St. Trinian & Hermione in their winter woolies
Hermione is wearing the new Musedoll.com wooly hoodie. It is very snug, you have to take the head off to get it on, and the hoodie part will probably only fit an 8-9″ head like Ciel’s… Hermione’s F16 noggin is way to big to pull it up. I love it however! And Trinian’s coat perfecly matches.

Just to say: redheads are better.
And an especial thanks to Mssr. Robert for the gifty-poo, hoping to post pictures on that later!

Weekend at Salon du Blastmilk!

Butter dances. She has since the first second we got her. Mr. Kallisti made her this hoola skirt ages ago, and while Harry was over he snapped a picture of her doin’ her thang.

So. Much. Love.
Harry came over Saturday for a much needed absinthe tasting & red meat eating fest! He showed up with a half dozen (at least) little neatly labeled samples of vintage absinthes for us to taste and rate. I was the silent partner, did all the typing, and added my 2 cents when I had it “slight latex after-taste like a flavored condom.” Yeah, that was me… Harry and Mr. Kallisti are off the hook for that one :p And that was just the Serpis 65!
The vintage line-up:

In between all that we went to Skates on the Bay and totally feasted on the red meat. Mwowr. And shrimp. And lavender cocktails. A rare treat indeed. It is crab season here and I think we’re going to make a trip up the coast (read: cheaper) for Valentines Day and whole crab and oysters. I’m thinking Tomales Bay.

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New Years Wishlist

All of which we are trying to do without, because we’re saving for a trip to Europe this summer. Weeeeeeeeeeee!
Wishlist ♥

  • Dollstown 13b White Body for my poor girls
  • Dollstown Hue head (because I can see a little chimney sweep in his sad-sad countenance)
  • Volks Sasha! *falls over* (this is the one doll I would throw all good habits to the wind for… well, except paying current market value :p)
  • Sato FCS SD13 F28-27 Girl in white: I wanted an F28 boy, but Foppington has been so troublesome, I think I would just like one of these heads as a girl. I’m desperate actually… and as soon as I’m off financial probation, barring Sasha, this is my plan.
  • Sweet Dream School A: omg.
  • Elfdoll Hana Angel=lurve: thankfully, currently sold out.
  • In a perfect world where I can have anything I want: FCS SD10 Medium Boob White Girl F-01 or F-15 (Syo) head as a sister for Ashenputtel. I dream… sigh.
  • DIM Doll Bjorn head in white
  • Volks Dolpa 16 MSD mushroom outfits ^_^, this dress, SD16 awesome boots, and DD white body with new large milk part!
  • Luts 3 hold black shiney boy boots for Ondine: these always go out of stock when I can finally order, meh! EDIT: wah! they are completely gone from inventory!
  • Mama Told Me (I still don’t have her, and it hurts me)


  • buy nothing (ha!)
  • sell everything
  • keep shifting and selling to improve living conditions
  • finish scanning library into database (woo!)
  • make mattress and bedding for old iron dollbed sitting in the middle of our living room
  • repaint St. Trinian who is finally dismembered, well scrubbed, and ready for her Blastmilk Dolly Hospital Visit.
  • Check in Miette, Fifi & perhaps Lulu to same Hospital Ward… er, some time this year
  • sew handsome suit, street urchin outfit, and lots of top hats for Lord Foppington
  • sew purty dresses and chapeau for girls and use up some of those gazillion pieces of fabric I’ve stashed
  • redo templates for meathenge.com
  • go to Europe and try not to hyperventilate and turn blue before I get on the plane.
  • prepare panels for Dollectable! I’ll be doing several… I think… eeek! what fun though! but it is the weekend before Boveresse (Euro Trip) so I need to prepare ahead!

I think…

For Ondine.
And then:
for Christmas? I’m waiting for more peektures. And there’s a whole slew of Dolpa 16 goodies we haven’t seen yet. *smacks head*
But for sure:
Hurrah! & 3-6 months would be good. Some time next year Ginevra & Ermengarde will get their Dollstown body!
And not to mention the eventual release of the Hypermaniac dollies. Ugh!
In the meantime: Reno this weekend with Toddums and Switzerland in June for the 10th Anniversary of FeeVerte.net at the Boveresse Absinthe Fest.
Seriously. I hate to fly, the only reason why I waffle. I must pray to ye gods of dutch courage and get my ass on that plane. Gar.

Mad Hatters BJD Tea & Picnic

Firstly, I am sunburned! Pastey pinky people like me are usually very well prepared for outings. However, I was fussing with packing and dressing til the last minute and completely forgot my sunscreen. At least it was overcast all day so I didn’t feel it :p
The Tea was awesome! I forgot to take pictures of the food (and half of my own dolls, d’oh!) but everyone really went all out with the lovely snackies. And boy was it appreciated! There were like 6 fruit salads and I ate each one. Yarm! Liz even brought hot Mock Turtle Soup! Woot! We brought the cute picnic ware, drinks and absinthe was served. Nouvelle Orleans for the curious ^_^ tell them Kallisti sent ya!
Linky to full gallery!
85 or so dolls at last count! I love our dolly people. They rock, veritably.
Since I neglected to get pictures of Ondine & Lulu & Aurelie at the tea I should prolly take more pix while they look so cute. Tomorrow is PUT THE HOUSE BACK TOGETHER DAY AFTER RIPPING IT APART AND DRESSING DOLLIES. Woot. Maybe that and a leetle bbq. Love life.

The OMG To Do List

  1. 6am: wake up
  2. dye hair w/o applicator bottle o_o
  3. write this silly list
  4. be run over by crazy puffy tailed biscuit who has a burr in his but, clearly.
  5. rinse hair and shower
  6. take peektures of rhiannon’s lovely soah that I stayed up til midnight painting as soon as there is enough light. EDIT:: YAYAYAY, she liked her!

  7. get together last of the shipping from all the selling I’ve been doing and box it up. EDIT: will have to be boxed up at work :/
  8. 9am: Podiatrist appointment for that 1″ square area on the pad of my right foot that hurts like a f@#@%#r and has for a week so even though my hip feels better I am limping. hope I don’t get stabbed with anything and that it is not cancer EDIT: I probably have the tiniest fracture in the tiniest bone in the big toe pad of my foot, very common with people with circus freak feet like mine apparently.

  9. 10:30am: arrive to work late with too much to do such as:
    • ADD: stock option meeting. oh boy, we’ve been HERE before. DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
    • meet with lovely operations manager about all new letterhead, envelopes, biz cards etc due to impending office move

    • [misc software product one] Datasheet tweaking and readying for printer

    • ADD: eat bowl of yummy beans for lunch
    • [misc software product one] Webpage updated to match the new fancy datasheet collateral
    • [misc software product two] Print ad finalization and sent off to trade publication
    • STILL WORKING ON: turn datasheet flyer for [misc software product two] from two page (just printed last month) to four page
    • OOPS: start basic layout for [misc professional services] collateral

    • coordinate company christmas card design (art being done by David–SWAK!) and printing and mailing
    • finalize design and creation of [misc software product two] landing pages for banner ad campaign
    • run general updates, article additions, job postings etc on the website
    • try really hard to care about SEO EDIT: do two seconds of random thought count?

    • box up and ship sold items and answer ebay questions
    • drop packages off at post office

  10. WHATEVER O’CLOCK: go home EDIT: 7pm. UGH!

  11. pack for LA
  12. pack dorries for LA and OMG make final decisions on outfits etc

  13. update the Absinthe Buyer’s Guide with new brands

  14. make/eat dinner EDIT: getting Indian take out. yay!

  15. clean up house and dolly table as I’ve been painting and doing commissions for weeks so haven’t put ANYTHING away and there are boxes of dolly clothes all over the living room and my house is a MESS and very small. mew.
  16. make list for lovely laura who is going to be taking care of my needy kitties while we are away
  17. ADD: change catbox
  18. ADD: add all the various people’s cell #’s to my addy book
  19. ADD: Oh uh. Draw my FCS face! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! EDIT:Phhhbbbbbbt! Going to have to do in hotel. Or just tell them to do Sasha face w/ pointy little evil brows. Teehee!
  20. sleep eventually


Ever hear a Kallisti’s blood curdling scream? Well, Mr. Kallisti did when I got this in the mail today…
There’s a reason they don’t actually put “20 Year High School Reunion”… so they are not liable for my coronary. Someone, fan me!
And then there’s this:

Mr. Kallisti: “Kallisti, a porn room and “Slerpis at home”.
Now I really do have everything I need.”
Everyone say Happy Birthday! He’s 37 on Saturday… now we’re off to Tahoe in the morning. I want mountains, a pedicure and thou. Oh, and maybe all you can eat crab at the buffet. Mmmmmm!!!

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Drunk dialed from Pontarlier

Feelin’ the love when David & Peter drunk dialed us from a Chateau in Pontarlier, France. Woo. Actually had an “I love you, man” moment.
Peter says my namesake, Chloé Kallisté, is thriving at 2 years, 4 months! Aw!
It is moments like these that I curse my fear of flying. Damn, damn, damn.
I love you guys!!!
M’kay, we’re off to run errands and get some Popeye’s Fried Chicken™

Food, food and more food!

Spent yesterday as Sister of the Host at the First Bay Area’s Food Blogger’s Picnic, hosted by my brother at MeatHenge.com and several of his buddies. OMG. I am still full of yummy goodness. And sunburned to boot.
And look, my arms in a stranger’s blog (scroll down a few images) pouring some mighty fine Nouvelle Orleans absinthe. I thought: now here’s a crowd who can appreciate a fine artisan-made liquor. I did several food network style presentations, giving history, background, method, tasting notes and myth busting. Much approval and interest all around. Very receptive, and they DIDN’T ARGUE when I told them why it wasn’t proper to set the sugar cube on fire.
Also, did I mention the meat? OMG. My brother is a genious.
Sorry I haven’t been around this week, answering emails or replying or sharing my dollies. I’ve had a house guest all week… I’m so excited. She’s moving back to the area after having been in San Diego for 6 years and finished her Masters. In one week she landed a job as a teacher in a very challenging school district and got a large studio in our neighborhood. YAY! I’m so proud of her I could squeal (and I do, frequently). School starts one week from today so she’s running back home to pack up and move everything up here in the next few days. Yowie.