Hypermaniac Claudia

Hypermaniac Claudia
Hypermaniac Claudia – Artist’s Photograph

I am delighted to announce latest release of my long hours of labour, Claudia, capturing a story of a girl who is neither living nor dead.

In a tranquil manor of the 15th century,
There lay a fair white skinned girl with enchanting golden eyes and golden locks, named Claudia.

She comes with a new slender type body with a small bust, replacing our previous androgynous type body.

Early on during my yard sale yesterday Claudia (by Hypermaniac) arrived! I barely had the energy to open the box after the sale, but did. Claudia is stunning! This is the first time I’ve opted for a Hypermaniac faceup and I’m so glad I did. Gorgeous, and highly detailed. Saddest face in the world. We’re gearing up for a bunch more events this month, but am trying to find time to loll around with my dollies.

Hypermaniac Claudia
Hypermaniac Claudia – Artist’s photograph

It has been a four years since Hyperdolly has had any releases. I understand she was busy making babies instead. I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a few over the years since she’s been offering them on an english version website.

  • 2004 Ksy (Ondine Alice) – scored head and body separately on 2nd hand market
  • 2005 So-som (Dropsy) – ordered originally on official site, but she couldn’t fulfill the order. Someone took pity on me and sold me one 2nd hand
  • 2006 Muse (Dainty Fidget) – Finally! was able to order and receive direct from Hyperdolly
  • 2011 HaHanBi (On Flickr) – After a long dolly dry spell (we bought a house) I welcomed home HaHanBi
  • 2015 Claudia – Gorgeous! Claudia is similar size to HaHanBi, but with a more girlish body vs the previous child body.

Beautiful sculpts and expressive faces over all. Hypermaniac is probably my favorite doll artist.

Who do I still pine for? Sleeping Kakiva. Oh my breaking heart.

Hypermaniac Sleeping Kakiva
Hypermaniac Sleeping Kakiva

Hermione Menace

Hermione Menace

Birthday: January 21th, 2006
Sign: Aquarius
Age: 17
Type: Volks FCS
Head: SD-F-16
Skin Color: Pure-skin White
Wig: W-27 Mixed Wine
Glass Eyes: Zoukeimura #04 Thin Green
Body: SD-B-06 (SD13 SM Bust)
Hand: SD-H-04
Esthetics: by Zoukeimura

Profile: The Hon. Hermione Menace is a sullen, independent girl. She’d just as soon paint her toenails green and walk barefoot down Main Street as pen outlines for faux term papers on the phantasmagoric and carnivalesque in eighteenth century literature. She doesn’t say much, but when she does, O! The stories she tells! None of them are true, of course. They are wild, hair raising tales of daring-do and blood curdling adventures of young abused heroines with crazed eyes and torn gowns of the palest lawn. But every so often, in the midst of telling her tale, she gets a glisteny wide-eyed look, and you wonder what could take her thoughts so far away. I asked her once and she answered simply, “Cookies.”

Hermione & Lysander, orphaned twins born within five minutes of eachother, at one time stood to inherit grotesque amounts of money until it was revealed that Old Unkie Roderick had frittered away the family fortune on exotic cheeses and fur coats (he was a bit of a swissophile). Upon their birth, their mother, Lady Foppington, lingered briefly with glistening brow and promptly perished. Young Master inherited the title upon the death of his Father, the Old Lord Foppington, who died of ennui and whiskey. Still, until Young Master and Miss Menace reach maturity at twenty-one, they are in the foster care of Blastmilk Home for Wayward Girls (and one boy).

About: Hermione was ordered at the Los Angeles Sumika on opening day, November 21st 2006, and her headplate reads is #5! While Hermione is not a Sasha clone, or a Sasha stand-in, she believes Sasha could certainly be tolerated, as a distant cousin, or bastard half-sister, but she doesn’t want anyone to be so gravely mistaken as to assume that she is in any way second choice to a Sasha.

Dollectable Panels!

amused.jpg Thanks so much to all that attended! Your kindness and enthusiasm made this a truly wonderful and fun weekend! I haven’t hosted panels before, and everyone was very awesome, and asked lots of cool questions etc.
I’m so exhausted though! We totally crammed to make this the best we could, I reeeally hope I didn’t suck. Now, we pack for europe. Oy! I did four panels, one being with Aimee & Elizabeth on BJD and the hobby in the U.S. I didn’t shop at all! Except for one little on sale jpop wig! I did reeeally well (I thought) at the swap meet, which will all go towards Masha. YAYAYAY. Hugs to all I barely got to talk to, and all the cool new people I met who were awesome. Yes. And congrats to the Dollectable team and volunteers who made it all seem to run surprisingly smoothly. Wow. Also! We got to bring Butter the first day, she was so good, and sat quietly during all my panels. Butter is love.
I’m so rambling, I need to go to sleep.
Sorry, I’ve killed my bandwidth, must take down files now!
Here are my panel take-homes and slideshows, for your edification. I can’t leave them up forever, they are 1.5 meg files each!
Big Note:
I’ve updated my face-up panel supply list (on the slideshow pdf above). I mistakenly recommended ACETONE. What we’ve been using as a strong but safe face-up solvent is not acetone, it is a proprietary formula used at my husband’s work. It smells like acetone to me and I never questioned it as it is in an unmarked bottle. Mr. Kallisti questioned me about mentioning it when we got home and we discovered the mixup.
Acetone is not considered safe for resins or plastics. He’s tested it, and in small doses doesn’t seem to damage the resin, but it is definately not recommended! I am very sorry we didn’t catch this before! I’ve updated the presentation!



I… just… gah! I die. Any moment now they may be available to order. They’re listed, but you error out before payment (and there’s no face-up option or shipping).
EDIT 12/1:

It will be started to sell from Dec 2, 2006 Only through paypal.
The current selling page is only for test purpose, which has the wrong information on the price and product details. The orders will be cancelled by now.
I trully apologize for this confusion.

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More Hypermaniac 2006 pictures!

And a front page apology on the Korean site about being delayed do to personal reasons.
The Family:
Ishta: I love her body shot! Except for the hands, very similar to Ksy it seems.
Skadi: I wonder if she has a different body to Ishta? Probably not… but it would be neat if she had a straight, tomboy girl body. Weee!
Site: Hypermaniac.com

Something wicked in the nursery

something wicked in the nursery

Originally uploaded by blastmilk.

Meet Dropsy! My Hypermaniac So-som, eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

While we were in LA, I picked up my so-som from a kind benefactor! After waiting since November last year, I’m so happy she’s home! We cleaned and restrung her with elastic (she is originally strung w/ rubber bands). She’s so resentful of being teensy. But she likes caramels.

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