The future home of…

Oh my freakin’ god! I came home from lunch today and found this surprise waiting for me from Mr. Kallisti:

He’s been working on it at work for a week. It is so freaky fab I can barely stand it. I love that man o’ mine! It just needs some short cabriole legs for the bottom and then we get to go accoutrements shopping. I want wee circular gabled windows for the pitched roof, prolly gonna have to build those, but there are playscale windows etc available from Dollhouse shops. And I’m gonna do real wood floors and tile floors and, and …. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! We’ve been planning this for a year and it is finally here. As it is my dollies are scattered all over the house, perched on various things. I don’t actually have that many, I should do a count:

  • dollfies: 12
  • Jennys: 8
  • super dollfies: 2
  • blythe: 3
  • dollfie dream: 1
  • misc: 6 (Tom of Finland, Cuttiem, Pullip etc)

This doesn’t not include action figures. Heh. And obviously the Super Dollfies won’t be living here, they’ve got their own surface on the ole Victrola.
Also, I am stabbing myself for not picking up these Disney Princess furniture sets last week. I went to grab them Friday and they’d had a sale and are cleaned out everywhere! The colors were atrocious, but the design was PURE Rococco gorgeousness and I am dying and stabbing myself in the eye. If anyone has any HOT TIPS, they were only available through The Disney Store.
More later, but I had to gush about my new house.