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Stay tuned!
My winter has been all about low profile. We’ve had a rough and wonderful year, hard to take it all in. But now I’m hibernating in what little downtime I have. Work has been non-stop, so the quiet moments are like tiny baby birds that are easily squashed! I’m busy though, just not online much. Lots of writing and research, it gives me some awesome pleasure. Rainy days with small dogs and kitties and books and needlework. One is never too young to be grandmotherly.
And I uploaded a bunch of our pictures from the trip to London last June. Click thumbnails to be magically wisked away to Flickr!
Sleeping Beauty, or Madame du Barry The Victoria & Albert Museum Queen Elizabeth's Head
This way to the Bloody Tower!  This way to the Toilets!
Needless to say we are preparing fun postage for the severed head gallery. Woot!

Gin Lane: A Hogarth Inspired Doll’s House

This is yet a work in progress. Begun in 2000, the house itself is nearly finished, but we ran out of room to keep it out long ago and we are currently lacking recent/completed pictures. For that I apologize. So, for now, you’ll have to make due with the early stages building the doll’s house.
I had originally started with the idea of an apothecary, since I’d begun to collect apothecary jars and a sundry of medical items. But when looking through Hogarth’s prints in search of inspiration, and he had a fairly detailed apothecary scene in "The Rakes Progress,"
the project swiftly shifted to incorporate the quack & his famous harlots, Hogarth’s humor & attention to detail. I selected a two room, two story house that would be easy-ish to fit out. The bottom floor will be the Quack Apothecary from "Rake’s Progress" with the upper floor being a combo of "Before & After" & "The Harlot’s Progress" but mainly drawing on the former. This is not an exact replica, as I’m doing this for fun, and have taken a rather interpretive approach. The first thing I did after gluing the house together was to make my Harlot’s corset (on chair), seen on the Progress page.
I hope to have updated pictures soon. For now, forgive me, and continue
on The Doll’s House Pogress

One long hello…

It feels like each post this winter has been an apology for not posting. Well, we gots stuff going on. This last weekend was spent in a strange fever. *gack* I tried to get ready for work this morning, and the outfit I ended up with said it all: STAY IN BED
However, I dream of dollies all the time, dollies and old friends. So we’re still here. I did manage to give St. Trinian the spa treatment a week or so ago! There’s a close-up with pictures of the new old china cabinet below.

Yes, that is Tonner’s Hortencia (Cinderella’s evil stepsister). I totally love her and Euphemia, they are snooty-tastic. I think they are better Ellowynne Wilde-style candidates for the spooky girls. Hortencia here has the plus sized doll body, she’s all big and round. I really like it actually. Her clothes are actually too big on Unoa large milk part body! ‘magine that! Also, I don’t need to rename them.
We also scored an old printers tray to fill with tiny objects. Phew!
I’ve also done some other dolly love sick day projects… cleaned Casa Formica from floor to ceiling, including all the dollies therein. They’ve all been dusted, washed, redressed, combed… and the case of a few Blythe’s, shampoo’d, conditioned and dried. Phew! They needed some lovin’… and to make room for my new girl, Ichigo Heaven, that I’ve been dragging to work with me recently :p

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Io Saturnalia!

Lord Foppington Presides as The Lord of Misrule over the Saturnalia Festivities at the Blastmilk Home for Wayward Girls (and one boy).
Yes, wee Dropsy is hidden in that cage Ondine is dangling menacingly. Notables missing from the festivities are: Demelza & Ermengaarde, who are both in the head cabinet sulking.

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Strange Bedfellows

We’ve got the Christmas spirit here at the House O’ Blastmilk! I can’t believe I snuck back and got the camera without this little love fest breaking up. Mr. Kallisti started singing “Ebony and Ivory.”

Butter didn’t like so much the vintage doll bed Mr. put together for me last night. The spring mattress support acts just like a real one and her legs went all super wobbly. We caught Biscuit on it though. He’ll sleep on anything.
(Note: Bed was super bargain, but it is huge at 28 inches long o_0 who has space issues!?!?! But I couldn’t resist, I don’t have a bed for the big girls! They needed one. For real.)

Dolly Storage

Target : Simply Shabby Chic™ Armoire Chest – Sour Cream
I want that so bad fer my dolls. It is nice and oversized for oversized dolly storage, plus drawers! Biscuit has lately become the masked wig bandit, in the mean time all my dolls are bald and are constantly being knocked over. Why the latent evil tendancies!?!? He’s 2 1/2! Meh.
Bad kitty. But he wakes me up with kisses. What are you gonna do?
Our space is so tight. The stage would have to go… and then what? Not an option. Mr. Kallisti said wrapping the stage in razor wire was not an option either :p But pining for this has made me want to jettison everything. Heh. But there is no one thing to move or get rid of to make space. Casa Formica is full of 1/6th dollies and fits perfectly where it is. My work room is PACKED and already has two hutches and an armoir in it o_0. The bedroom is full of millions of books. and my dresser.
Woe, the tiny house! Wah, wah, wah. Shoot me.

Gin Lane Doll’s House

I’ve finally ported over my dollhouse pix and pages to Sadly, no new pix. We had the house set up for awhile, but just ran out of room. Or rather, the dollies took over. Meh to tiny houses. But I’ll get her set up some day soon and dazzle you all with her minute glory. For now, enjoy my progress peektures of…
Gin Lane: A Hogarth Inspired Doll’s House
I miss it! It is in the garage. I still pick up random little treasures for it here and there. Sigh…

It bears repeating

On a journal entry, Fancyboots was contemplating sculpting dolls in different scales. Since I don’t philosophize about the dolls much here I thought I’d repost my response:

I think in general I prefer more mature dolls. That usually translates into larger in size when it comes to BJD, unless you look at unoa w/ the large milk part. For a smaller/younger doll to capture my fancy they have to have a certain quality… that is usually petulance, spookiness, sadness or really pooty lips ^_^ One thing I love about ABJD is the adolescense of the dolls. They’re neither saccharine babies nor busty hoochie mamas. Liebchen fits into this grey area in a lovely way. I love that sort of 11-18 age zone of blossoming girlhood. No matter what the size. And I don’t care about all my dolls having to fit in. Their world is a dolls world so they don’t have to be to scale with eachother. I do like the larger size because they are so easy to sew for though.

And these pix I took for Aimee this morning when discussing dollrooms. Fun!
Anatomy of a Doll Room:


cutest. picture. ever. the end.

Oh, alright. There’s more.

Another Global “Bleuette” outfit! I really like this one too, and I think it is even a better fit. The wig, a wee Global mohair wig is too small! *cry* It is being held on by just the cap. Still so cute. Will see if there is some way to mangle it so it fits.
Props by American Girl. They are rad! The detail is super fab. However, with moving parts and so much detail, things like the camera will break easily so be careful. Also got the night stand and wash set! A little short for SD, still makes a good prop.
Demelza had to try her hand with the stereoscope…

The detail, again, is gorgeous. Brown velvet rim around the mask, punched designs in metal mask casing, all wood parts. The metal is soft, so you have to be careful not to snap off the moving handle. It comes with stereoview cards of national monuments!