I just spent $60 on pastel chalks. Daaaaamn. I needed some new colors, my palette has become too predictable. But… daaaaaaaaaamn. They just opened a Blick in our neighborhood. And while tidy and well stocked, they don’t carry Winsor Newton Brush Cleaner™ that we use for face-up removal by the gallon, and they are more expensive than the good ole Utrecht up on University Ave. So while they had these really cool shiney glittery pearly pastels, it ain’t worth the extra expense for all the other stuff.
I was looking around for a cool box to hold all my loose pastels and was surprised when I didn’t find one. Mr. Kallisti glibly informed me that artists do not accessorize their chalks and just re-use the boxes the sets come in. o_o
Well, I never! I told him I’m an artist and I always accessorize!
Speaking of which, I leave you with the best accessory: Butter… modeling an outfit her gramma sent from Michigan as an anniversary present! A bit too small, Gramma!

2 thoughts on “Zoink!”

  1. Awwww!!! Butter looks so cute!! I would SO dress my Pomeranian in that.. (even though my husband would hate it).. hehehe…

  2. Oh Lord! I thought it said Butter “bumping her head”. She doesn’t look happy with the gift from Gramma.

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