The last picture

November, 2005
She was my true love, for so many years.

Circa 1989
When she was about a year old, she got out of the house for a night and I couldn’t find her. Late in the evening I heard the howls of love and when she came back in the morning I was sure she was pregnant. She got kinda fat, but not super bloated and then, one day, she had a kitten. One. We kept waiting for more but that is all she had in her. I gave him to my roommates at the time and they named him something I can’t spell. The vet said he had never heard of such a thing. One kitten. She didn’t care much for mothering. Her brother Flea, a big black gentle dumb kitty, did all the nurturing. Zman would climb in the basket to feed and then Flea would climb in and do all the cleaning and loving. Sweet Uncle Flea. He disappeared in ’98 and I still miss him desperately. They were very close, he was the only other cat she could ever tolerate. They would curl up together, yin and yang.

Circa 1993
2-D kitty! Soon after this she got an infected uterus and we had to have her entire womb removed, poor thing, I should have had her fixed, but I used to love watching her go into heat. After the surgery she then got fat. A tiny leetle butter ball. But before that we always called her the 2-D cat, famous for her little sticky-out chin, you can really see here. We called her Pete Puma.
She was so perky after the surgery. But has gotten more and more finicky this past week. We haven’t been able to get her to eat the past two days and she’d become a bit incontinent and had more difficulty than usual walking.
My kitty has gone to heaven. We’ve been together my whole life and I’m saying goodbye.

Circa 2002, butterball style, with her fancy blue rhinestone collar that matches her eyes. I’ll keep it forever.

17 thoughts on “The last picture”

  1. Good night God bless Zman. I’ll miss seeing your cute little face on your Mum’s site! You may be gone, but you’ll never be forgotten! XOX

  2. Aw, I’m so sorry about your kitty—I’m going to go home and give my Audrey a big giant hug! May her kittyghost hang out and fondle your hot dollies for everlong.

  3. I feel so sad for your beloved kitty, I almost cried when I read its story, even because it reminds me my missing cats… sigh.

  4. My cat died last summer from a genetic kidney disease, so I feel your pain, I’m sorry for your loss.

  5. I am very sorry about your kitty, I have many animals and they bring me so much love and joy that I don’t imagine my life without them.
    No animal can replace another animal but you were a very good mother to your cat, so you may want to consider adopting one from a local shelter, not to replace the one you lost, because that is a very special an unique love but to give a good home to an animal that needs it.

  6. Don’t feel too sad, it’s too abvious to us readers that you adored Zman so much, and she probably had one of the most blessed kitty lives there has been. She couldn’t have had a more loving, doting mother.
    I’m very sorry for your loss, and I wish you a speedy recovery from this painful blow. Take care.
    (runs to go hug her kitty)

  7. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I know how cats can leave pawprints across our hearts. *hugs* from me and QiXa

  8. I’m so sorry Zman died. But, what other people are saying is true! She was a very wonderful cat who lived a wonderful life and was loved very much. What more could anyone ask for? I hope you’re getting through it okay.

  9. I’m so sorry. I know how hard it is to loose the pets you love. I’m happy that she had such a good, long, happy life with you though. She seemed like a wonderful cat.

  10. ~Hugs!~It’s never easy when it comes time to say Goodbye to them. I love the story of the “Rainbow Bridge”…..I know when it’s my time to cross over I’ll be met with an abundance of tail wags, nose rubs, furry head butts & yummy, wet kisses.

  11. My wee boy, Madison (who’s siamese too!) died sunday morning. He was only just over a year old. I love and miss him so much. I feel your pain so much! Remember, you’re not alone, youre in my thoughts.

  12. Adorable. Sorry.
    Lochebrax was the kitten. I remember well. ZMan wouldn’t settle down to give birth ’til I sat with her. Her eyes were dialated like saucers – something I’d never seen.
    I have lovely memories of your sweet cat.

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