Hypermaniac is refunding my so-som money. I’m really heartbroken. I’ll use the mullah to go to LA in August, and then I’ll start the hunt for another so-som or a different tiny. It was like a phantom pregnancy. I had a whole bag of goodies just waiting for her to come home and she never did.
On another note, Butter met my family for the first time yesterday and was a super star. She also got her first bee sting, ouch! I’d been waiting for it to happen as she keeps chasing them :p I thought it was in her mouth, but we found it right in the middle of her chin this morning. Poor boo.

One thought on “*sniff*”

  1. I am so sad for you not getting your tiny!
    Also, poor Butter! My kitties love bees and usually get stung at least once a year on thier paws…dab some vinegar on the sting and it relieves the pain, itch and swelling.

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