Been so busy, with projects, work and family. But caught Demelza looking serene this morning. For kicks I finally tried her on the SD13 body and she looks fantastic! Ondine, however, is not enjoying being stubby. Looks surprisingly ok though.

Never would have thought she’d look so fetching as a blonde. She’s also wearing a pair of lovely mauvy purply brown glass eyes I picked up from Gloria on DOA. They’re reeeeeally nice!
Also, FINALLY got the volks msd outfit from Kyoto 3. I hadn’t seen it anywhere! St. Trinian neeeeds it. Now, I need those creepers.

And yes, that is the only non-Liz thing I’ve bought since my vow! Go me.
And then there’s Biscuit. Just for hoots we put him in the doll carriage the other night, and he sat there for about 10 minutes! His butt just fit in there. Amazing. He was quite happy.

2 thoughts on “random”

  1. Eek! Demelza looks really great! I love the all-around curls, even on the bangs.
    By the way, dollheart made MSD creepers, they’re *really* nice, I ordered them the second I saw them on their page. I love the volks (?) ones but the only pair I’d seen for sale at all recently was $39.

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