Meathenge's California Crawfish Hut
Saturday my brother invited us over to Meathenge Labs for a little crawfish mayhem. The critters were shipped in live from Lousiana (he’ll post about the vender soon I’m sure).

We nabbed my friend Laura who, as a one time vegan, surprised me on a trip to NOLA as she tucked into a steaming pile of crawfish with amazing gusto, gleefully ripping the heads off and slurping out the gooey insides. Uncle Steph (brother in law) was there and my brother. Wowie, what fun. Personally, I like playing with the crawfish more than I like eating them (this one armed wonder is called Lobby, Laura ate him).
I had told Mr. Kallisti about the crawfish boils I had been to in New Orleans, and the special tables they’d set up to feed dozens. I came home Friday afternoon to find he’d made a mini table-top sized version! A large hole would be cut into the center of a door, placed on sawhorses and a garbage can placed underneath the hole. The steaming pot of berled crawfish would be dumped on the table and the party-goers would stand shoulder to shoulder, ripping, shucking and sucking and tossing the shells and bits into the center receptical. This way there was no limit to the amount of wee critters one could eat, and you didn’t need to pause for anything but taking another sip of beer.
There were porkchops and locally made artisinal El Salvadorean chorizo for appetizers. Oh, and I made creole potato salad. YUM.
Surprisingly out of 10 lbs worth only ten didn’t survive the trip.
Meathenge's California Crawfish Hut
What? We had to get to them before the racoons did…
See the whole flickr set. What the hell is lagniappe!?!
Wanna know how Butter is???

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  1. Hee hee, I saw the photos on Flickr yesterday and had to laugh! Looks like a great time was had, and a bit of the brew too!
    And Yay for Butter!
    (this is Julie btw, glad to see you are all doing well! Welcome back!)

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