Introducing Miss Butter Head

Or, Butter Bat… or, Molly McButter… or, Miss Lulubelle the Circus Freak… weeeeeeeeee!
Dude, not only do I have some really bad pictures, but I have some reeeally bad video on youtube! Our camera is not the vid-master. So the night shots were awful. But cute enough to inflict on the internet.

If anyone can tell what kind of mix she is I’d appreciate the input. She’s about 7-8 lbs, so on the large size of Chihuahua. And has a hilarious snaggletooth smile. Poor li’l gargoyle. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Click below for too many peektures of Butter. It is hard to capture the wiggle-butt!

Note how Biscuit is stealing the swanky Mizrahi doggie bed right off.
So far she’s been really great. A little crying but she responds good to correction. She’s coming to “butter” already and she knows the command “sit.” Walking on the leash on the otherhand… we’re going to have to read her instruction manual on that! She’s housetrained (kinda) and loves the squeaky li’l flamingo we got her. The only thing is she seems to be a bit possessive over the lap and growls at the cats when they approach when she’s settled in. Though she gets along with them so well otherwise I think this can be corrected. Pekoe is pouting but Biscuit is a very good boy and is treating her really well, and playing with her a bit. See video. I’ll upload more retarded pet videos later. I bet you can’t wait :p
She’s curled up at my feet as I type. I’m so happy. Thank you for indulging me ♥
Edit: To add a note my husband sent to Paul last night:
“Butter the dog is here and at home. Becky is a very happy momma and we
gave Butter her first bath together. Biscuit has his nose planted
firmly up her butt and Pekoe is vomiting and pooing on the mat outside
the box. Butter also made her first attempt at eating said “protest”.
I saw her dragging a nice fresh piece out of the litter. YUM! Stop licking me!!!”

7 thoughts on “Introducing Miss Butter Head”

  1. Aww!!! She’s a cutie!
    My dog used to play with my cat like that. One day we had to surgically remove her claws from his face.. and about five minutes later we had to remove them from his backside! They never learn!
    Best of luck doggie-training! (a harness helps wih the leash walking)
    – Carey

  2. Without a doubt….she’s a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua!!! OMG…do I spy an…..underbite??? Too precious!! I’m so happy ya’ll adopted a mixed breed….they make the bestest dogs. I’m so excited for you both! =D

  3. Butter has the hare feet, long skinny legs, angled knees, rat tail, and arched stomach as Piper. At 10 pounds, Piper is an Italian Greyhound who chews on my shoes and my dolls’ shoes. (Bad Girl!) I think you have a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix. It makes sense that Butter has slightly shorter legs and a shorter tail than an Italian greyhound because of the mix. I had a Chihuahua mix named Maomaow once, and I’ve only encounter 1 other dog in my entire life that looked like Maomaow. That’s the great thing about mixed breeds. They come out so different and unexpected sometimes. Train Butter early to stay away from your beautiful dolls!

  4. Oh, what great feedback, and such a cutie pic of Piper! Yeah, the more I looked stuff up the more convinced I am of the italian greyhound link. those little feet are so dainty! She needs her nails clipped :/
    She’s been super about not chewing on random stuff. We made sure she’s got her toys and the dolls are all put up.
    We’re in uber training mode, we really think she has the potential of being the best dog in the whole world ^_^ her temper is sweet and quiet, she just doesn’t have any social skills.

  5. shes definetly part chihuahua, thats what i have ^_^. But im not sure what else, maybe mexican hairless?

  6. Looks a lot like ours, which is a Chihuahua / Italian Greyhound mix. But then, the face on yours is a tiny bit different.

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