Happy Sixth Birthday Biscuit!

Biscuit turned 6 this week! He was mine & Mr. Kallisti’s first baby together. He broke my heart the first time he gave me a bloody nose. Mr. K says its cuz he ain’t got no religion.
Best of Biscuit, the first six years!
Biscuit was an orphan rescued by Shannon (my best bud, champion rescuer of kittens!) in West Oakland. We still tell him the story of how he arrived to us all covered in poo! He’d huddled in fear in his litter box in his crate, and had a little accident. The above picture was taken after we bathed him. He was so shivery.
Here’s a Best of Biscuit Retrospective. Warning: Lots of Kitten Pictures not seen in six years!!!
He still wakes me up every morning by licking my eyes with his horribly rough sandpaper tongue. And last night he left one of my doll wigs and his favorite toy (a wire) in his food bowl.
He’s our Baby Biscuit and we love him!
Kitten hanging from window screen
Flickr Gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/blastmilk/tags/bestofbiscuit/
Yay month of cat posts!
Best of Biscuit, the first six years!