*fingers crossed* for my li’l gargoyle, er… chihuahua

We put a poochie “on hold”… she needs to heal from an incision to check if she was fixed (she was) and my mother in law is coming out next weekend, otherwise I think I would have brought her home right away!
Um, not sure if she’s going to be photogenic. But she is the sweetest thing ever in person, and yes… very cute, if a bit gargoylish. Like that is an issue with me :p

Her name is currently Kanga, and she has the longest li’l chopstick legs evah! She’s about 3 years old and weighs out at about 7lbs. When she was brought to the shelter a month ago in the south bay she was way under 6lbs and had been seriously neglected. Tthe edges of her ears are all pinked. Given that, you’d never know it by her shining personality! We visited for about an hour with her and her foster mom (who is very cool). Never a peep out of her except when her stitches pinched she yipped a bit. She was super friendly, cuddly and kissy, but not freakily so. No shakes and she plays well with others. She totally made herself at home on my lap and gnawed on me a bit with soft bites.
Speaking of her teeth… I don’t think you can really see it in the pictures we took, but she has an underbite (just like Zman!) and so has the crookedest little smile. It makes me so happy! She’s got big eyes and a white, white belly. The foster says we’ll have to be careful about sunburns. Since me and the Mr. are both pale pink people I think we can relate.
Jabber-jabber. In any case, she’s ours if we want her, I just have to be patient for two weeks :p Mr. Kallisti is “a bit more than indifferent” which apparently a good thing.
Oh, and omg… I don’t know if this has anything to do with her stitches or what, but she was doing the funniest walk, like a bat, almost walking on her knees. Like an obeisance walk with a “I’m scratching my belly stictches” belly drag walk. She looks like a little creamy bat. She has the prettiest coat, white and butter.
She’s the cutest! Really!

Now I get to spend the next couple weeks doggie stuff shopping. Weee!

5 thoughts on “*fingers crossed* for my li’l gargoyle, er… chihuahua”

  1. awww she is such a sweetie i had fnally decided to comment after seeing her. she is such a cutie pie and i wish you the best of luck with her i have a little toy chihuahua so i gotta wish you luck for you both ^_^

  2. She’s beautiful!! I can’t wait to see more pics when she gets home!!
    Sam XOX

  3. Hey, congrats! She’ll be able to lick you when you’re feeling down and flip about the house with glee.
    In the first image, she kinda looks like a deer. mMMMm, deer.
    Good luck and there’s always room for one more at the table.

  4. OMG I am so jealous! I have been begging for a wee dog for years but grumpy husband says “no way in hell!”
    He is adorable and I can’t wait till he is yours so you can post a gazillion pictures of him 🙂

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