Dawn in the Park

Today is Butter’s day! Her two week adoption trial is over, no returns after this point. To celebrate I will inflict you with way too many pictures of our early morning walk. Also, I finally measured her skinny li’l neck this morning: 8″!

At the end of my block is Creekside Park. My cottage doesn’t have a fenced yard, so this is where we get all our excersize. I love it! They recently renovated this park, laid that beautiful path that is all tiny pieces of colored broken glass, but left the old stuff that I found so charming, like the dried up pond and the lichen covered fence that once enclosed it. I wish this pond was functioning, it is so cute! I have no idea when it was built, but it runs right along Cerrito Creek that is the border between El Cerrito and Albany, and this park is right at the foot of Albany Hill. The trees are blossoming, and it is all dewy and cool in the morning. Butter doesn’t mind it one bit.

I was surprised to see the teeniest white mushrooms had sprouted up this morning.

Pictures of Butter on the go are hard, she’s so wiggly! Her best trick yet: “stay”… here she is posing politely for me.

The park is at the end of a culdesac. This is the view as you approach from the end of my street.
And last but not least, my lame attempt at trying to film her dancing. We taught her “rollover” but she was too excited to go in the house to do it. So I barely got a dance out of her. Will try for something more better later :p
Oh, and doggy people: Target has an a$$ load of $1 doggy toys/supplies in their dollar bins that live near the front doors. I got a matching nylon snack carrier and water bowl and a ton of cute/cheap doggy toys. She loves the one I gave her so far. Stock up!

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  1. I love the Butter dance!! Very cute. ^_^
    She looks very beautiful posing for you in the park. What a lovely little dog!!
    My doggie waves hi to yours!

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