Zomg. Swimsuit!

1349554.jpgI’ve been vaguely shopping for swimsuits for the past couple years, never quite finding something that fits the cute AND flattering criteria so important to fashion savvy chubby funsters… until now. With the amount of time we spend at big ass hotels in Tahoe and Reno, it is a shame not to take a plunge in their ridiculously luxurious pools.
And then [queue the dreamy music] I saw this. An empire waisted swimdress, square neckline, polkadot bodice with buckle detail, and an a-line skirt that skims past the waist, coming to rest finally mid-thigh. That’s right. It is proper mini-dress length. ZOMG! It has super boob support, with armholes cut high-enough under the arms to hold all your squishy bits in. Dreamy!!! I kid you not, I was ready to put on some combat boots and hit the discos in this thing.
Lane Bryant. YAY.
Sad bit is, I realized that this is the first bathing suit I’ve had since, um… puberty. D’oh! That is more a reflection on the state of swimsuit designs for the past *cough* thirty years than it is of my modesty. Nyah.

2 thoughts on “Zomg. Swimsuit!”

  1. It’s totally adorable – I love Lane Bryant, but must confess I haven’t owned a bathing suit in too too long to remember… but this one is definitely classic [my girls watch the old Gidget movies and adore the swimsuits – I’ve done a good job raising “modest” girls… or just trendy girls :)]
    and on a totally different note ~ I LOVE your website and adore all your bjds!!! Thank you for sharing them with us

  2. You know… I have the worst time finding a cute swim suit and that looks so adorable! I hardly think it will fit me though! D; I’m a big girl. :/ I have a speedo brand one that I like to wear though, and I wear it without caring what I look like cause I just want to go in the pool! XD

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