I just got off the phone with the vet!
Her bloodwork was clear. She has a UTI and asthma, both of which we’re treating her for and she’s perking up a little bit. Like, actually getting up and saying hi and being cranky!
I’m feeling better about the surgery if her health is good. I found this great page on feline mammary cancer. I think since the cancer doesn’t appear to have spread, surgery is a good option for her. Since it is right under the skin, it is not as invasive as it could be. I worry more about the anesthesia than the surgery really.
Poor kitty! I had a total meltdown over the weekend, I love her so. But she’s a fighter, Mr. Kallisti says she reminds him of his ole cantankerous late grandpa. I would have to agree.

4 thoughts on “Zman”

  1. I’m sorry you have to go through this with your kitty. It makes me worry about my kitty, who is also getting up there in years (17 now) – so I really understand how your feel. It’s totally like she’s another family member. I hope your kitty is okay, and that everything works out well for both of you! If she’s as cantankerous as your say, she’ll be just fine. Even if just out of spite. 😉

  2. Oh good news, I’m happy to hear the situation is a lot better than previously expected. And it’s awesome that she is perking up, that is definitely a good sign 🙂

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