You got fries with that shake?

Not only are “freedom fries” still on the menu on Capitol Hill, but those responsible for the best funny of 2003 are actually having second thoughts.

In a fit of patriotic pique, Reps. Walter Jones and Bob Ney led an effort in March 2003 to rename Capitol french fries “freedom fries” to mark their displeasure with French opposition to the war in Iraq. But in an interview with North Carolina’s News & Observer last month, Jones said: “I wish it had never happened.”
The North Carolina Republican has come full circle on the war. When he and Ney were pulling their freedom fries stunt, Jones was a vocal supporter of the war who claimed to be “discouraged more than I can say” by “France’s self-serving politics of passive aggression in this effort.” Today, Jones sounds — well, he sounds a little French, doesn’t he? He says that the United States went to war “with no justification,” and he wonders if the president lied to the American people. “If we were given misinformation intentionally by people in this administration, to commit the authority to send boys, and in some instances girls, to go into Iraq, that is wrong,” Jones told the News & Observer. “Congress must be told the truth.”

It is more than refreshing when folks can admit that something went horribly wrong, even if they originally thought it was a damn fine idea.
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