XBox or Gamecube?

It’s Mr. Kallisti’s birthday today! And I got him a phat gift certificate so he could get a game console. Just wondering if any of you gamers out there could make a case for getting either one?
He’s leaning towards XBox because it has a new Godzilla game… and Gamecube because of it’s portability.
And I don’t know nuthin’…
His mom’s here from the midwest, so we’re off to play tourist. Wee!

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  1. Hi, I have all the game platforms, and I find that PS2 has the most balanced selection of games. Gamecube has a lot of family themed games, but I usually buy games for my X-Box the most. It has the best features (The whole harddrive thing for music and saving games is aaawsome!) It also has a lot quicker loading times. I suggest looking into what games are available for each system. Luckily tho, a lot of games are being realeased for all systems now. 🙂

  2. Tough decision, which is why I bought all three plats and kept the Dreamcast…
    Xbox has a leg up for variety unless you’re into cutesy games, which Gamecube definitely has the monopoly on – and keep in mind if you dig the Mario/Zelda games, then you must go with GC (Mario Sunshine is godlike and the new Zelda is brilliant – not to mention the Paper Mario game).
    Xbox however has titles like Fable which is supah fun, though if you’re into RPGs like that, DEF get Xbox’s Morrowind (the 2nd one is coming soooooon) which blows Fable away.
    Julia is right, check all the available titles and upcoming titles – plus since lotsa games are multisystem – and most gamers do pick up the Xbox versions for the slightly better graphics and HD options – and if you like racing Burnout 3 is a MUST
    Happy b-day, happy shopping!

  3. Happy birthday, Mr. Kallisi!!! It’s my birthday today too:D I don’t know anything about game consoles, though….
    – T.

  4. Grab the new ps2 has the modem already installed…forget the rest till later =) besides its almost that time for them to update the systems again

  5. I prefer the PS2 just because I’m a Final Fantasy addict, and Square-Enix addict in general (First game I got for it was Kingdom Hearts).
    But my brother has the X-Box, and from what I’ve seen and played on it, it’s really awesome. It seems to be more of a guy thing, though. I played Dead or Alive 3 on it and LOVED it. Basically, XBox is just like having another computer … since, well, it IS a computer.
    You can upload complete CD’s to it and play them while you’re playing games. My brother would upload his punk rock CD’s and play them while playing Tony Hawk games. It’s also really nice for those that don’t really like playing games on the computer, but like computer quality graphics. X-Box can do a lot graphic-wise, and some of the games that have been put out for it are stunning (like the Myst series).
    Can’t really say anything towards GameCube, since I’ve never played it … but if he’s into the arcade type of games and Mario, then that’s the way to go.

  6. I must agree. I have gamecube and PS2, and I never use the gamecube. You can play music, DVDs, AND play games on the PS2. Plus, it has some really kickass games! PS2 is the best overall choice for sure!

  7. Happy Birthday to Mister Kallisti and waving at you Miss kallisti! I often browse on your website to see your “to die for” dolls !I saw with sadness Calamity go to evilbay ;-;… About the video game I am a fan of X box because I could choose between the “more “gore games, a lot of I.A. (with really bad ennemies!), and that’s a powerfull plateform: if you like gorgeous detailed country background or creepy castle with water effects, brumes and hollow, shadows, even the moss is greener, the hair=> choose X box, and more I like the shape of the machine stronger than a PS 2 believe it: when I saw my lil cousin hit my last PS2 I noticed that my new X box have no scares…lol!Several hit games as Silent Hill, Dark Shadows, Fable (fantastic!!!), halo, Tenchu, Riddick chronicles, dark project, Obscure (very fun to play: 4 teenagers lots in their school fighting versus creatures of the dark, resolve enigms, you play 2 characters who help each other), Man Hunt..ect…And the Xbox online system is great!Well as I am not a fan of ‘sweet games’, X box is my fav’… But there’s also kinda cute game such as Vex, Ty Beany, (plateform like), Raiman..ect..
    Have a super week end!
    Julie. @^-^@
    P.S.: I second Julia and girlcreeture and about loading CD Jibrille is right too (but even if I am not a boy I prefer X box! 😀 )

  8. From Mr. Kallisti:
    Thanks for the advice and stuff. Looks like the games I’m looking for are going to make my decision for me.

  9. In my opinion Xbox is better ;p
    mostly because they have every kind of game, as gamecube seems to only have puzzley games and cute little games where there is no specific goal. I think game cube is made mostly for kids, but that’s just my opinion. While Xbox has almost every game being rated Mature XD oh yeah, but both my xbox and gamecube mysteriously broke (they still work but they constantly have disc read errors), and I’m told all gamecubes currently on the market are prone to breaking within the first three or so years of use -__-;;; and no, nintendo is not taking any responsibility. While microsoft and xbox….well, it’s microsoft. Although I do think the newer ones are fixed. (playstation had the same kind of problems, in which all DVD ROM games wouldn’t work after usage, on the early releases.)

  10. I like them both but i have to admit i like the gamecube more. The games seem to be more fun for it, but i like mario type stuff a lot. If your mr. kallisti is into shooters and stuff like that, it might be better to go for the x-box. The x-box has a wide library of games geared toward people of college age and up, a lot of shooters and fighters and more adult type games. The gamecube has lots of fun games too, but they’re geared towards a different sort of player.

  11. Oh, and don’t listen to anyone who says go with a PS2. i work in a store that sells video games and we get calls about broken PS2’s all the time. out of all the systems it’s the most fragile, and the worst made. It also has an inferior graphics system that makes the graphics not look as good and also slows down gameplay. (this is super evident if you compare Soul Caliber 2 on the PS2 to it on the GC or X-box. ) Also, the game library for PS2 does have a couple good games, but for the most part it’s a load of uncreative mass produced RPGs. ick.

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